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  Here’s the reason I do what I do – my amazing family!




Chris and Shannon with newest addition, Clifton –                   Big brother Michael -                                              Big Brother Brian                                                      Cliff – Too Cute!


Shannon is my oldest daughter and the mother to my three grandsons. She and Chris, my son-in-law, found each other midway through their lives and gave life to Clifton.  He is the light of all our lives!



                   Aunt Heather                                           Aunt Lacey                                       Aunt Lori                                  Uncle Brett (Yep, that’s him!)               Ain’t that the truth??


Big Brother, Michael is a recent Graduate! More reason to celebrate!



        Michael with Proud Mama                           Brian                                      Michael                 Shannon                             Brett                        Michael


More fun pics from all my kids!



                           Cliff with Dad                                                             Wrapped around his finger!                                                Life is good!



             Mom and Cliff                            You Sleepin?                                           Loggin some Zs                            Am I cute or what???                                 Yep, life is good!



   Do I know you?  Oh, Aunt Heather!                    Okay, I’d like to play with YOUR toys now!                            Gotta love your chair, Aunt Heather.       Yeah, this is the life – just kickin’ back.



 Aunt Lacey’s gonna be fun too I bet.                        So, Aunt Lacey, what’s a sucker?                         And, liquid refreshments from Aunt Lori.                   What more could a growing boy need?



  Well, yeah, everybody’s gotta have a Sammy Dog!                              I can only get cuter!                                               Not spoiled yet though!


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