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Updated 12/24/08


The Erosion of our First Amendment Rights to Free Speech.


The Bill of Rights is a collective term for the first 10 amendments. The First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


The right to free speech. Constitutionally with the first amendment, we have no need of laws regulating our personal speech. Why then were such laws referred to as "hate speech" laws, enacted. What is deemed hateful by one is simply a freedom of expression by another. For example, if I were to say, all people over 6 feet tall are intolerant, the over 6 foot crowd would respond with an opposing viewpoint. If I were to say all people under 6 feet tall are intolerant. The under 6 foot crowd would respond.


Thatís the way this country has operated since its inception. It has worked very well, as we as a people have agreed to disagree on any number of issues. The one thing we all agree on is our democratic form of government. 


The Constitution expressly protects our right to voice our opinions. That makes these 'Hate Speech" Laws unconstitutional. Who decides what is considered hateful. Congress? The press?  A few special interest groups? How did we get on this narrow path?


It seems to have started with the expression of ďpolitically correct.ĒAnyone saying anything not deemed politically correct was vilified by the politicians and the press and in our public schools. Out of this stifling atmosphere came the intolerance of anyone stating any views not shared by the politically correct crowd. Shortly thereafter the call for Hate Speech laws started sounding. It gained momentum by being editorialized by the media as something necessary to the publicís safety and well-being. Soon anyone not agreeing was being called intolerant, ignorant, hateful. What ever happened to agreeing to disagree? Thatís what our free speech society is all about.


I find it alarming that our first amendment rights to free speech are eroding in such a short time. We need to contact our elected officials and remind them of our constitutional rights to free speech and to insist that these free speech constricting laws be stopped. We also need to insist that radio and T.V. talk shows remain a showcase for presenting our free speech ideas and thoughts, without the censorship of the politically correct. The so-called Fairness Act is being considered now. That act states that you may only voice your side if you have an opposing side to rebut on the same show. That will result in you not being able to host your own show with your viewpoints unless you have a guest on to say youíre wrong. If you are unable to find anyone with an opposing viewpoint to appear on your show, you will NOT be allowed to air that particular show. This is anything but free speech. This bill is in fact designed to limit YOUR free speech if it doesnít agree with the "powers that be." 


We cannot sit by and watch our rights under the constitution be taken away from us one word at a time. If you are as concerned as I am, we must speak out to our elected officials and we must do it now!!!





We are a constitutional republican form of government that has prospered hugely as a result of our free enterprise system. The free enterprise system works because its "free" enterprise and not government controlled enterprise. This brings me to the economic situation that we have at the moment.

These corporations have reaped the benefits of our free enterprise system for decades. Now due to their own greed, building their empires on debt, credit and fraudulent accounting practices, their empire is falling. What do they do? They run to the federal government for a bailout. They take no responsibility for their actions and policies. They offer excuses, they whine its not their FAULT!!!  It is their fault. Let them deal with the consequences of their actions, not run to the federal government for a bailout.


The federal government is us. Itís our tax dollars they are so willing to squander. 

 Now the federal government is going to punish us with higher taxes to bailout giant corporations whose greed and corruption knew no bounds. Its outrageous that the federal government wants to waste our hard earned tax dollars to reward both corporations and individuals who were irresponsible at best and corrupt at worst.


The sole purpose of our constitutional government is to protect and serve its people. The federal government is not serving its people by increasing an already huge tax burden on the middle class working people. Give us some of OUR money back in tax reductions, and WE will revive this economy, not the government.


Itís an election year. A coincidence? I think not. With congressional approval in the single digits our representatives are running scared. They might be held accountable for being a do nothing congress, focused on their own little agendas and not on their constituents or their country. I believe they have "invented" a financial crises, they will act on it and everyone will think them heroes and they will get re-elected. Is there a true crisis? I do not believe so. Have things taken a big downturn? Yes they have. Why?? Because our free enterprise system is working. Itís adjusting itself. It was grossly over inflated, now it must correct itself. A free enterprise system will heal itself WITHOUT government interference. It will be painful, it may be slow, but it is necessary for the health of this economy. The only result that can happen with government involvement is socialism. The government canít even run the post office and break even let alone make a profit.  How can they run an entire economy? The answer is they cant. And under our constitution, they are NOT suppose to.


Everyone who believes in our constitutional form of government and wants to keep our free enterprise system as free from governmental control as possible, must contact their representatives at once. Let them hear from you loud and clear, our constitutional government has NO BUSINESS taking over, using our hard earned money for a bailout, or controlling our free enterprise system.


