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Trust me as I put it bluntly. John "MEDALS" Kerry exemplifies the very reasons that I switched to the Republican Party years ago. Like the majority in his political party, he has proven by his words and actions that his list of priorities -- his ideas on what most needs to be done to improve this country -- are an anathema to my own. Here are two
issue areas that I consider top priorities: the war over the soul of America, and national security. Top priority should be placed on an effort to recover our most fundamental founding belief in our national objectives, policies and laws. Reflecting obedience to the will of Almighty God, Our Declaration of Independence, our national Constitution and that of the states, which stress that basic American national principle.


For about 200 years, the entire country, both parties and all branches of government understood that principle and tried to follow it, even if imperfectly! For some 50 years, our nation's opinion-makers, our liberal courts and, gradually, our politicians have been abandoning our historical effort to be "one nation under God" in favor of becoming "one nation without God," with glaringly unfavorable results. Check the jails and our young people.  I believe our political leaders, educational system, parents and opinion-makers must all return to teaching the truth most emphasized by our Founding Fathers. George Washington called religious belief most indispensable to the prosperity of our democracy.
Others of our founders said, "Men must choose to be governed by God or condemn themselves to be ruled by tyrants." And when asked what caused the Civil War, President Lincoln said, "We have forgotten God."

In these days we have not only forgotten God, we are, by our new standards of government and culture, rejecting him as the acknowledged creator and as the endower of our rights. As a result, we are suffering cultural decay and human unhappiness. We have failed to observe the rapid decline of the institution of the family, which is the most obvious result. All the other problems drugs, violence, sexual promiscuity along with a lessening of faith in God are but off-shoots of that. Try to remember that over 95 percent of Americans during our founding days were Christians, and though our Founding Fathers stipulated that no one was to be compelled to believe in any religion, and also stipulated that there would be no single Christian denomination installed as a national religion, there was no question that our laws were to be firmly based on the Ten Commandments and on Christ's mandate to love your neighbor as you love yourself. That setup brought us amazing success as a nation, lifting us from our humble beginnings through crisis after crisis to become the leading, most powerful nation of the world. 


Now it appears, that pure unrestrained liberalism has us throwing away the very source of our strength and greatness. Yet I am not giving up on our country. I am encouraged at the stand and the attitude of our President, and inspired by his courage. There are many more of his stripe in Washington now. Though Rome and other empires have decayed and fallen, the cultural war in the United States can and should be won by the majority of Americans who still believe in the values of our forefathers! A group often referred to by Kerry and that cabal of far left liberals who disdainfully refer to it as the "far right." We are people who believe in God and in the original concept of "one nation under God."

As a nation, we could very well be at the point of no return. I pray every day that the good guy conservatives are finally ready to play hardball and get into the battle for the hearts and minds of America. I hope we are angry enough? God forbid we're not too late! John "Medals" Kerry, Ted Kennedy and others of his sycophantic cabal are not among the good guys. The Democratic Party isn't, either. Check their views on national security see if that doesn't epitomize a fatal flaw in their thinking.  If America had followed the Democratic Party line, the Cold War would have concluded with the U.S. having to surrender without a fight, or the U.S. would have been defeated in a nuclear war with
acceptable losses by the USSR. It was not Johnson and Carter and the Democrats; it was Nixon, Reagan, George Bush and the Republicans who led us to victory in the Cold War.
And NOW President George W. Bush and the Republican majority, NOT John Kerry and the Democrats -- can lead us to victory in the war on terrorism. "DEO VINDICE"



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