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Vietnam Veteran, fair-minded, and a patriotic American who has lived long enough to see this country at her best and her worst.  With a sharp intellect that can cut to the chase and see through the fog of fantasy to the clear and simple truth of the issues, Jim is an asset to any discussion.

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Our Man Of Few Words has done a great job with this update folks!  His newest remarks are dated 10/31/04 so read on for his unique insight!  Thanks Jim!   DebV


Jim’s Update



I see John Kerry today, in a speech , saying that general Sanchez's letter in Dec 2003 is  proof that W is incompetent.  General Sanchez expressed concerns about re-supply of troops in Iraq. John Kerry voted against 87B to supply our troops 2 months prior to that before he voted for it, or whatever.


Now this proves W's incompetence? Okay!


John Edwards gave a speech today saying that John Kerry would save all of the sick people in the world buy giving federal funding for stem cell research and that W has cut off all federal funding for stem cell research.  Bill Frist, senate majority leader and also a doctor, responded buy saying that the Bush administration has put 30B into stem cell research. Anyone can verify that online. W would not support federal funding for harvesting of embryos for stem cell research.


According to John Kerry Bush is also responsible for the shortage of the flu vaccine. He says he has a plan to make sure we will aways have flu vaccine. When asked about his plan he responds that his plan is on his website. It ain't.


Now that the NRA adds are airing showing Kerry's 20 year voting record on gun control he is buying non resident hunting licenses in every state that he campaigns in to prove that he is pro hunting. Sounds sincere to me.


As always he is saying that Republicans will cut social security by 40%. First Democrat ever to make that claim.


Kerry wants to create more jobs by eliminating outsourcing U.S. jobs. That's why he wants to buy cheaper untested drugs from Canada. Okay!  He will also create more jobs by raising the minimum wage to $7.00 per hour. Now that will make McDonalds go into a hiring frenzy.


I'm ready to rush out and vote for Kerry now.






The DNC has assigned over 100,000 lawyers in 30 states to push to allow voters to be allowed to vote outside of their assigned voting precincts. They are also fighting the requirement of showing picture ID to vote. You can verify all of this by checking the DNC website.


Their strategy seems to be to subvert election laws and claim disenfranchisement AGAIN to win the election through the courts.  This is getting out of hand.  All of you can email your secretary of state in your individual states to put an end to this.  We don't need a repeat of 2000 as investors.





Jim’s Update from 10/22/04

Jim Askew



I have seen all of the rhetoric by the dems about vets from John Kerry's group in Vietnam.  I can speak with some authority on this subject.  I was in the same parent unit with Mr. Kerry during the same time period. The unit was called boat support unit1 based in Coronado, Cal.


I was deployed in Vietnam in I corps at the same time Mr. Kerry was deployed in IV corps.  Though I never met Mr. Kerry, I heard about him.  We had a similar gold digger in I corps named Truett who broke ranks from our group and ended up getting 14 crew members killed before being killed himself. Truett ended up getting a CMH posthumously and having a destroyer named after him. Nice legacy for a man who got 14 people killed for his own aspirations.


Mr. Kerry did much the same thing but he wasn't as crazy as Truett. He didn't want to get killed. 


I'd like to make a few points perfectly clear.


First, when Mr. Kerry's group had 1 of 4 boats sunk by a mine, Mr. Kerry did in fact pull one member of that crew from the water, his duty. The 2 remaining boats pulled the other 3 crew members from the water, their duty. They were not under fire at the time.  Mr. Kerry received a silver star for pulling 1 crew member from the water while none of the other crew members received medals for pulling the remaining crew members from the water.


Second, as for his written statements to the Boston Globe and the U. S. Senate, under oath, that he was 5 miles inside of Cambodia on Christmas day, 1968:

There is no way in hell he was 5 miles inside Cambodia unless he was there against explicit standing orders.  There is no way in hell the U.S. would send a vulnerable craft like that into Cambodia to be sunk or photographed. That would have been a political nightmare for the U.S.


I am not making a political statement. I am defending myself and others against this man who claims that I and fellow veterans are criminals.




John Kerry is a liar!  If you vote for this liar you deserve what you get.



John Kerry

Jim Askew



Here's a good one.

