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The Big Kahuna keeps bringing in the talent!  Enjoy the “Random Thoughts” of a most interesting gentleman.  You may contact him here.


I hope my "random thoughts" won't be too overbearing.  I am a 10 year Marine veteran who served proudly, including in Vietnam.  I then became a Federal Officer, with a specialty in intelligence, among other things for 30 years.  I retired a few years ago after a 40 year career so I try to be politically aware.  I am told by some that I skate on the razor's edge between balance and a radical opinion. 


I love this country, I prefer a Republic, not Marxism or "social democracy”, and I tend to be very conservative on many topics, including: the value of life, duty, family, accepting responsibility for ones' actions, honor, and justice.  I seek TRUTH in its many forms, but I believe many are afraid of it.


Updated 12/28/07


(with thanks to Robert Upton for the inspiration)


The spirit of Christmas should be a spirit of PeacePeace is freedom from conflict.  In Pakistan today the Muslim extremists have "celebrated" the birth of the Christ by killing innocent people in a hail of gunfire and an explosion.  The Christ, unlike allah (sic), has never told us to murder anyone.  This is a major difference between us and radical religious sects around the world.  Jesus "tells" us to reduce conflicts and promote Peace, not to kill all infidels as is stated in the Qu'ran, aka Koran. 


In the first words of the "Sura of the Clot" are the first words which were supposedly revealed to Muhammad.  The "prayer" is contained in the opening portion of the second and longest chapter of the Koran. 


..."No indeed; surely, if he gives not over, (to allah) (sic)

We shall seize him by the forelock,

 a lying, sinful forelock. 

So let him call on his concourse! 

We shall call on the guards of Hell..." (96:1-19)


In our personal lives we often create conflict by focusing on differences rather than similarities.  When we consider similarities, most differences often become insignificant, unless the differences threaten our safety and our way of life as outlined in the Koran.


All Christians, some whom are Protestants, accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah.  In fact the man born into this world in Bethlehem over two thousand years ago was named Yeshiva (Joshua) Ben Joseph and was later called Jesus Christ by the Greeks.  Jesus Christ is actually a title which means "anointed savior".  Jesus was a Jew.  He represents Peace.


The Lord's Prayer, given to all of us is the summarized message of the Christ.  This prayer taught by Jesus and revered by Christians is fundamentally Jewish.  It is an example of different religions worshiping the same God.  This is an example of Peace.


The Roman Catholic Mass offers two daily readings.  The first, typically from Jewish scripture, or the Old Testament is followed by a gospel from the New Testament.  This is a promise from Jewish scripture, answered by fulfillment from a Christian gospel.  Different religions worshiping the same God.  This is an example of Peace.


Philosophically, because the existence of God can neither be proved nor disproved, personal faith is necessary to accept His existence.  Faith is the foundation of all religion.  By faith, Christians believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ and celebrates His birth at Christmas.  Yet the Lord's Prayer, the core of Christianity, is a gift of Joshua, a Jew, from a Jewish prayer of worship.  Peace


Above are some examples of apparent differences sharing remarkable likenesses, worshiping the same savior in harmony, except in the Koran.  Peace.


May the spirit of Peace bring you and yours freedom from conflict.  Together, may we all, including our enemies, share the Peace of Christmas.  Jesus taught Love not Hate.  God bless us all!




Reflection on Mother Nature


Many environmentalists believe that man is destroying Mother Nature.  Man is a product of Nature.  She existed before him and will continue to exist if Man becomes extinct.  Mother Nature has no “concern” with man at all.  She continues to evolve with or without the presence of Man.  Further, in her fury, she destroys without prejudice.  She will just as soon drown, or rip apart a forest animal in a flood or during a cyclone as she would destroy a man.


In his great conceit, Man believes he has the power to influence Mother Nature.  Nature can’t bind man by any law.  Nor can man change Nature by any law.  Therefore, once produced by Nature, man is no longer in her grip.  He is now separate from her.  Even if man multiplied exponentially by four times his species, or became extinct, he could not affect the Earth.  And the universe without man would not be the worst for it in any way. 


