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Posted 08/31/02


The gentleman who authored this month’s Study Page has obviously done his homework on this research.  I am posting this without any formatting to his original work.  Here is an awful lot to digest, folks.  Read on and give Mr. Hayfield your thoughts through this direct link.  


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The International Democratic Union:

A Tool of the Permanent Revolution

By Terry Hayfield


What happened on June 10, 2002 in the White House?


If you did not respond: “the so-called ‘right of center’ conservative Republican George W. Bush hosted a meeting of World Conservatives promoting the concept of Liberal Democracy based on a national sovereignty destroying Free Trade,” then you must read the following.


This is not a sound bite!


This is not a criticism!


It is a plea!


It is time for the American alternative Patriotic Press (that assures their readers that they speak in defense of this Republic, its continued independence and its Constitution) to finally discover and accept the reality of the Permanent Revolution. 


It is time to put aside the plethora of various conspiracy theories, variety of revisionist histories and borrowed ideologies.  Take off your editorial blinders, you are missing one dandy of a revolution and the biggest “scoop” of the Century.


This is about exposing the very real existence of the Permanent Revolution.


            If the existence of the Permanent Revolution is not included in your perception of history or current events then any analysis of the present is false!


            For those that are not aware of the Permanent Revolution the simple definition goes like this: 


If Capitalism is left on its own unimpeded, it will naturally evolve into a Socialism that will create the conditions for Communism.  In essence, Capitalism, Socialism and Communism all are integeral parts of the same process. The Permanent Revolution is the mother of all political ideologies from abortion to Zionism.


            In reality Communism has never existed!  It is only now becoming a very recent phenomenon! 


The vast majority of  “Right Wing” conservatives may howl “they know Communism when they see it.”  But they most definitely do not recognize the very real threat presented to this country by the existence of the International Democratic Union (IDU) and its prominent position propagandizing for the little known Radical Capitalist Class Permanent Revolution.  


A more precise definition of the Permanent Revolution goes as follows: 


The Permanent Revolution is a continuous process of War, Revolution and Terror removing all impediments (the concept of national sovereignty being the largest impediment) for the global proliferation of a specific, unified American/British Capitalism that urgently needs an international Free Market Place (Economic Democracy) based on unrestricted Free Trade.  The end result of this process is the need to create a self-regulating classless society commonly referred to as The Dictatorship of the Proletariat.  This dictatorship is necessary to cure The Flaw of Capitalism: overproduction and under-consumption. This Capitalism repeatedly falls into economic crisis and when this Capitalism is in deep crisis it must resort to some form of Fascism to remain in control of the Permanent Revolution.



What does this have to do with a June 10, 2002 White House meeting (a meeting completely missed by the American alternative patriotic press)?


            To the best of my knowledge only one mainstream newspaper printed an Associated Press story about the June 10, meeting.  This paper was the June 11 Toledo Blade.   The article “Bush states case for 1st strike against terrorists” appeared on page 4.


            The Republican conservative, Right Wing, “elected” President of the United States George W. Bush hosted a meeting of the IDU (George Bush Sr. IDU chairman) billed as a gathering of World Conservatives.  Apparently the Republican Party, member of the IDU, has not explained the concept of world conservatism to its membership.  Call your respective State leader of the GOP and inquire about Republican Party membership in the IDU then get “on line” and type in any search engine


            After you have done that “click on” the “Statement by the Press Secretary” you will read the following:


“The IDU is an association of center and center-right political parties from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.  The president looks forward to discussing compassionate conservatism, the importance of free markets, and efforts to advance democracy.”



            “Well I never heard of the IDU,” you must be saying to yourself.  I had the same response when I read The Blade article. Now “click on” the “About the IDU” icon. 