If you want government interference in the economy move to France, China, or Russia. If you donít, then contact your representatives and put a stop to this or we will join the above counties with socialistic or communistic governments and economies.


The Constitutional Observer.






Itís fall. The days are noticeably shorter, itís cooler, and there are campaign signs springing up everywhere. I am pleased when I see them in peopleís yards or in front of their businesses. These people have taken the time to look into the issues and make informed decisions in their voting and are expressing their right to freedom of speech under the first amendment. 


I am annoyed by the ones I see crowding vacant lots, and along roadsides.  Sadly they must work or the time and expense to put them in these places would not be beneficial. I say sadly because a great number of people make their voting decisions after seeing these signs. Why should that make me sad??? It is because the single most important right we have guaranteed by our constitution is voting!!!!!  Why would any legal citizen living in this country rely on a roadside sign to make some of the most important decisions they will ever make? Decisions that can and will affect every aspect of their lives and the lives of their loved ones, friends, neighbors, and the businesses they work for.


We spend more time picking out color coordinating towels for our bathrooms, than we do picking our representatives, and voting on propositions.


WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!  Stop being lazy, and or apathetic when it comes to voting. You think nothing of going to the gym to exercise your bodies, but you cant find the time to exercise your right to vote, and just like with your bodies, if you don't "use" it, you will lose it.  You think nothing of carefully selecting food to feed yourselves and your families. You pore over the TV guide deciding what you will watch on any given day or evening.   You stand in lines for hours at Christmas for that "perfect toy" to buy your children, then you stampede when the store opens, and engage in fistfights over that toy on the store shelves. You camp out overnight to buy tickets to some so called music or movie starís performance.  But you willfully refuse to take the time to educate yourselves on the issues and the candidates.  You willfully refuse to take the time to vote.


You spurn the most precious thing we have - the freedom to vote. And then you sit back in wonder and amazement as the world looks at us with contempt!!!! We scorn the very freedoms that allow us to do all the things we take passing pleasure in.  All the freedoms that have made this the longest democratic government in the history of the world. 


Maybe the world has a clearer view of us than we do of ourselves. What does the world see, a bloated, lazy, self righteous, self indulgent, self satisfied nation. A nation that is skating along on what has become the very thin ice of our Constitution and its rights. Our Constitution that is being shredded by ridiculous law suits from a few on the fringe of our society,  from APPOINTED liberal judges legislating our constitutional rights away from the bench, with absolutely no repercussions for their decisions. That's not a very pretty picture, is it?Unfortunately the truth often is not pleasant.


If you want to keep your rights, keep this wonderful nation from further eroding into self indulgent oblivion, you MUST stop taking all your freedoms and rights for granted. It took the blood, fortunes and lives of men and women to create this unique and wonderful country of ours.  These were people of tremendous faith and courage. How dare we scorn their sacrifices, their incredible vision and their courage, by being so apathetic, and so unwilling to exercise our right to vote.


Take the time to learn about the issues and candidates this fall.  Take a stand, be counted, VOTE.  If you canít be bothered, and we continue down this self indulgent and shortsighted road, you wonít have to worry about taking the time to vote, we wonít be able to.




On Education


Once again Deb, one of the things you touched on in your latest rant caught my attention. Itís public education. What a misnomer that is.  A more accurate name would be government indoctrination. These schools are run by the government, paid for completely with all of OUR tax money, yet we have little or no voice in whatís being taught or how itís being taught. Those decisions are being made by government employees - NOT the parents who should be making those decisions. The government schools have gotten the idea that THEY know what is best for our children - Not the parents. This is a good example of the government taking the authority that rightfully belongs to the parents.


Lets use Darwinís THEORY of Evolution as an example. Somewhere between when I was in school, (the 1950s and 60s) and now, this THEORY is being taught as a fact. I have noticed that it is no longer called Darwinís THEORY of evolution, it is simply called evolution. I must have missed something, as I have not seen or heard of any FACTS that have come to light that would actually PROVE this THEORY. Yet all school children in government schools in this country are taught evolution. If they were being educated instead of indoctrinated it would be examined as an interesting theory, and there would be no resistance to teaching other concepts, such as Creationism, or if that is too Judeo/Christian for some to stomach (you know the old separation of church and state lie), there is intelligent design. But No, that is not to be, there are HOWLS of protest to anything but evolution being taught. Were these howls from the parents? NO, they were from the government employees. One has to ask oneself why is that??? If indeed children were being educated, they would be challenged to actually use their thinking abilities to investigate, to search, to look at FACTS, to make up their own minds about what is factually well represented and what isn't.