John Kerry is pitching a fit because a group of veterans of riverine warfare in Vietnam are financing ads to expose him. The GOP has nothing to do with this. I am a member of this group and have contributed to it. John Kerry and I were assigned in the same parent command, boat support unit one, at the same time.


George Soros, a non American citizen, Bill Gates, and several Hollywood types have spent 63M through in attack adds against president Bush but that is okay with Mr. Kerry.  2M spent through contributions by veterans from Vietnam have him screaming foul play.


Mr. Kerry's attendance record and voting record are online for any to see over a 20 year period.

Mr. Bush's military records have been released in their entirety for public scrutiny. Mr. Kerry's have not.

I hope to God that voters have the good sense to look at the facts before voting in November.

If not this country is in serious trouble.




Jim Askew



John Kerry has accused president Bush of outsourcing American jobs for months, yet in Friday's debate he says he would allow Americns to buy cheaper drugs from Canada.


Ecuuuuse me, is that not outsourcing???




Jim Askew



Everything was fine when Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 was released.

Now that movies like Farenhype 911, Celsius 411 and Stolen Honor are being released the Dems are filing lawsuits left and right.  It's fine for them to sit and watch something like Michael Moore's production but no one dare produce a rebuttal.


I should have been born in the 1800's when you worked or starved. That's what I have done all of my life.

Today's society sux!

Politics suck even worse.

So much for the nonsense!!!





It Has Gone Too Far!

Jim Askew



Six members of the democratic black caucus have sent a letter to the U.N. asking the U.N. to oversee the U.S. elections in November!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why don't we have the French count the votes and the PLO announce the results while we're at it?

Holly shit, what is happening in this country?!

President Bush needs to declare Martial Law in the U.S. congress and arrest about 35 members from the U.S. congress and send them to Guantanimo to be detained with the rest of the terrorists!.

Unlike Alec Baldwin, I will leave this country if this type of treason is allowed to happen in the U.S.!

The enemy is us!


Man of Few Words No More!


I refuse to stand by and watch the black caucus' having the U.N. overseeing our elections.

I am hammering every media and government agency with mails.  I have never heard anything so preposterous.


I hope that you will join me in fighting this.  No group, and I mean no group, has any business in our national elections outside of us the U.S.




Martin Luther King and Bill Cosby

Jim Askew



Forty years ago, Martin Luther King had a dream of equal rights and equal opportunity for blacks in America.  Thanks to him they now have that.  Bill Cosby has pointed that out in front of the ACLU and NAACP twice in the past few months. He has been hammered by those groups for doing so. 


Bill Cosby, along with black intellects, such as Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams have tried to drive a point through.  Teen pregnancy among blacks and school dropouts among blacks weren't caused by whites. They were caused by blacks.  Illiteracy among blacks is caused by peer pressure, calling any black student trying to excel, calling them acting white.  Rap music adds to this by telling young blacks that if you can't make it in professional sports that your only hope is dealing drugs.


I'm happy to see Jesse Jackson backing Bill Cosby's assertions.

This could be a turning point.



Definition Of Treason

Jim Askew



It seems the definition of treason has changed for the benefit of political aspirations by the liberal media and members of congress, much like the meaning of our constitution has changed for their political gain.

The meaning of treason, by definition in Meriam Webster’s Dictionary, still means that anyone undermining the United States government in time of war is guilty of treason.

Now, people in such posts as Senate minority leader Tom Daschle, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and around 100 others in the democratic house and senate are allowed to publicly undermine the United States government through the liberal media with no consequence.


What they are doing, by definition, is treason.


John Ashcroft, by his authority, should issue indictments against all of them on treason charges.  Yet, I am afraid, many ignorant voters may vote to keep or put them them in office.  The likes of billionaires like George Soros and Bill Gates can finance them.

Websites like financed by the above will help undermine the country.

The liberal media and Hollywood are behind undermining our government.

Elections come next November.

If you ain't registered to vote, REGISTER!!!

If you are registered to vote VOTE!!!




Letter To President Bush

Jim Askew



This may sound counter to some of my previous posts but I felt compelled to send this to president Bush,


Dear President Bush:


I am a Vietnam veteran who saw the effects of politics interfering with warfare.

The two don't mix.  Several times U.S troops have taken losses to secure cities in Iraq only to be forced to back out.  This is not good for troop morale.  This is not in our best interests.  I call this the Vietnamisation of Iraq.  Our current policy is repeating past mistakes.  The military and civilian population will revolt against this policy if it continues just as it did in the late 1960s.