“…Formed in 1983, the IDU provides a forum in which Parties holding similar beliefs can come together and exchange views on matters of policy and organisational interest, so they can learn from each other, act together, establish contacts and speak with one strong voice to promote democracy and center-right policies around the globe.  Founder members of the IDU include Prime Minister Margaret Thathcer, then Vice-president Bush Sr. …


Countries can only develop their full potential if they develop recognising the ideals of liberal democracy, freedom of the individual, and the need for economic growth based on individual initiative and free, competitive enterprise economies…


Through the IDU, member Parties can exchange policy ideas, assist each other to win the political argument, and to win elections…


…A major event held every four years to coincide with the Republican Convention, the last one held in July 2000 in Philadelphia, where George W. Bush was selected as the Republican presidential candidate.”



If an individual is not fully aware of the Permanent Revolution it is impossible to fully understand the serious implications of the above quoted material concerning the IDU.  A careful analysis (based on the precepts of the Permanent Revolution) of the above will more than reveal for all to see…the Permanent Revolution.


            Let’s start with the Press Secretary’s remark: “The president looks forward to discussing compassionate conservatism, the importance of free markets, and efforts to advance democracy.”


            The President of the United States takes an oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States; nothing is mentioned in that oath or the Constitution for the President to promote compassionate conservatism, free trade or the advance of liberal democracy.   At the present time, the President George W. Bush is presented to the American public as a conservative, right of center Republican.  The term conservative denotes an individual dedicated to preserving the spirit of the founding fathers (authors of the Constitution) that created our Republic, not liberal democracy.


            The founding fathers intent of the creation of the Constitution was to preserve the nation’s national sovereignty secured by the American Revolution.   Three of these founding fathers (Hamilton, Madison and Jay) authored a series of essays to explain to the former British colonials how the new Constitution was to function and just exactly what was the functions of the new Federal government.  Central to this argument was the necessity to raise funds for the new government to provide adequate security for the continuation of our national sovereignty.  Protectionism was the choice of the founding fathers…not Free Trade.  This is explicitly explained in Hamilton’s “Essay #12” of The Federalists Papers.  This essay clearly states Free Trade (which is the basis of the Free Market Economy) is not conducive to the preservation of America’s valiantly won national sovereignty. 


[The concept of national sovereignty is the largest single impediment to the global proliferation of a specific American/British Capitalism.  The Permanent Revolution is a continuous process to remove the world’s various national sovereignties.]


            It is impossible to swear to protect this Republic’s Constitutionally mandated  national sovereignty and at the same time support Free Trade!   During this era of the War on Terrorism President Bush can find the time to meet with World Conservatives (correctly identified as neo-liberals) to discuss Free Trade.  Only a promoter of liberal World Democracy would support such a concept.  Surely an American Conservative, Right of Center Republican President would oppose such an injurious concept.  Wouldn’t he?


            Now let us move to the 1983 founding of the International Democratic Union (IDU).  Two of the founding members were “Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and then Vice-president Bush Sr…”


            Thatcher’s and Vice-president Bush’s administrations were dominated by the political, economic and social concepts promoted by the British Fabian Society.   For those that do not know the very Socialist Fabian Society created the New York Council of Foreign Relations, which gave birth to the Trilateral Commission.  Both Thatcher and Bush Sr. were early members of the Trilateral Commission.


[The British Fabian Society was very influential in creating the political groupings uniting American Capitalism and British Capitalism to clear the impediments for the global proliferation of this specific unified American/British Capitalism.]


            The next issue to be covered is: “Countries can only develop their full potential if they develop recognizing the ideals of liberal democracy, freedom of the individual, and the need for economic growth based on individual initiative and free, competitive enterprise economies.”


