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Welcome to the Rant Page.  This is the only doorway on the site to access my archived articles.  All other archives are available from the Archives page.

I’ve been asked to explain what most people call, “the wolf.”  It is self-explanatory.  I developed the graphic as my personal logo because it so completely illustrates my take on American Heritage and my love of nature.  DebV 


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Deb V’s Archives                          

Walk a Mile – Or Sit Down and Shut Up! – 07/28/13

The media and the government, especially those in high places, just won’t shut up about the Zimmerman trial.

Freedom Of Speech? – 06/23/13

Let’s really make everyone uncomfortable now, shall we?

Picking the Fight – 05/27/13

What was once common knowledge has been lost in a couple of generations raised and indoctrinated away from common sense.

Understanding a Right – 05/27/13

If you are still living in a La-La Land of thinking that every single Constitutional right we have in this country is not under attack, reality is just not your thing I guess.

Rattling In the Closet – 02/24/13

The more I hear (or more correctly, DON’T hear) about the September 11, 2012 attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, the more furious I am with all arms of the government and especially the media.

The Gun Free Zone – 12/30/12

I must first ask a pertinent question.  Who believes that the Newtown shooter was just a normal gun enthusiast who decided to go out for a little target practice that fateful Friday morning?

Over the Cliff and Through the Woods – 12/09/12

Ah, there’s nothing better than grabbing a big kettle of popcorn and settling down to watch the drama (in real time) of a bunch of fools dancing around on the edge of the cliff to nowhere and daring someone to knock them off.

Another Season Of Thanksgiving – 11/23/12

In the days leading up to the election, Obama said that the best “revenge” was to vote.

The Sex Trap – 11/17/12

I thought that would get your attention.

Logic Is NOT Persuasive – 11/11/12

Great news week, huh?  How’d y’all like that election turnout and outcome?  Anybody still have faith that the system works?

Deadly Echoes From Bengahzi – 10/27/12

Anyone who believes that our Commander-in chief or anyone directly under him concerned with foreign affairs is not to blame needs to volunteer (along with the aforementioned) for the front lines in our ongoing war on terror. 

The Victimhood Of the GOP – 09/23/12

The “old guard” Republican Party establishment is trying to pass itself off as a victim.

Conventional Differences – 09/22/12

I could have called this piece, “Go ahead, make my day.”

And Behold a White Horse – 08/26/12

Sometimes inspiration can come in the form of a subtle message.

The Show Me State Shows the Way – 08/25/12

The irony of this week’s political uproar shows just how far this whole country has drifted into the darkness of ignorance, the squalor of moral relativism, and the absurdity of American politics.

Owning Freedom Means Owning America – 07/29/12

An In-depth study of a complicated right that must be understood!

Story Time

Free country? – 07/04/12

He knocked on the door.  The dogs barked with all the vigor they could muster – “danger, master, danger!” they seemed to say.

Increments Of Tyranny – 07/04/12

I wish I could say that last week’s most infamous Supreme Court decisions surprised me, but I really can’t.

Click It Or Ticket – 06/10/12

A fact of growing old is that if you do grow old, the world you die in will be a far removed place from the one you were born into.

Polite Society – 05/19/12

The old dictates of a “polite society” are slowly killing America – or are they? 

In the Here and Now – 04/29/12

What does it take to completely corrupt every last vestige of law, order, and decency in this country?

Birther Vetting – Misnomers For a Fraud - 04/08/12

Time for another “inquiry into Obama’s eligibility” story.

War On Women – (The Real One!) – 04/08/12

One Of These Days – 03/11/12

One of these days, each and every individual will find himself in that last day – the one they won’t make it through.

The Way It Is – 02/19/12

I love good music – always have.  When an artist gets it right, it stays right for all time, and any copying of it just doesn’t do it justice.

Fair Share – 01/21/12

Wow!  Deliver me from another debate on taxes!

Change, Change, Change! – 12/11/11

It is hard to know exactly the moment that the tide turned on America.

Scandalous – 11/27/11

Have we finally decided in this country that character actually does matter?

The Season Of Thanksgiving – 11/25/11

If you are not opposed to praying for things you want, you should always remember to pray in gratitude for all you have.

Democracy – 11/06/11

The Latest Steppingstone To Shariah Law and/or Communism.

Learning From Fantasy – 11/06/11

Some of the very best morality lessons written into modern literature and even TV and movie scripts can be found in space fantasy.

