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Fearless Faith

Brett Venable

Written 11/12/09

Published 11/21/09


Okay, so there’s a seat with my name on it on a plane leaving for New Mexico in five hours. Consequently, that means I have to be awake in about an hour, and given that I generally don’t type this accurately in my sleep, one must come to the conclusion that I’m still up. What has kept me up so late is a woman. Now, let’s dial back so I don’t get shot. I’m referring to an interview with said woman I just watched on Fox News. Her name is Carrie Prejean, and she is Miss California USA 2009.


As part of the apparent requirement for the position, Carrie is tall, blond, ahem “well figured”, and I’m not going to lie, absolutely gorgeous. However, there was one particular aspect of Carrie, which I would have thought would disqualify her from the title of Miss California… She… opposes… gay… marriage. Furthermore, she had no qualms about stating this fact in response to a tilted question during the Miss America Pageant about seven months ago. I won’t go into transcripts here, but suffice it to say, she took a question, which could have easily crippled any woman of her age and in her position, and answered it the only way she deemed an option. Truthfully.


The question was asked by pageant judge and openly gay blogger, Perez Hilton. In short, he stated that Vermont had become the fourth state to legalize gay marriage, then asked if she thought that every state should follow suit, and why or why not. It is important to note the judge’s blatant bias in the question. A dehydrated ice cube in the middle of the desert could have seen the question was tilted toward a PC answer. However, this amazing woman, and her powerful support in her faith and beliefs, carried her to an honest answer. She stated that while she respected people’s choices in a free country, her raising brought her up to believe that marriage was between a man and a woman. This was followed by the judge shaking his head in disbelief, and possible disgust.


Since that fateful day seven months ago, Carrie has been caught up in a turmoil of controversy. To my further amazement – which I thought impossible – she seems none the worse for it. In fact, she has already written a book that documents how she has faced all of these challenges without sacrificing her faith and beliefs. I have seen the vast quantity of atrocious comments about this woman ranging from the simply upset to the absolutely incorrigible. Such awful things would surely have sundered others, but Carrie has faced them all with absolute stoicism.


Among the controversy is a legal battle between Ms. Prejean and K2 Productions, the company that produces the Miss California USA Pageant. Again, I won’t get into specifics, but the case was initially filed by Prejean against K2 for wrongful termination of contract when she was let go in June of this year. K2 responded with a counterclaim attempting to take a portion of her book profits. The case was suddenly settled last week, with all information pertaining to said settlement confidential, as usual. Just last night, Prejean was featured as a guest on Larry King Live, where she was immediately posed with a question as to her motives behind settling. Given the abruptness of the settlement, one can assume she had good reason to drop her lawsuit, possibly to avoid humiliation. She stated to Larry that all information relating to the settlement was confidential. This did not stop Larry from attempting the question another five times, resulting in Prejean telling him he was, “being inappropriate.” That’s why I am sitting here now, because I watched a twenty-two year old woman fearlessly tell a fifty-year veteran of the industry of journalism that he was, “being inappropriate.” King was shocked that he had been challenged so, and I was applauding. After the fourth time she notified King he was overstepping his bounds, she unclipped her microphone and told him she was about to leave his show. Bravo.


I close with a statement; I have discovered the answer to an age-old question. Can twenty-two and blond be combined with intelligent and wise? Yes it can. Furthermore, is it possible to idolize someone just three years your senior? I don’t know, but God was in a good mood the day Carrie Prejean was born.




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