            For those that do not know the above quote is a VERY STRONG REFERRENCE to the Socialist economic concepts put forth in Joseph A. Schumpeter’s 1942 book Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy.  In this monumental work, Schumpter takes the position that since man is a product of evolution it stands to reason any institution developed by man will be evolutionary in nature also.  Capitalism is an institution of man.  Schumpeter therefore concluded Capitalism would naturally evolve into Socialism.  And Schumpeter recognized the political group that would determine that future Socialism was the Fabian Society.   It was inevitable.  The basis of Reaganomics was “Schumpertism,” in the hands of a group of 1930s Trotskyites of New York City College,  who decided in the 1970s, Socialism would not work.  These people became known as Neo-Conservatives, more correctly identified as Neo-liberals (see Peter Steinfels’ book 1979, The Neo-conservatives, The Men Who Are Changing America’s Politics).  These neo-cons, such as Irving Kristol, gained access to the Reagan/Bush Sr. administration through the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.  The neo-cons converted their Socialist slogans into the language of compassionate conservatism. 


[If Capitalism is left on its own unimpeded it will naturally evolve into Socialism that will create Communism.  In essence, Capitalism, Socialism and Communism are all integeral parts of the same process.]


            The next issue to be tackled is: “Through the IDU, member Parties can exchange policy ideas, assist each other to win the political argument, and to win elections…”


            This brings us directly to David Horowitz.   Horowitz is about to release (August 4, 2002) his new book How to Beat the Democrats and Other Subversive Ideas.  According to Horowitz and the Bush “conservative” Republican National Committee this book is the blueprint to get Republicans elected to office in 2002 and 2004.  To dedicated Republicans Horowitz “is the man.”


            The normal everyday run of the mill rank and file Republicans and self-anointed conservatives do not know Horowitz is a 21st Century “Neo-conservative” very similar to the Reagan era neo-cons.   The jacket liner for Horowitz’s 2000 book The Art of political War and Other Radical Pursuits acknowledges:


“Once a notorious radical Himself, David Horowitz understands the mind of the left better than any conservative.”



            Referring to Horowitz as “a notorious radical” is similar to making a vague statement that Michael Jordan was a ball player.  There are a lot of games played with a ball; baseball, football, soccer etc., just as there are a large variety of left wing radicals; environmental, union organizers, Socialists, Bolsheviks etc.  It is important to know just what kind of ball is being played just as it is important to know what kind of political radicalism a man practiced.  Horowitz’s forthcoming book and previous books have a list of books he has written.  There is one Horowitz book not mentioned, his 1969 Empire and Revolution.  When one reads this book one can safely assume he was a strong Bolshevik sympathizer.  Horowitz and the Bolsheviks understood the reality of the Permanent Revolution.  A short quote from page 7 of Empire and Revolution will illustrate:


“…The Bolsheviks proved themselves to be the only party able to assess the developing situation correctly…


More important, they proved themselves to be the only party which possessed sufficient determination to express and enforce that will in respect to the crucial questions…


On the strength principally of their virtues, but also as a result of their tactical brilliance, the Bolsheviks were swept into power in the course of 1917, proclaiming that their triumph was but the beginning of an era of world revolution”


            When one reads farther into Empire and Revolution it becomes quite obvious why Horowitz has been hired by the Republican National Committee to be their leading light in determining election strategy.  Horowitz realized in 1969 what the vast majority of today’s Americans are totally oblivious to: the reality of the Permanent Revolution.  On page 28, in a footnote at the bottom we read:


“Lenin referred to ‘uninterrupted’ or ‘continuous revolution rather than ‘permanent revolution’ which had been revived as a term by Parvus and Trotsky.


            On page 29, again in a footnote at the bottom of the page appears the following:


“The bourgeoisie cannot exist without constantly revolutionizing the instruments of production, and thereby the relations of society.”


Horowitz further clarifies his position in yet another footnote on page 30.  He is being very specific.  Please pay close attention to the precise wording:


‘Capitalist production according to Marx and Engels had centralized population and industry and concentrated property in a few hands.  The ‘necessary consequence’ of this was political centralization.  Independent, or but loosely connected provinces, with separate interests, laws, governments and systems of taxation, became lumped together into one nation, with one government, one code of laws, one national class-interest, one frontier and one customs-tariffs.”