There can be only one reason government schools don't want children to be educated, to learn to think for themselves, to learn to use the wonderful minds and intelligence that God has given them. They want them to be indoctrinated at an early age so they can be mindlessly, unquestioningly LED as children and more importantly as voting adults. Indoctrinated children become indoctrinated adults. They will follow whatever they are told to follow, they will believe what they are told to believe. They will be well indoctrinated, but they will be ignorant.


To quote Thomas Jefferson, "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be."  Think about it, as our freedoms are eroding daily.


What does the Constitution have to say about public education? Nothing. It is not mentioned. I believe it is not mentioned because the Founding Fathers felt no need to address their childrenís education. It never occurred to them that parents would let the government take control of their childrenís education in the future. Parents were responsible for the education of their children when this country was being founded, as it had been throughout recorded history.


What can we do?? Parents take back control of your childrenís education. Run for election to your local school board, attend the school board meetings and make your beliefs known, Invite other parents to attend with you. Vote for the people that share your beliefs. Make it your business to know what is being taught at your childrenís schools. Make the time to get involved and stay involved. Nothing can be more important for your childís future and our countryís. Consider home schooling.  Itís NOT too late, not yet, but the day is coming when it will be.




Stand Up and Be Counted

The Constitutional Observer



Your Rant of August 18th was well said, Deb. I am one of those staunch Constitutionalists you mentioned in your rant, however, I stand WITH YOU.


The Constitution was made for Americans!!!!!! NOT illegal immigrants, or any immigrants on a work, school or visitorís visa. If you are not a legal United States Citizen, then the Constitution does NOT apply to you. You have NO right to hide behind its principles and claim them as your own.The freedoms outlined in that document were written in the blood of the heroes who waged war against British rule and won. It was paid for from the fortunes of private citizens who lost every penny and were proud to do so and would do it again for that document. How those men and women must be rolling over in their graves to see the concepts in this document twisted beyond any recognition of their original intent. It is a further outrage that the heroes in our military, proudly wearing their respective uniforms are being singled out by screeners for more intense scrutiny. That is ludicrous, even for government workers.


The facts are clear. It is men in their 20s-40s of Middle Eastern descent that have waged this war of terrorism against the United States and continue to do so. We need to profile anyone and everyone who fits that description. Indeed lets expand it to include women and older teens. Anyone who claims profiling is NOT constitutional would benefit from actually reading our U.S. Constitution. The people screaming the loudest against profiling, no doubt have never even read the Constitution, let alone studied it, or delved into its original intent. These are also the first people who would be raving about ineffective screening at airports if their loved ones went down in a terrorist crash. Americans take back YOUR country from the politically correct who care nothing for this country. They care only for what would benefit them and whatever agenda they have.


And by the way, my grandmother and all 12 of her brothers and sisters immigrated to this country in the early 1900s. They endured disgusting and filthy conditions in "steerage" of the ships they arrived on. They had to go through Ellis Island where they were treated worse than cattle, and in some cases had to go through Ellis Island twice. No one cared that they had already gone through once a few months earlier. They were happy to endure this and more than I can mention to move here and become United States citizens. It was the proudest day of their lives when they became legal citizens.


Americans, STOP WHINING. Stop believing the mindless drivel spewed on most of the major networks and news publications. STOP having a victim mentality. It took boundless courage to form this great country, but it takes courage to KEEP this country as it was founded and as it was originally intended to be. If the citizens of this country contacted all their elected representatives and INSISTED that profiling be implemented, that common sense rule, that our military heroes were treated with respect and honor, it would happen. We, as the people of this Republic have ALLLLL the power. Lets start using it and stop acting like a bunch of lazy sheep being herded around by imbeciles. We need to hold the government and its workers making these decisions accountable to US, the people of this great Republic.  How do we do this?Contact all of your elected officials, make your opinions known and VOTE in every election.And vote intelligently. Take the time to learn the voting records of incumbents, take the time to find out where those running for offices stand on issues that concern the well-being of our great country. Donít rely on the T.V. and advertisements that those running for office pay for. Do a little homework. The time you invest in this will have payoffs greater than you can imagine. Payoffs that will strengthen this country long after we are gone, and our children and grandchildren will benefit from it.


Stand Up and be COUNTED.  



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