Warfare – 10/08/11

My son reminded me recently that the easiest way to rile him up is to question his knowledge, (with none of my own) on facts.

Superpower – 09/17/11

It will take due diligence on an individual basis for the public to pull themselves up out of the quagmire of ignorance and take their rightful place at the helm of this Superpower.

Learning the Language . . . – 08/14/11

The mindset that allows anyone to celebrate the continuing extension of borrowing to run our government shows an unfathomable ignorance of reality.

Fear Mongering 101 – 07/24/11

Most of the “smarter than thous” agree that the debt ceiling will and must be raised. 

Logical Conclusions – 07/04/11

One thing you can never argue with is that death is a logical conclusion to living a full life.

On Wings Of Nuts – 06/19/11

Ya gotta love how the media grabs any chance to sound relevant these days.

After the Facts – 06/10/11

Commenting on politics really takes a toll sometimes.

The Chosen – 05/28/11

Simply discounting or attempting to erase history will never wipe out reality…

Would You Like Fries With That? – 05/15/11

News junkies were given a double dip of that sensational crowd pleaser recently – namely, “breaking news!”

Defining the Birther Issue – 05/01/11

My God, why did it have to take a man like Donald Trump to bring this issue back in the forefront of political commentary again?

America’s Biggest Problems – 04/24/11

Believe it or not, we are being judged by the world on one simple question:  “How do you treat the weakest among you?”

It’s Only Just Begun – 04/24/11

Okay, so Obama’s running for reelection.  No surprise there, right?

Disneyland Is Out – 04/11/11

So we dodged the bullet on last week’s highly touted “government shutdown.”  Whew!  That was a close one, huh?

Want To Meet An American? – 03/27/11

I must pull back the veil of pessimism every now and then and write something upbeat.  There’s your spoiler for this article.

Media Malpractice – 03/16/11

Challenge to conservative voters.  This one is a real thought piece, folks.

Waking On the Shores – 03/13/11

More and more of our ancestors’ children are now waking on the shores of the continent about to be drug out with the ebbing tide.

Understanding a Government Budget – 02/26/11

It’s hard to survive a fair fight when you can’t see what you are fighting, but it is especially hard to win an unfair fight so blinded.

Cover Up – 02/17/11

The biggest cover up in American history is going on right out in the open under everyone’s nose.

Foreign Policy and Revolutions – 02/06/11

Fast forward to this time in our dangerous world where America has survived every plague upon it but the one we are now facing.

Who can Define “Divisive”?  Raise Your Hand – 01/30/11

Okay, time for the mama bear to take some of the kids off to the woodshed.  The only kids I’m interested in disciplining now are the conservative kids – forget about the liberals.  They are a lost cause by definition anyway.

An Uncivil Rant – 01/22/11

To all you liberal, progressive, socialist, communist, and otherwise ignorant citizens in this land of the so-called free:

Defining the Mandate – 01/22/11

After the recent distraction of our obviously “uncivil discourse” causing individual lunacy, eventually we must get to the meat and potatoes of what’s going on in the world.

The Real Communicable Disease – 01/16/11

I’d like to think that ignorance, stupidity, and apathy are not “catching” as we used to say in the old days.  They are diseases, though, and unfortunately they also must be communicable.

Another High Profile Shooting – 01/10/11

Everyone needs to comment on it.  News agencies need to dispatch a hoard of reporters and call in a plethora of analysts to give wall-to-wall coverage of the event.  The victims, of course, get lost in the shuffle.

Tripping the learning Curve – 01/04/11

As we bid this year a fond good-bye and welcome a fresh slate New Year, perhaps we should look at resolutions that embrace achievable results from realistic efforts instead of falling back on the usual pie in the sky, “wouldn’t it be nice” attitude most folks take when daring to make resolutions at all.

Merry Christmas One and All – 12/24/10

Playing the Game Of Squabble – 12/20/10

Nothing is any more absurdly infuriating, yet hysterically funny than watching our legislators and their enablers, (pundits, media, and those total illiterates that make their way to microphones and keyboards) play the game of Squabble over the tax code and other various subjects.
Okay, So Wiki Leaked – 12/04/10

Be careful what you wish for if you are wishing for the government to go after the WikiLeaker above all else.