[The Permanent Revolution is a continuous process removing impediments to the proliferation of Capitalism based on Free Trade]


            If you do not understand what kind of radical Horowitz was, one more quote from Empire and Revolution (page 30) will more than suffice to illustrate:


“For Capitalism establishes a world market which calls forth immense developments in transportation and communications and these in turn prompt the extension of industry, the further increase of capital and demand.  ‘The need of constantly expanding markets for its products chases the bourgeoisie over the whole surface of the globe…’


[When Capitalism quits expanding it falls into crisis.  And when Capitalism falls into crisis it resorts to some form of Fascism.]


            Considering the above quotes from Empire and Revolution one must then ask this question; “Has David Horowitz really changed?”  A few quotes from the advanced uncorrected reader’s proof edition of How to Beat the Democrats and Other Subversive Ideas form pages 51-57 will provide the obvious answer:


                        “Politics is war conducted by other means…


…Politics is a permanent war.  Every conflict is a contest for power, every battle is about burying your enemy…


…The political war is about matters of even greater moment.  It’s about good and evil; it’s about control of the future; it’s about changing the world…


…It’s about inventing a new America…


…Politicians work hard to confuse voters and misrepresent their opponents case…


…Politics is a war of emotions…


…Politics is a war of position…


…Politics is about fear…”


[The Permanent Revolution is a continuous process of War, Revolution and Terror]


            The International Democratic Union member, The Republican Party (which chooses not to openly acknowledge IDU membership) has chosen their political election strategy planner very well.  Horowitz definitely understands the reality of the Permanent Revolution and the position of the very specific and unified American/British Capitalism in this revolution.


{“The president looks forward to discussing compassionate conservatism, the importance of free markets, and efforts to advance democracy}


{“Countries can only develop their full potential if they develop recognising the ideals of liberal democracy…and the need for economic growth…”}


{“Through the IDU, member parties can exchange policy ideas, assist each other to win the political argument and to win elections”}


            President Bush is surrounded by members of the Council of Foreign Relations (creation of the Fabian Society).  President Bush, along with a former chairman of the Fabian Society, Prime Minister of England Tony Blair is waging a World War on Terrorism, removing impediments for an American/Brititsh  Capitalism in severe economic crisis.  And President Bush wants more Republicans (a party that is a member of an organization pursuing liberal democracy) elected into office and to do this, men such as David Horowitz (that understand the reality of the Permanent Revolution) are specifically chosen to devise the winning election strategy.


            Ask yourself this question: “Are you for them or against them?”


            And while you ponder your answer to the above question ask yourself: “Gee, do I really want to support the evolution of Capitalism into a Socialism that will lay the ground-work for Communism?”


            It really doesn’t matter if the government knew in advance about the tragedy of  September 11, 2001; it doesn’t matter how the World Trade Center was dropped; it doesn’t matter if a 767 flew or did not fly into the Pentagon.  What does matter is the Capitalism of Fabian Socialist design is in severe economic crisis.  What does matter is “the leaders of the Free world” are pushing for a Free Market Economy (Economic Liberal Democracy) based on international Free Trade (a Free Trade that destroys the very vital concept of national sovereignty) as the basis of our Freedoms. 


Horowitz was correct: “politicians work hard to confuse the voters.”


[The Permanent Revolution is a continuous process of War, Revolution and Terror to remove all impediments to the proliferation of a specific a united American/British Capitalism.  And when this Capitalism falls into crisis it resorts to some sort of Fascism}


            It is obvious, the answers to the above questions if you are a patriotic American that believes in the existence of this Republic should be… “NO!” 


            It is impossible to support Free Trade and swear an oath to protect and support the Constitution of the United States of America.


            The slogans of Patriotic, American conservatives should be: “Long live this Republic,” and “Bring an end to the Permanent Revolution,” not “Are you for us or against us?”


            It is now time to realize the existence of the Permanent Revolution and then expose the individuals and organizations that truly intend to destroy the sovereignty of the American Republic!



