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Vance Thomas Venable was a unique person who had a positive influence on countless

individuals.He was born to be an educator and loved his profession because he cared

so very much about people.He had a rare gift that allowed him to reach young folks

who may have otherwise gone by the wayside and never reached their full potential.


He could be straightforward and harsh one minute and smooth as silk the next.He

believed in living life to the fullest and taking anyone who wanted to go along with

him.I could not have found a better father for my children or a more faithful

partner for my life.I have absolutely no doubt that he is now with God, for no one

deserved it more.





















Kenneth Bryan Kay , my only sibling, was a beautiful soul, one of a kind optimist, and

master at humor.He never thought of himself as the Wise One that he really was.

He struggled to say things in just the right way when he wrote.I guess that was the

academic in him. We were always quite different in that way.I figure if anyone is

going to filter what I write, it should be the reader.He seldom met anyone he didnít

like or who didnít like him.Not too many folks get through life with that ability.


He left behind a lovely wife, two fine children and five beautiful grandchildren.His

son and son-in-law are currently serving in the U.S. Navy.


Again, I have no doubt that he was welcomed with open arms into Godís Heaven.


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