A Lame Duck Is Still Just a Quack – 11/20/10
Deliverance from this incompetent, grossly arrogant, criminally ignorant administration cannot come soon enough.

One More Absurdity – P.S. Thank a Terrorist! – 11/13/10

Well, I have to wonder just how long this uproar will last.

Who Are the Uninformed? – 11/12/10

Uniformed or blissfully ignorant?  Sometimes it is hard to tell.

Post Game Report – 11/04/10

I must borrow and expand upon that infamous utterance from Chris Matthews after Obama won the 08 election.

It Is A Lie – 11/01/10

Do I look that gullible?

Telling It Like It Is – 10/31/10

It would be nice to be able to read the headlines every morning – actually, on any given morning – without having to have a barf bag handy.

The Answer – 10/11/10

Here is the answer from my own unique point of view:

Why the Cross? – 10/02/10

For most Christians this symbol of truth is the simple cross.

Party Politics On Life Support? – 09/21/10

The old party politics just isn’t working as well this year.

Nine Years Later – 09/11/10

The war of ideology had begun, but it wasn’t cut and dried, easy to determine “sides” or agree on an enemy.

Get the Fish Fried Already! – 09/11/10

While the American economy continues to swirl its way down the toilet, in this summer of no recovery, American punditry has much bigger fish to fry – or so it seems.

The Problem With Religion – 08/23/10

The American people have spoken volumes lately in an attempt to right the sinking ship that is a “free” country.

Harry Stepped In Deep – 08/13/10

An old saying came to mind as I heard the recent remarks made by Senate majority leader, Harry Reid. . .

Using a Crisis – 08/13/10

It all comes down to power, doesn’t it?

Another Landmark Day In Congress – 08/03/10

Piecing it all together – and then some!

Faux News becomes Foe News – 07/26/10

Unbiased news reporting is the responsibility of a true journalist . . .

The Economy Of Racial Inequity – 07/20/10

In polls being conducted all over the country right now, folks are being asked to identify the top priority issue in America today.

The Race Against Time – 07/13/10

Welcome to the race against time.  There is no justice, fairness, or logic to it.

Mission Statement: “Mission Scrubbed!” – 07/10/10

Does it bother anyone else that space has been deemed off limits to America by our esteemed president?

Everybody’s Got the Answer – 07/04/10

As we celebrate Independence Day, perhaps we should ask another question:

Narrow Margin – 06/29/10

Supreme Court Votes To Uphold The Constitution

(Sort Of)

I wish to begin this by publishing photographs from my family album that some could consider alarming – maybe even child abuse!

Banking On . . . What? – 06/26/10

The latest word is that the financial restructuring legislation we have to look forward to will be on Obama’s desk for signing by Independence Day.  What irony!

The History and Science Of Presidential Elections – 06/25/10

A comedy of errors!

The Overton Window – 06/24/10

A Book Review

Another Lesson On the U.S. Military – 06/23/10

Okay, I’ll bite.  I’ll get in on the analysis of General McChrystal”s command performance at the Whitehouse to answer to “the one’s” ire . . .

Where Is the Truth? – 06/19/10

Polls.  Polls are an interesting thing, aren’t they?  Polls conduct votes.  Votes represent opinions.  Opinions are like . . .

Here’s An Idea – 06/13/10

Social Security and Medicare may still be that “untouchable” third rail in politics, but it needn’t be the case.

Knock Knock, Is Anybody Home? – 06/13/10

Attention!  The enemy is at the gate!

America’s Natural Born Disaster – 05/30/10

On the Friday before the Memorial Day weekend, the Whitehouse decided to send out its “official” spin on the most recent scandal involving “Sestakgate” or whatever other colorful descriptive you’d like to use to describe the latest (known) illegal act in Washington that couldn’t squeak past most of the media.

Analyzing Deepwater Horizon – 05/25/10

The news media have gone out of their way to present the event as a crisis of epic proportions.

Take Back America – 05/23/10

It’s the lament of conservatives all over the country.  We want our country back!
Slow News – 05/12/10

Slow news weeks don’t seem to exist any more, but important news is very often slow to receive the attention that it deserves.

South Of What Border? – 05/03/10

Is there anyone who hasn’t sounded off on Arizona’s attempt to enforce federal immigration laws by codifying them in state law?

Taxing Decisions – 04/30/10

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away someone proposed an alternative to the ungodly and immoral income tax.