Radio Encounters of the Third Kind



            There is a “Third Kind” living amongst us in this Republic.  This “Third Kind” comes in a political package disguising themselves as Republicans (World Conservatives of the International Democrat Union) and Democrats (World Liberals of The Third Way).  The “Third Kind” wants to establish a self-regulating classless society on planet earth.  I have had radio encounters with two Republican members of the “Third Kind”, Anne Coulter (author of the best seller Slander) and David Horowitz (author of Empire and Revolution and How to Beat the Democrats and Other Subversive Ideas).


            What you are about to read will readily (and always) be identified by members of the “Third Kind” as a conspiracy theory.  By calling this a conspiracy theory the “Third Kind” wants the reader to envision this writer sporting a Hitler style mustache, dressed in “brown-shirt” Khakis, setting in a room with book cases filled with all kinds of “Hate” literature and the walls decorated with Swastikas and portraits of Der Führer.  People such as Coulter and Horowitz do not want to talk about the very real existence of the “Third Kind” nor do they want you to know what is really taking place in this Republic and the world.


            The “Third Kind” is actually the Radical Capitalist Class (RCC).  The Radical Capitalist Class is group of people that are trying desperately to spread a very specific American/British Capitalism based on Fabian Socialism to encompass the globe.  It is the belief of the RCC that this Capitalism if left unopposed  will naturally evolve into a Socialism that will pave the way for Communism.  The RCC uses a continuous process known as Permanent Revolution (War, Revolution and Terrorism) to remove all impediments (national sovereignty) for the necessary establishment of Free Trade in order to create a global Free Market System (Economic Democracy), catalyst for Socialism. 


The ideas of this “Third Kind” are alien to the American people.  Here are a few facts to ponder:


            In 1983, former Trilateral Commission (a Fabian Society Front group) members, George Bush Sr. and Margaret Thathcer, founded an organization called the International Democratic Union (IDU).  The IDU views itself as an organization of World Conservatives dedicated to establishing a Free Market System and a “compassionate conservatism.”  There are 70 member parties from around the world to include the Republican Party.  At the gatherings of the IDU the members set around and plot strategy “to win the political argument” and “planning winning election strategies” for World Conservatism.  Every four years the IDU holds a major meeting to coincide with the Republican National Convention in the same city, at the same time and with the Republican National Committee.  Recently (June 10, 2002) George W. Bush hosted an election strategy meeting of the IDU in the White House at which the President announced to the world of this nation’s right to carry out pre-emptive military strikes (translated, raw aggression) against Terrorist wherever they may be.  The IDU gave overwhelming support to this policy.  All these facts came from a 1979 Trilateral Commission membership list, the June 11, 2002 Toledo Blade, the May 8, 2002 Wall St. Journal and


Yet, when the current and leading political cheerleaders of the Republican Party, namely Coulter and Horowitz, were confronted with the IDU’s existence, they chanted “conspiracy theory” and pleaded ignorance, despite saying more than they should have.


Now for the Radio Encounters of the Third Kind:


Anne Coulter, a bouncy and vivacious blonde, recently has been the darling on the major media “talking head shows” plugging her recent best seller Slander in support of the Republican Party’s election strategy.  The various talk show hosts has billed her as one of America’s most intelligent women and an expert on the politics of the Republican Party.  Coulter’s message is about how the terrible Liberal Democrats along with the Liberal biased Media slanders conservatives, especially conservatives of the Religious Right.  Her biggest criticism of these “Socialist radicals” is the liberal accusing the conservative of “not being cerebral.”


Ms. Coulter was interviewed on a July 19, 2002 Omaha, Nebraska AM radio talk show.  I had the opportunity to be a “phone in” guest.  I wanted to know what kind of response Anne Coulter would give when confronted about the Republican Party’s membership in the IDU.  In the first part of the interview Anne bemoaned the fact that the Religious Right is slandered by the Liberal biased Media for belief in a higher being and tax cuts.  Coulter also observed when media consumers have a choice they overwhelmingly choose “conservative” talk shows.  One thing she did not explain is why  the Liberal biased Media networks had her on their Liberal biased programs to speak kindly of conservatives.  Before I got to ask my very specific question she made the claim the Liberal biased Media is 100% Socialist.


