Chris Kay

For the People My Patriotic Backside!

Chris Kay



Just to let everyone know who I am:Iím a disabled vet, who after 10 years of service left the military at the beginning of last year. Iím very conservative and support our country, but cannot in good conscience support our current government.

For those who donít know me, it takes a lot to incite my ire to the point of writing about it. Well this so called government for the people has done just that. With total disregard for the people, a bill has been passed that not only infringes on free will, but it endangers the economics of this country.

Oh, this just in - this new law doesnít care if youíre here legally or not. Letís say Joe Gonzales just crossed the border packed in the back of an SUV with 30 others, the coyote closes the door on his foot, and drives to LA.Now Joe goes to any emergency room because his foot is crushed and missing some toes. Not only does he get full care and theyíre able to save the foot. But our tax dollars paid for it. Picture that occurring a few hundred times a day, dragging the health care system down.

I Sat and watched the debate and the vote on TV.I watched as every person, who voiced a positive word for the bill, stumbled and stuttered their way through. Shoot, the majority whip could not say three words congruently - he had to have an assistant whispering in his ear the whole time. Oh, and then there was Pelosi, who could not get through her speech with a straight face (she knew they were going to pull off a fast one.) Not only did they know, but we all knew about it and they did it anyway.

ďFor the peopleĒ my patriotic back side!If you have ever watched the three stooges and seen the collective slap across the face Ė that is what just happened to the American people!

I sat and listened as they likened this bill to Social Security and Medicare - two defunct programs that have run our deficit through the roof. The drug doughnut they were so fond of mentioning is one of their creations, and not a one of them let you know that. Oh, donít get me started on abortion.I will not pay for that at all! You do the deed, you pay the price - with two exceptions - endangering the life of the mother and rape.

The point Iím trying to make is the federal government has let us down yet again. They have ignored our voice, now itís time for them to hear our vote.Get yourself a log of the persons who voted yes and use your vote to remove them from office. Letís see if they like their new health care bill when they have to deal with it directly.


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