There is no credible evidence that proves that man with a spray can of deodorant, or animals expending methane gas will destroy the ozone layer.  Global Warming is another way of saying, the earth is constantly changing.  The earth cycles itself, constantly moving from cold seasons, to hot seasons, and wet seasons to dry seasons.  It is the normal course of Mother Nature’s evolution.  And it will continue with or without man. 


A plastic bag lying by the road side may be unsightly, but it won’t change the course of the Earth’s orbit.  Leaving a “carbon footprint” by driving an SUV causes much less danger than a volcano, created by Mother Nature, belching poisonous gases into the atmosphere.  Liberal hugging trees will not save the planet, nor appease Mother Nature.


There are more trees on the planet now than ever in the history of the planet.  Oxygen levels are not in danger. No matter what “caring” liberals do, Mother Nature will still destroy at “will” by forest fire, drought, flood, lightning, volcanic eruptions, pestilence, plague and, all manner of ills released by Pandora’s Box (sic).  And there is nothing man can do about it!



Reflections on Homosexuality And Sexual Deviations


Many believe one is born homosexual, or a sexual deviate and no choices are involved.  Some even trumpet it as an alternative lifestyle, and proclaim it to be normal.  Yet there is no convincing factual evidence to support this belief.  Further, it precludes the existence of free will.  Normal defined means that which is practiced by the majority of a group.  Therefore, to a homosexual group, same gender sex may be normal.  But to a heterosexual group, which is about 99% of the world’s population, homosexual sex is a sexual deviation.


A person can be born effeminate, if male, and masculine, if female, and they may indeed be attracted to the same sex.  However, a choice has to be made to enact the same sex relationship.  This is a choice based on free will.  It is not something beyond one’s control, or something decreed by nature.  It is a choice based upon sexual preference.


Among some in society, sex with children, or animals, or with inanimate objects is what they prefer.  Were they born this way, or was it taught behavior?  If they enact this deviation, is society to believe that it is a normal alternative lifestyle?  Does it follow then that prosecution for sex crimes is illegal?


It is time for society to quit making excuses for sexual deviations, and recognize that each individual chooses to enact that which “turns them on.”  They were not created, nor born to be a deviate.  They choose by free will that which they do.  Therefore, any consequences for their actions must be borne by them.


No personal condemnation is implied nor discussed because each individual must be responsible for their own actions.  Deviates are not victims to be patronized nor condemned.  However, one should recognize that nobody is born into an alternative lifestyle; it is a choice.  To think otherwise is to deny free will, and without free will we are all victims of Nature in a world filled with disorder and chaos.



Reflections On Liberal Rule


Liberals want the young to "know" that our ancestors came to a foreign land and ruined it.  They killed the American Indians, forced Mexicans out of the south-western states, stole the land, and began a new country based on religious fanaticism (sic).


Early settlers began a Republic that resisted imperial rule by England, rejected taxation without representation, and wanted religious freedom with separation between church and state.  They also wanted liberty and equality for all.


Under liberal rule we are taxed without adequate representation, we are a social democracy, God is dead, and Freedom is being taken away by elected Marxists.  Further, the south-west is being given back,  if not taken back, by Mexicans, Blacks are accorded special treatment and subsistence, and illegal aliens are welcomed in with open arms. 


Imperialist (sic) conservatives who believe "In God We Trust," love of country, and patriotism are ridiculed.  American culture as we once knew it is being replaced with a "looks like America" political correctness.  White culture is being replaced with a mixing and blurring of racial backgrounds.  We are in the era of hyphenated Amerikans (sic) not assimilated Americans.


Caucasian children are being taught to act dumb, to lose rather than hurt someone else's feelings.  They are being taught to feel guilty because the are born White and privileged (sic).  They are being encouraged to adopt slang languages rather than speak proper English.  They push 2 for Espanol rather than require all Americans to speak the language of the country, ENGLISH.