Blatant Ignorance Or Deliberate Treason? – 04/06/10

The power mongers in the present administration and congress are proving on a day-to-day basis that they do NOT have America’s best interests at heart. 

A Study In Conservatism vs. Libertarianism – 04/04/10

It is a much easier task to separate the liberal and conservative philosophies than it is to separate conservative from libertarian.

Birthing an Abomination – 03/28/10

Let’s think of this as a kind of parenting article.

Understanding American Exceptionalism – 03/20/10

I would take it a step further and say that our republic codifies liberty in law – and for that America is exceptional.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short – 03/13/10

I suppose this piece could be titled, Waking Up Is Hard To Do.

Unalienable Rights – 03/06/10

This just may be the most important issue NOT being addressed today.  Thinking caps on?

Why Is Healthcare Legislation So Important? – 02/26/10

Their desperation is palpable.  It is as if they think it is their right as the party in power to sell what they couldn’t sell back in the early nineties.

The Panda War – 02/19/10

I think we deserve something far more valuable than a couple of pandas to stave off a world-wide nuclear war for the foreseeable future.

Grassroots – Not the Beginning – 02/13/10

Okay, so all this modern language is cute enough, but let’s cut to the real meaning, shall we?

The Whole Truth and Nothing But – 02/09/10

I’d like to think that we are getting closer to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the man that currently occupies the Oval Office.

The Difference Between Profit and Greed – 01/30/10

Since the education system in this country obviously isn’t doing its job, we “alternate educators” must step in every now and then and clarify basic definitions.

Thirty-seven Years Of Arrogance and Audacity – 01/23/10

For thirty-seven years now we have lived with the effects of the Supreme Court decision known as Roe v Wade.   

Reasons and Feelings About Haiti – 01/20/10

Anyone who professes to be a caring human soul cannot watch the pictures and stories of devastation coming out of Haiti since the January 12th earthquake and not “feel” something profound.

Let’s Reform Healthcare – 01/16/10

The only healthcare reform that will make our system better is less – not more government intervention.

Connecting the . . . – 01/08/10

It just keeps getting better all the time!  Or as my kids like to say, “The Hits Just Keep On Comin’!”

Behind Closed Doors – 01/07/10

As our nutcase lawmakers, (what a joke) labor behind closed doors to hash out what they plan to dish out to the American public via the so-called “healthcare reform legislation” it should be evident to anyone with at least a pea-sized brain that these folks do not work for us!

Battle Cry Gitmo – 01/05/10


Is It War? – 01/04/10

You decide!  Is it a War On Terror or a War On Tyranny that we are fighting?

The Creature That Stirred – 12/26/09

It is often said that the Christmas Season is among the most perilous times for those challenged souls facing any kind of adversity.  Suicide rates supposedly go up and fragile psyches are stretched to their limits as they succumb to the “poor me” syndrome. 

Government Economics and History 101 – 12/16/09

Unless you are just crawling out of your hibernation cave, or you still haven’t come down from your hoepy-changy high brought on by the election of Mr. Fundamental Transformation, you have probably heard of the Cloward-Piven Strategy.  Please tell me most of you reading this already know what that is.

Science and Aging – 12/08/09

There is one unmistakable advantage to growing older.  You have collected more first-hand data on which to base hypotheses than the younger generation has managed to accumulate. 

Coverage of the War – 12/05/09

We waited in great anticipation to hear the president’s final decision on the upcoming new “surge” in Afghanistan.  Coverage of the decision was, as usual, completely overdone.  His announcement was just another photo-op.

Warming by the Fire – 11/26/09

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fallacies Of Modern America – 11/21/09

For all citizens who can read, I ask you to digest this text with your eyes wide open.  I also ask that you share it with the shameful growing numbers of people who cannot read. 

Health In Crisis – 11/01/09

I invite you to answer my indictment.

Why It Hurts – 10/13/09

I read a story last week that hurts.  It should hurt every American who reads it.  Military chaplains are “speaking out” in Afghanistan “because the troops can’t” according to the story.

Awakening? – 10/06/09

I’ve wanted to do this piece for some time now.  About a year ago my son introduced me to a musical group that I had never heard of.  Now, since he was barely eighteen at the time, you’re probably saying, “Wow!  Big deal that a teenager would have musical tastes that his much older mom wouldn’t necessarily share or even know about.”  Well, folks, you don’t know this particular teenager.