The question: 

“I am a patriotic conservative.  I am so glad you stated there is a liberal control of the press.  My research shows in some way this is a two way street.  These same liberals since 1983 have not said a word about the Republican Party’s membership of the International Democrat Union, that is promoting the same liberal agenda on a global basis and then passes it off as world conservatism.  Can you enlighten me on that?”


The answer:

“No, (emitting an uneasy laugh) I think that is your field of expertise.  I don’t exactly know what you are talking about.”


The next question:

“That is exactly what I run into.  The rank and file Republican does not know the Republican Party is a member of a global Socialist organization.  You have demonstrated in the first half of your interview that you are against this stuff and Gee, shouldn’t we know the Republican Party is promoting international Socialism?”


The answer:

 “I, I…I don’t think so…actually…um.  I…mean I never understood the idea….um…um this, this…um, secret organization theory, What are they doing behind our backs?  They take half our money.  When Clinton was president he was gunning down religious fringe groups, shipping little boys back to Cuba and I,…umm, ummm, (now with her voice raising) They take half our money, wetland designation tells us what we can not do with our land, what exactly do you think they are doing secretly, (voice really tense and still raising in tone) “Good God”  Look what they are doing right in front of us!”


Next question:

“That is the point I am driving at!  You can ask any chairman of a state Republican Party about the Republican Party membership in an international socialist organization…”


Hurried response:

“We’re talking about something I…ummm…don’t think exists.  We’ve kind of gone off the road here…Can I have another call?”


It was more than obvious Anne Coulter did not want to discuss the IDU.  There are only two reasons for this.  One of course is she really did not know about the IDU.  If this is the case then it is a stretch of the imagination to consider Ms. Coulter an expert on Republican politics.  The second reason is obviously she did know about the IDU and wasn’t about to enter into a public discussion about the Republican Party’s membership in an international Socialist organization.


The plot thickens!


A few weeks later David Horowitz was on the same radio station (August 6, 2002).  Horowitz’s interview was prefaced by one of the hosts describing how a previous interview was scheduled in advance but had to be cancelled at the last minute because Mr. Horowitz had been summoned to the George W. Bush Waco Texas ranch to talk election strategy.  This was done to demonstrate the importance of his book How to Defeat the Democrats and Other Subversive Ideas.  Would Mr. Horowitz’s response be similar to Ms. Coulter’s?


First question:

“Hello Mr. Horowitz, how are you? 





Second question:

“I was lucky enough to get an advanced uncorrected readers copy of How to Beat the Democrats.  I do believe it is a book all Republicans should read.  My question is: I understand the tactics you are trying to put across to the Republicans but, in lieu of the recent split between Al Gore and Joseph Lieberman,  it seems there is a mad rush of Democrats going to the center, basically through the ageis of the Democratic Leadership Council which is also a member of an international organization called The Third Way.  Consequently,  at the same time I started reading articles a couple of months ago, one from the Wall Street Journal for May 8, something about an organization called the International Democrat Union made up of World Conservatives, then in the early part of June there was an IDU meeting at the White House that posed these World Conservatives were right of center.  Does the Republican membership of an international organization going to the right and vacating the center open the opportunity for the likes of Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton, rated by the DLC as a moderate to capture the political center?



“Well look! You don’t want to be fooled by rhetoric or labels.  How solid is Joe Lieberman’s conservative credentials, when it took him ten ceconds to abandon all his principals to jump into the arms of Maxine Waters when he got that nomination.”


[Author’s note: Mr. Horowitz cautions about being fooled by labels and rhetoric, because I assume they are misleading.  Notice he did not acknowledge the existence of the IDU.]


“The Democratic Party is pulled to the left by the unions, the racist NAACP leftists, and the teacher’s union.  All these people are hard left.  It is a left wing party.  It will remain left wing until it is beaten year after year.”