Our military needs authorization to go in and take out the terrorist elements in Iraq.

This administration needs to make that clear to the existing administration in Iraq.

To do otherwise may end up in another Vietnam.




James T. Askew



Previous Articles -


Election 2004

Jim Askew



The Dems and liberals have been in constant confusion in looking for an issue for the 2004 election.

First it was the economy. Well, geez, the GDP is at a 19 year high. Better find something new.

Jobless recovery was the next attack avenue. Well, geez, our economy has created 1.5M jobs in the last nine months.

First two didn't work so let's try the deficit.

For the first time in history the U.S. was attacked on our soil at a cost of 300B dollars and more than 3,000 lives. The U.S. has fought two wars since in two different countries with overwhelming success. Guess what, this cost a lot of money and will continue to do so.  Deficits in wartime are the norm.

Normally the country rallies in time of war. We are in WW3 and will be for some time.

The treasonous acts of the Dems need our attention next November.  I hope we'll keep the future of the United States in mind when we vote then.  To do otherwise would result in daily terror attacks on our streets as Israel has dealt with for 50 years.




Democratic Wannabees,

Jim Askew

Posted 11/17/03


Where are the issues???

Many think they will get votes by repealing W's tax cuts and making you pay the money back. I'll vote for that LOL!!!


Others want to claim that W has killed the economy. Let's see, one year ago GDP growth was down 2.2%. It is now up 3.3%. Not much of a killer.  The NASDAQ is up 71%, the DOW up 34% and the S&P up 29% in the last 12 months. I suppose these are frivolous indicators in the eyes of the democrats.


Their favorite is to bash W on his warmonger ways of putting their favorite sweethearts Osama bin Ladin and Saddam Hussein on the run and out of business. They must have wanted both on the democratic side of the isle. They'd look right at home sitting next to Hillary!


Their final issue is the budget deficit. Defense spending over 2 wars against terrorist states had nothing to do with it. They hate defense spending taken out of their budget plans. Like they wouldn't have spent it if they could get their hands on it. 3000 lives lost on our soil meant nothing to them. 


W has prevented terrorist attacks on the U.S. by spending money to hit them at home before they can get us at home again.  The economy has made a serious turnaround in the past 12 months.  Neither of these facts can be argued.  What issues do the democrats have other than lying and hoping stupid voters will believe them?


They underestimate your intelligence. It cost them in 2002 and will cost them more in 2004.


Good riddance!!!





Democratic Amnesia

Jim Askew



Bill Clinton, Tom Daschle, John Ritter, Al Gore and a large group of democrats are complaining about Fox news, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly playing back what they said when Bill Clinton was president.  They want all of us to forget what they said 3 years ago and only remember what they say now.  Tom Daschle is the worst. He wants you to forget that he blasted W for his failed diplomacy that led to war with Iraq.  Joe Leiberman and Dick Gephardt were at least wise enough to keep their mouths shut. Guess who leads the polls for democratic presidential candidacy?

Fox news is now the most watched news channel on TV due to honest journalism much to the Democrats dismay.  They never liked both sides of an issue reported;
sorry, now it is.





Jim Askew



France's opposition in the U.N. since last December has been well documented.  France's long association with Iraq and Syria over the last 20 years are well documented.  These alone wouldn't exactly qualify France as a true Ally to the U.S.  A few new revelations expose France as a true enemy of the U.S.

Recent documentation was found in Baghdad showing that France has revealed secret info shared between the U.S. and France has shown up in Baghdad.
German intelligence intercepted a French vessel loaded with equipment for building nuclear warheads bound for North Korea.  France has been aiding and abetting our enemies all along.


W would be justified in putting a 2000 pounder down Jacque SHIRAQ's chimney.  Our government needs to step back and take a look at who is friendly and who our enemies are.  France falls into the axis of evil category.





Jim Askew



All Israelis and I hope that the U.S. government will seize the opportunity to follow the Iraqi weapons and high-level defectors into Syria and eliminate a long-standing problem once and for all.  Syria has been a state sponsor of terrorism since Osama bin Laden was a pup. They have controlled Lebanon for 30 years. They support Hezbola, Hamas and Islamic Jihad.  The bulk of them is gathered in the Bakkah valley in South Lebanon.