Keeping a Close Check – 09/28/09

As our government bureaucracy has grown, so has the professional field of lobbying.  If ever there was a more useless calling for an individual to pursue, I can’t figure what it would be. 

The Race War – 09/17/09

Okay, I know I’m supposed to base all my opinions on everything that happens around me, in my country, to my country, or effecting my children’s future on the single issue of race, but I dare take my leave of that folly and proclaim that bad things happen because of bad character – not race!  

A Question Of Decorum – 09/12/09

Excuse this meager poetic attempt to respond to Congressman Joe Wilson, D-SC, and his moment of emotional outburst this week during Obama’s address to Congress.

The Deficient American – 09/04/09

Suppose we take a page from the Science Czar's book and extend its instructive qualities to the process of describing an American.

Why the Birther Story Is Important – 08/30/09

What if I told you that the fate of America rests on the outcome of the controversy over Obama’s eligibility? Read more

Listening to the Other Side – 08/22/09

What makes America work?

Story Time – 08/22/09

New Feature with an invitation to write one yourself!

This one is “Stranger Than Fiction, Like Driving In a Fog.”

Double AHCA Of 2009 – 08/11/09

You can’t make this stuff up!

The Culture Of Royalty – 08/10/09

The workings of an individualist mind.

Exploring Commercialism – 08/09/09

The quality product equals choices!

Three Types Of Racists – 08/03/09

Let’s play cards!

Obama Has Yet To Have To Prove He’s a Citizen – 07/23/09

Why is that?

Medical Crisis In America – 07/22/09

It’s a hot button issue!

Fixing This Limited Government – 07/13/09

This is what it would take.

No Wonder About Palin – 07/12/09

Or Understanding gravity.

Divided – Or Just Trapped In Ignorance? – 07/05/09

Thinking cap time.

Three Icons In One Week – 06/27/09

How do you like the media’s handling?

What’s To Love? – 06/20/09

Exploring the only natural enemy of hate.

The Office Of the Presidency – 06/09/09

The office is in trouble . . .

The Real Health Care Crisis In America – 06/08/09

There is NO health “care”

Where’s the Birth Certificate? – 06/01/09

It is a very simple question!

The Truth Not Told – 05/31/09

There are none so blind . . .

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Poem to commemorate Memorial Day 2009

Those Arrogant Americans

Don’t miss this page!

Understanding the “New Vets” – 05/15/09

They deserve no less!

Understanding the U.S. Military Veteran - 05/09/09

It’s about time we all make the effort!

Getting Harder To Feed Africa

Exploring the Pirate Industry.

Just Say No To Bad Laws

How difficult can it be?

Ignorance Is Strength

I have a bone to pick.  If the shoe fits . . .

America’s Unwanted

Who are they really?

You Might Be A Terrorist

Have you ever thought about it?

It’s the Principle Of the Thing

Some advice and a question – what do you really own?

Are We There Yet?

Tax Day blues getting you down?  Only if you are productive!

Define Suffering

Just stirring the pot of insensitivity to mock suffering.

Whatever Happened To Reality?

It’s given way to drama, of course!

Truth Is Ignorance

And a lot of both is out there!

Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is

Personal insight of Illinois politics.

The Ministry Of Truth – 12/23/08

As promised, the follow-up article.  Read it if you dare.

Outnumbered – 12/23/08

Well, are we?

From the Bottom Up – 11/26/08

Great economies are not grown from the bottom up, but abusive governments certainly are.

The Ministry Of Plenty – 11/26/08

Leaning left means leaning toward government dependency, social irresponsibility, cultural amnesia, and a general promotion of behavior modification over principled education.  That’s what it means - and none of those things defend individual freedom and prosperity.  (See my free offer contained in this article.)

Outmoded Principles Or Fundamental Americanism – 10/28/08

As mainstream America watches helplessly while government representatives push to Nationalize more and more of the economy and financial institutions, we see the Godless religions of liberalism and socialism/communism taking over the last vestiges of the most successful and free government the world has ever known.  I would have chosen not to see it in my lifetime.

Proof – 10/27/08

Just as I have no patience for people who argue against the wisdom of believing in the existence of a Creator, I have no patience for those who allow depression to overrule their own happiness.  In short, proof exists to support my views of all who would fall into either of these two traps.

Dr Franklin – 09/29/08

An honest look at the worst human addiction.