[Author’s note: Horowitz then continues by painting the Democratic Party with a list of labels using his best conservative rhetoric, as urged in his book How to Beat the Democrats. Now pay close attention to the following comparison.  Horowitz is still using labels and conservative rhetoric, see page 67 of How to Beat the Democrats.]


“If you look at John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, you will not find one scintilla of difference between them.  Kennedy was a hawk on defense.  He was a militant anti-communist.  He was for  capital gains tax cut and a balanced budget.  And that should tell you how far to the left American politics has slid in the last 40 years.”


[Author’s note: Yes, Horowitz is correct, don’t get fooled by labels or rhetoric.  The key phrase from the above quotation is “And that should tell you how far to the left American politics has slid to the left.”  Consider that for a moment.  Horowitz has hinted the Republican Party has moved to the left right along with the Democrats!]



“Do you have any comments on the International Democrat Union?”



“The Democrats would say… well I…you know.  I don’t know, I don’t know what the International Democrat Union is an international organization.  The “Third Way” is a deception that we used to use when we were in the left to avoid the stigma of Communism without embracing the American way.  And that to bear, Hillary Clinton is a Socialist.  I don’t care what they say in front of the cameras.  They understand where the American people are and they are out to fool them.  And Republicans have to be vicious in their attacks on the Democrats and strike first or be on the defensive.”


[Author’s note: Horowitz claims he doesn’t know what the IDU is or even if it is an international organization.  He then proceeds to use labels and conservative rhetoric to lead away from talking about the IDU.  Please also note Horowitz does recognize the existence of the Third Way.]



“It seems the Republican Party, being a member of the International Democrat Union according to their web site, they are determining election policies in their respective member parties in their respective countries?”


[Author’s note: Pay close attention to the next response!]


“ That’s…that’s…(raising his voice) way too conspiratorial. (his voice, still raising in intensity) Look! Just imagine Al Gore was president when 911 Happened! If George Bush was not in there we would not have declared war on the al-Qaeda!  We would have not taken the Taliban down!  And there would have been tens of thousands more Dead Americans!  That’s how I determine my politics!  I don’t determine them by getting on the internet and finding some international organization!”


[The Permanent Revolution is a continuous process of War, Revolution and Terror.  If you notice from the above quote Horowitz determines his politics by waging war and predicting future terror.  And still Horowitz will not acknowledge or even address the existence of the IDU.  Instead he yells conspiracy!]



“But I found this information in the newspapers and the Wall Street Journal!”


Horowitz (now very agitated):

“The United States is part of the UN.  It’s a left wing organization.  The US is in the UN, does that make the US left wing?  The UN is always denouncing the United States, Britain and Israel.  That’s their business these days.”


[Authors note: Just a few minutes ago Horowitz acknowledged a severe 40 year leftward drift in American politics.]


Question and statement (with a slight chuckle):

“OK, I’m glad you brought that up!  If the UN is a left wing organization, then why is the Republican Party pushing International Free Trade, which is a left wing policy? (my voice rising trying to be heard over the loud protestations of Horowitz), I can even back that up with Hamilton’s “Essay #12” from The Federalist Papers.”


Horowitz (successfully drowning out my efforts):

Ah Look! I encounter people like you all the time.  Politics is a complex business, OK? (speed of elocution picks up), You don’t get to be morally pure on everything!  Just because the US doesn’t get out of the UN doesn’t make it a left wing party.”


[Author’s note: I don’t wear “brown-shirt” khakis and I definitely do not have pictures of Hitler on my walls.  And don’t forget Horowitz said there was no difference between Kennedy and Reagan.  This is a good indication America just may be well left of the perceived American political center.]


Horowitz (quickly changing to an apologetic and condescending tone):

“ I know I am on a religious station.  Politics is the art of the possible, not the ideal!  There is a big difference between politics and religion.  Religion is about getting into heaven and if you mess with the Devil you're damned.  In politics… politics is about getting into office!  You make pacts with the devil all the time putting together a majority coalition to allow you to rule!”