25,000 to 30,000 of the world's finest are there for elimination.  We wouldn't look good in the eye of the Arabic world if we wiped this scourge from the planet. Who gives a shit?  We need to keep the eyes of the Arabic world open to what we do when we are threatened.




Recipe For Crow

Jim Askew



Last night I sent a recipe for crow with hollandaise sauce to Tom Daschle. At the bottom of the recipe it said serves 4. Perhaps I should have built a recipe to serve 500.  No doubt the internet will be flooded with recipes for crow in the coming weeks. Just thought I'd start it.

My next recipe may well be D5 with horseradish sauce for Kim Ill Jung. They've wanted our missile and warhead technology for years. I hope the horseradish sauce doesn't leave a bad taste in their mouth if they don't like the delivery method.




Our Allies – Russia, France, Germany & China

Jim Askew



Has anyone forgotten that Russia, France, Germany and China were our biggest adversaries in the U.N. battle to disarm Iraq?  Now it has been discovered that Russia sold night vision technology, anti tank weaponry and GPS jamming equipment to Iraq. It got them nowhere but being exposed for their misgivings.  It will be revealed soon for the same reasons why the other allies didn't want us in Iraq.


Our guys found a camouflaged chemical plant and captured 2 Iraqi general officers guarding French equipment for producing chemical weapons. I'm sure the 2 Iraqi generals were there to make sure they got the formula down for Windex.  Watch for more findings on Chinese and German equipment in Iraq.  Throw Turkey and North Korea in the pot and you'll identify the total axis of evil.





Jim Askew



Impeach the warmonger, George Bush.
Press Tom Daschle to run for President with the Dixie Chicks as his security advisors.
Barbara Striesand could be VP and Alec Baldwin the secretary of State, Woody Harrelson the secretary of Defense And Jock SHIRAQ in charge of foreign affairs.
Peewee Herman could be the house speaker between his movie engagements.
Big Bird could be Treasury Secretary and Kermit could replace Alan Greenspan.

Sound wild? It sounds better than what your democrats in Congress would like to see!




The Great White Hope

Jim Askew



Senate minority leader, Tom Daschle, and house minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, seem to want to follow the adage of keep doing what you are doing and expect different results.  They didn't seem to learn a lot from the last election.  Attacking everything W has tried to do for 2 years led them to being MINORITY leaders.  Their continued efforts to use taxpayer money to buy 12% of the votes will only push them further in the same direction in the 2004 elections.  Recent polls among minority groups have shown much higher support for W among Afro Americans, Hispanics and Asians.

There is hope!




North Korea – That’s the Real Worry

Jim Askew



Here's one that may be beyond a man of few words.  Iraq will be no more than swatting a fly on the wall for our military, again.  North Korea by itself would be even easier for our military if not for other considerations.  South Diarrhea just elected an anti-American president.  Japan is full of anti-American sentiment.  And then there is China. Bageez.  Not to forget our 1979 treaty to protect Taiwan from China.

The U.S. has the mightiest military on earth, but!!!  I'm not sure we are prepared to fight a war against the Muslim and Communists populations of the world.  North Korea alone has as many military members as ours.  Yes, we can keep them isolated, but for how long?  They might end up pulling us old guys back into the military before it is over.

I'll leave it to the man of many words, Slim, (the Wise One), to cover the history of our problems with North Korea.  A man of few words could sum it up in one word, blackmail.  But there is a long history.


I hope what I saw on Fox news today was incorrect.  They say that W has sent 2 more battle groups to the Persian Gulf and 2 to the South China Sea.  Iraq is not a problem.

North Korea scares me.  China will surely back that bassakwards country.  The ramifications are endless.  If we piss China off we'll be pulling 60 year olds back into service and reinstating the draft.  I'm not afraid of dying but I'd like to delay it as long as possible.  If W presses North Korea, we will have a problem with China.

I don't know an answer to this problem.





Jim Askew



Remember Floriduh 2000 when the sore loser Democrat couldn't bear the thought of losing and tried using the court system to win the election?  We now have one in the Alabamuh governor's race who lost trying to do the same.


John Thune lost by 500 votes in South Dakota and declared the people have spoken and accepted the loss.  Why can't the Democratic losers do the same! 


