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Posted 07/20/02


Anybody Else Notice?


Lately there has been an explosion of newly focused attention on the AIDS epidemic.  It is odd to me because the attention, in the form of more news articles and television ads, seems to be open ended with nothing more than producing a “new awareness” of the condition.  Few conclusions are drawn and little in the way of new information is provided, save a few new statistics on how effective treatment has been, how many people are not getting treated, and the large number of people that are still contracting the disease after almost a generation of “awareness.” 


I’ve decided to make this a new Study Page issue and will only kick it off with this posting.  Please check back often for updates and feel free to contribute.  We are going to look at several issues and sub-issues here that have sprung to mind from observations of the above.  A rough outline of what I have in mind is listed below and may be added to later:


-AIDS obvious links to homosexual lifestyle with implications leading to unfair protections for victims of AIDS, and outright discrimination of potential victims.


-Current bio-terrorism concerns and what your government may have in store for you if other much less devastating diseases are artificially foisted upon America.


-Effects on the most vulnerable victims of government and pharmaceutical terrorism in the form of mandated vaccinations.


Okay, that last one is where we are going to start because it has been a pet peeve of mine for a very long time.  It also illustrates how completely a society can be brainwashed to accept that which has very little basis in fact, and which also might be devastating to well-being.  Keep in mind as you study the information that will be provided here, we are going to end up with conclusions that will be a very ugly, but a very deserving indictment of the socialist/communist agenda in this country. 


If I had only known over thirty years ago what I do today about the truth of disease immunization, no child of mine would have ever received a single vaccination.  I have to wonder how much healthier they all might be today if only I had been better informed.  First, let me say that my children are all healthy by today’s standards.  The three oldest went through the standard “required immunizations” in the dictated time frames.  I noticed while they were still young that the immunizations were ineffective in preventing their acquisition of some childhood diseases, and that they seemed to suffer far more acute respiratory illnesses than my younger two children who did not receive all the prescribed immunizations in the dictated time frame. 


Anyone who subjects a newborn baby to the series of immunizations as they are prescribed is literally playing with their child’s life and health.  The evidence is clear that the vaccinations against some of these diseases are much more harmful than the diseases themselves.  As that became clear to me, I refused to subject my younger children to any immunizations until they were school age and it was mandated. 


Now there are mandates for more immunizations that my two youngest, (still in school) have not and will not receive.  For instance, the federally mandated Hepatitis B vaccination series is required before children enter the seventh grade.  I absolutely refuse to risk my children’s health to satisfy this ridiculous mandate.  Hepatitis B is a sexually transmitted disease! Their risk of getting it is zero because they have had the proper moral education to know that promiscuity is wrong!  Talk about politically incorrect irritation of sensibilities – where the hell does the federal and state government and the socialist education system get off telling me that they EXPECT my child to be sexually promiscuous, therefore, they MUST be immunized against this sexually transmitted disease?


Below is a list of various links to information and articles on the subject of immunization.  I believe there is quite enough here to spark some independent thought on the subject.  We’ll take a look at the next parts of the whole question later.


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and later version


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