End of interview.


 Horowitz, just like Anne Coulter, denied knowing of the International Democratic Union, but did not hesitate to label something he didn’t know about a conspiracy theory. Again there are only two reasons for this.  One is Horowitz didn’t know of the IDU.  But, how could a man, who had been summoned to George Bush’s presence, to discuss electoral strategy  (a man claiming to have authored the Republican manual for election strategy)  have not known about the June 10th, 2002 White House hosting of an IDU election strategy session that was covered by the Associated Press?  Something is grossly wrong here.  Which leads to the second reason.  Horowitz does know about the IDU and does not want the rank and file Republican to know about it.


There may be a reason for Mr. Horowitz’s “ignorance” of the IDU.  Horowitz does know about the Permanent Revolution.  This he cannot deny.  There is a section of How to Defeat the Democrats” dedicated to “The Unrepentant Left.”  In “Chapter 4,” on page 199, Horowitz vents his anger at a member of the radical left.  It goes like this:


“Far from renouncing her communist and terrorist past, Boudin is part of the same radical network that fuels Linda Evans’ seditious projects and remains an integeral part of the permanent revolution both signed onto in the 1960s.”


            The use of the term permanent revolution, was not some idle choice of vitriolic rhetoric to demean the radical left.  Horowitz knew exactly what he was writing.  One only has to turn to his 1969 epic Empire and Revolution.  In a series of footnotes at the bottom of pages 28, 29 and 30 reveals “the alter ego” of Horowitz.


                        “Lenin referred to ‘uninterrupted’ or ‘continuous’ revolution rather than ‘permanent revolution,’ which had been revived as a term by Parvus and Trotsky.” (p. 28.)


                        “The bourgeoisie cannot exist without constantly revolutionizing the instruments of production, and thereby the relations of production, and with them the whole relations of society.” (p.29.)


“Capitalist production according to Marx and Engels had centralized population and industry and concentrated property in a few hands.  The ‘necessary consequence’ of this was political centralization.  ‘Independent, or but loosely connected provinces, with separate interests, laws, governments and systems of taxation, became lumped together into one nation, with one government, one code of laws, one national class-interest, one frontier and one customs-tariff.” (p. 30.)



            David Horowitz knows of the existence of the Permanent Revolution.  Like any other conflict of man there are at least two sides in the struggle.  In the case of the Permanent Revolution the combatants have been Worker Socialists (The Third Way) and Corporate Socialists (today’s International Democrat Union).  In his youth Horowitz was very active and a leader of The Third Way.  In his maturity Horowitz deserted his Worker Socialist “brothers” in Permanent Revolution and switched sides to the Corporate Socialist cause, now his “new brothers in Permanent Revolution.” 


Like his days in The Third Way, to couch his communism and shun his allegiance to America, Horowitz now hides his communism behind a conservative “cloak” of new found Americanism in the form of World Conservatism.  But for some reason Horowitz, The Republican National Committee and the Republican Party do not want the rank and file members of the party to know the concept of  “compassionate conservatism” comes from the International Democrat Union, just another Fabian Socialist front group helping to transform Capitalism into Communism. 


Just a few last comments.  Please consider all the things Horowitz did say.  He compared the perceived conservative Ronald Reagan to a 1960s very liberal Democrat and graduate of the Fabian Socialist London School of Economics, John F. Kennedy.  Horowitz acknowledged a severe leftward drift in American politics.  And most damning of all, in order for the Republican “Third Kind” to rule (not get elected) they must consistently “make pacts with the Devil”. 


These “Third Kind” ideas are most definitely alien to Christian, Patriotic, Conservative Americans.   It is time for the people of this Republic to acknowledge the Republican Party is just another Communist front organization of the Permanent Revolution (the dialectical evolution of Capitalism into Communism). 



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