Senator Tom Daschle has blocked all of President Bush's judicial nominees for 2 years for fear of a judiciary in office that would read the Constitution for what is.  One could think he would prefer judiciaries who would interpret the law to mean what he would like for the sake of the Democratic party.

Is it me or is the Democratic party trying to manipulate the judicial system for their gains?

Is it me or does the Democratic party put winning at all costs above the law?

From last week's election results, I would have to say it is more than just me.  The Democratic party seems to be driven to keep doing what it is doing and expect different results.

I love it.




The American People Have Spoken

Jim Askew



Tuesday's election proves that issues mean more to voters than political partisan bullshit.  The Democrats have obstructed the President's ability to do anything for two years.  The voters have seen it and sent them a message.  I hope the Republicans understand the message.  Priorities are national security, a prosperous economy and independence on Middle East oil. 

The voters put the Republicans back in control.  I hope they see the message.




A New Democratic Low

Jim Askew




In the 2000 presidential elections the democrats stooped to a new low by trying to steal the election through the judiciary system. The Florida supreme court went along but the U.S. supreme court over ruled them.  Since Senator Tom Daschle has refused to allow a vote on 94 nominees from president Bush. This is a blatant attempt by him to take control of the judiciary branch of the government.  As a result the democrats claimed that the republicans won the election through the judiciary.


Anyone remember which party filed first???

Last month the democrats succeeded in circumventing New Jersey election laws to get their candidate on the ballot.  They also tried in Hawaii. The Hawaii supreme court
over ruled them.  Their desperation to win at any cost comes as no surprise to me but what I saw on TV last night surprised even me.  They used the memorial service of Minnesota’s Senator, Paul Wellestone as a campaign rally. There was Bill and Hilary, front and center.

It is my hope that any American with any morals will take a long hard look at this and vote with their sense of morals next week.



The Democratic Way

Jim Askew



The dems didn't care about Florida election laws in 2000 and they obviously don't care about New Jersey election laws in 2002.  They put a crook in the election for senate in New Jersey hoping no one would notice. Once they found that the public found that their candidate was a crook, who was losing in the polls, it was panic time.  Our candidate is losing in the polls! We have to put a ringer in! The hell with New Jersey election laws.
Winning is the only thing important.  Pressure the crook to back out, pressure the New
Jersey court to allow it!!!

Hell, every time the Washington Redskins lose a football game, let's pressure the court to overturn the score in the game.  Same shit!  Same old game.  Who cares about the law.  Win at all cost - the democratic way.




Then and Now

Jim Askew


I spend a lot of time watching FOX news since there's not much else worth watching on TV.  They showed speeches from Bill Clinton, Tom Daschle and Scott Ritter from 1998 and then their current rhetoric of today.

In 1998 all three had the position that Saddam posed the greatest threat to the Middle East and the U.S.  Tom Daschle had resolution 71 passed through the Senate authorizing Bill Clinton whatever force necessary to remove Saddam from power. 


Now after 4 years of freedom to promote world peace, Saddam, according to Tom Daschle, is no longer a threat.  Bill Clinton is on a tour giving speeches about W the war monger.  Scott Ritter has totally flipped. His speeches are now aiding and abetting our enemy.

HMMMM!!!  This couldn't possibly be a political ploy!

At least you know where Jessie Jackson is coming from. 

Where are these guys coming from, Al queda???

We have an enemy within!




Freedom Of Choice
Jim Askew


The United States, most of Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan are the few countries in the world that enjoy this freedom.  The United States is the only country where minority groups are enjoying any success at taking these freedoms away.

Take for example a California judge who ruled " Under God" unconstitutional in the Pledge Of Allegiance based on a suit by one atheist. 


Take again the constant attack on our right to bear arms under the constitution. 


How about freedom of choice on abortion?  If my 12-year-old granddaughter is raped and becomes pregnant, do I or her mother have the right to abort that birth?  Many groups say that we don't. Or if my wife becomes pregnant and doctors say she will die if she gives birth. Complicated questions, no doubt.


In my eye only God has the ultimate say on who has the right to live or die. What about family members?  Should they have more say than left wing groups over family members?

I remember flying back from Vietnam 30 years ago and being spit on by people in the San Francisco airport upon my arrival. I don't think that was right. I'm not sure how they felt after being released from the hospital.