Under liberal "rule," and apathy, Americans are being worn down by liberals.  Abortion on demand, genocide, homosexuality, murder, dumbed down education, political correctness, national guilt, and fear in the face of our enemies is the new liberal "spirit" of Amerika (sic).  And many of us not only just let it happen.  We promote it with our eyes wide open, and our minds closed down.


God Bless America.  



Just a thought:


Have you ever seen an Asian mob scene in America? Have you ever seen Asians run amok on the Chinese New Year for example?  Have you ever been threatened by an Asian street gang while you and your family walked in downtown New Orleans, or anywhere else for that matter?  Have you ever been robbed, mugged or physically threatened by an Asian gang?   Have you really taken the time to dwell on the fact that Sheriff Harry Lee is Chinese?


What is my point?  Asians learn to survive in America by total assimilation.  They learn the language quickly, study assiduously, usually reaching the top of their class.  They are hard working.  They strive to be professionals, i.e., nurses, doctors, engineers.  Yes, some own laundries and restaurants.  But most of them are extremely industrious.  They abjectly refuse welfare contrary to the belief of many of us.


They lived under Communism and don't want to return.  Although they may have no choice if a liberal President joins a liberal Congress.  Think about this when you vote.


A young Chinese female restaurant owner here in CENLA (central Louisiana) moved from China, by way of Hong Kong, thru San Francisco, then to New York where she lived for seven years.  She is now well educated and speaks English better than many American born citizens.  She recently opened a restaurant in Pineville.


I was speaking with her last week during my weekly visit to her restaurant and she apologized for her "bad" English.  I replied:  "my Chinese is much worse than your English."  She said:  "This is America, we speak English here!!!!!!!  God bless that attitude.  It generally reflects the feeling of the Asian community as best as I can tell.  


I also asked her about her home in China.  She is from a small independent farm in a very small community.  I asked whether she missed China.  Her response was immediate.  She said she loves her family who are still in China, and she visits them about once a year.  But she is an American citizen and the U. S. is her home now.



Reflection on “The Great Wall” Of Mexico


The proposed wall between the United States and Mexico reminds me of Hadrian’s Wall between southern and northern Britannia during the first century A.D.   Hadrian, the Roman emperor decided that the British tribesmen were causing too much of a strain on the empire, so he decided to wall them out of Roman territory.  He had a 70 mile wall constructed dividing north and south Britannia.


The result was that thousands of army troops were diverted from their main job of protecting Rome to becoming builders and “border patrol” personnel.   The troops before they began construction of the wall in Britannia were lazy, and restless.  Morale went down, and they lost their fighting edge.  After they began to build the wall, they regained a sense of worth, but they were still not being used as professional warriors.


The British tribesmen who were on the Roman side of the wall harassed the Romans unmercifully, and pressure on the Britain side of the wall increased.  Eventually the Romans saw Britannia as a lost cause, and after awhile decided it wasn’t worth fighting for.  The Barbarians were allowed to enter the gates of Roman territory.  Cracks appeared in Roman invincibility eventually leading to the downfall of one of the great empires in the history of mankind.  Admittedly it took years to bring the empire down to its knees, but Hadrian’s Wall may have been the signal that the end of the Roman Empire was inevitable.


Some will use the Great Wall of China to support the “great wall of America” project.  However, China maintains buffer states like North Korea and North Vietnam to protect their borders.  Further, the Great Wall never did provide China with lasting protection from barbarian hordes.  The “great” communist wall between East and West Berlin finally fell also.


Today, the United States wants to build a “wall” to block off Mexico, but it is a waste of taxpayer money because many South Americans are already illegally on our side of the proposed wall.  Unless immigration laws which are already in effect are enforced building a wall is symbolism over substance.


I know that illegal aliens, especially those from Latin America, are enraging many in this country, but hopefully cooler heads will prevail, and a solution based on enforcing the appropriate laws will be enacted.  As an aside, why do so many United States citizens go to Latin America on vacation, spending mucho ‘Yankee’ dollars there? 


Bottom line, there are too many “walls” already.  Let us elect leaders who know and can enforce the proper solutions.  Vote wisely.