Many other issues are out there where minority groups feel they have the right to make decisions for the majority.  It's past time for registered voters to look at the issues of the candidates they are voting for in order to make an intelligent decision. Many of them are for taking your rights away. If you vote for them without researching what they are about, they will!!!





The New Democratic Agenda

Jim Askew


Nothing new here. Wreck the economy and undermine the U.S. Government and blame it on the Republicans. It's the Democratic way.  Tom Daschle has refused to bring every initiative brought up by W and the house for a vote since January.  When he has brought one up for vote, he and his cronies have added so much pork that the President is forced to veto the bill. They then blame the Republicans for not passing a bill they put on his

I love this one. For you with amnesia, when W announced Dick Cheney as his running mate Terry Mecauliffe, the Washington Post and New York Post demanded that Dick Cheney cut all ties with Halliburton and sell all holdings in Halliburton to avoid conflict of interest. Dick Cheney resigned as CEO of Halliburton and sold his compensation in the form of stock options to satisfy this group.

Seems odd now that the same group now demands an SEC investigation into Dick Cheney's sale of Halliburton's stock????? As well as W's stock sale of Harkin stock
12 years ago. Al Gore prodded that one and chose not to use it in the 2000 election.
What seems odd is that no one has looked into Terry Macauliffe's sale of 1.8M dollars worth of Global Crossing shares??? Strange!!!

Obstructionism in politics is nothing new. There has to be a line between obstruction and undermining the economy and the U.S. Government. I feel that line has been crossed by Tom Daschle, Dick Gephardt and company.

The people to whom they guarantee welfare payments don't care about the stock market.
As the tax payer that pays those welfare payments, I do!

All of these transactions can be checked in the archives on this link as well as those of Mr. Daschle and Mr. Gephardt.





Our Bestest Friends – Saudi Arabia

Jim Askew



Our dear friends, the Saudis may not seem what they would like us to think.


They fund terrorism throughout the world. 


They pay families of Palestinian terrorists for bombing innocent Israel civilians and children.

They still have 47 terrorist training camps in Saudi Arabia.

They teach their children from birth to hate Jews and anyone who supports Jews, us, U.S.!

Let's not forget that Osama bin laden is a Saudi national.

They use us because they want the money we pay them for oil while they support all who would bring our downfall. We are paying for this!  Beats the hell out of me who they will sell the oil to when we are all dead.

Let's not forget that 15 of the 19 September hijackers were Saudi nationals.

What do we owe these people? 


I have a recommendation but it wouldn't be politically correct.





Catholic Priests

Jim Askew


If I had been a catholic prior to the revelations over the past few months I believe I would have changed religions.  Now the archdiocese is saying it's okay if a priest only sexually assaulted one child as long as he wasn't considered a pedophile.

What is the definition of a pedophile???

It's a felony!  How about only one bank robbery or one murder???

Al-Quida doesn't like law and order either!




Our New Friend, Pakistan

Jim Askew


I won't elaborate; the link says it all.




Al-Qaida Alive And Well.

Jim Askew


Though few realize it, al-Qaida and the Taliban have been hard at work since 911.

The first move was in December with their terrorist attack against the Indian parliament.  My first thought was that that was an effort to draw the Pakistan forces from the Afghan border to the Indian border.

Their cause is much clearer now.  They are inciting a war between Pakistan and India for their cause.  If Pakistan falls they will take control of Pakistan's nuclear weapons and no doubt try to seize control of the Pakistan government.

These people are from the Stone Age but intellect existed even then.  Remember that they are the ones who used our airliners as weapons against us. No high military spending involved there!

Email your president, your congressman, your secretary of defense. Sometimes they're not as smart as you hope.





My View On Racial Profiling

Jim Askew


I recently flew to Phoenix and back from Jacksonville, Fla.  I immediately noticed the increased security.  Not until my final leg from Atlanta to Jacksonville did I notice a Middle Eastern young male boarding my flight.  I noticed that all other passengers were watching him with concerns as well.

I can't see another 911 hijacking occurring with the passenger awareness on commercial flights.  But what is next? 


Do they bring the suicide bombings that they do on a daily basis in Israel to us?  If they do how long before racial profiling will become commonplace in the U.S. and we rid this country of this plague once and for all?

Watch innocent people die on a daily basis?  I think not.  I am suspect of these people and see no place for them in our society.

This may be radical but look at the alternative.




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