Value Of the Individual – 09/28/08

Women, minorities, listen up!

A Spoonful Of Sugar – 09/10/08

An endorsement you can believe in.

Private Sector and Job Creation – 09/10/08

Just the facts, ma’am!

Understanding the Mindset – 08/26/08

This MUST be understood once and for all!

The Meal – 08/26/08

Let’s try putting it this way…

The Declaration – 07/05/08

Celebrating our independence.

Atrocities Of Morality – Six Years Later – 07/05/08

Old news is still new news.

Rambo – 06/07/08

In My Unsolicited Opinion

Who Cares? – 06/06/08

Time travel anyone?

Three Strikes – 06/05/08

Peanuts and crackerjacks anyone?

Through the Lens Of Happy Endings – 05/10/08

My salute to Charlton Heston

Talking and Listening – 05/10/08

For Fun and Profit

Picking and Choosing – 05/09/08

Our Moral Dilemma

Separating Church and State – 04/05/08

Deficit of Decency and Divine Guidance

“Racing” For Power – 04/05/08

The real story and the speech

A History Lesson – 03/15/08

Of Birds and Schemes and Peaceful Dreams

Ode To Spirit – 03/15/08

Remembering what America is all about

Defining Hope – Maybe It’s Change – 02/24/08

Who’s defining the rhetoric?

Up For Grabs – 02/24/08

The largest slice of the power pie.

A Funny Thing Happened . . .On the Way To the Throne – 02/08/08

Ranting from a unique point of view.

Shock Proof – 01/19/08

Read it and weep!

The Science Of Campaigns – 01/19/08

Would the electorate vote for this?

Can I Get Change For My Two Cents? – 12/28/07

The best conservative candidate since Reagan!

Medicating For Immediate Effect – 12/24/07

Losing our minds and losing sight of the goals.

The Cheap Seats – 12/24/07

Watching the race they want us to see.

On the Moral Issues – 11/15/07

A clear view of what should be driving the presidential race.

I Want Insurance For Children – 11/15/07

Everybody else should too!

Professional Parenting ArticlesArchived from the home page.

A Positive Thought – 06/15/07

If we don’t like what we see, we must continue to let them know it.

Destruction Of Republican Party – 06/04/07

Rush Limbaugh has stated that the results of passage of the current bill being haggled out in Congress would be the destruction of the Republican Party. 

What’s New? – 05/26/07

(Certainly NOT the Illegal Immigration Issue!)

As the “new” proposed legislation to once and for all “handle” the illegal immigration problem floods the airwaves, cyberspace, and all those dead trees called newspapers, I’m reminded of that old definition of insanity – “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”  One thing is for sure, then – Washington is full of folks suffering from insanity!

Electing vs. Selecting – 05/11/07

An exercise in responsibility!

Portrait Of A Traitor – 04/28/07

With change to spare?

Morality By Proxy – 04/19/07

Lest we continue to give a pass to evil by placing blame where it doesn’t belong.

Imus Comment – 04/19/07

Slip of the tongue, or slip of the culture?

Rights, Lefts and Truths – 04/06/07

Have a heapin’ helping of truth that shines through recent events.  Pelosi fans, read it and weep!

Liberal Audacity vs. Conservative Virtue – 03/17/07

 The perils of an uneven playing field are obvious.

A Celebration Of Easter - 2007

A Special Easter Message

Reality vs. Fantasy – 02/28/07

We could call this one, Truth and Lies, but the Oscars are over and the awards have been given for Fantasy, so can we get on with Reality now?

What Might Be the Motive? – 02/10/07

My comments on the miscarriage of justice in the Border Patrol Agents story – it stinks to the high heavens!

The Real State of the Union – 02/02/07

My analysis may be a little late, but I’ll guarantee it’s original!

In Search Of Peace – 01/20/07

Americans who claim to be “war weary” could use a lesson in unselfishness – and reality.

If You Were There – 01/12/07

A change in Iraq, more troops, new strategy?

Same old strategy from the enemy though.  Try my scenario.

Policy and Theorists – 01/05/07

It’s a new year with new problems – but the old ones haven’t gone away.  Policy and Theorists deals with analyzing a couple of them.

The Nativity Story – 12/19/06

I’ve read some pretty negative reviews on this one – not unlike the negative attitudes expressed world-wide in the name of religion.  My advice: read this, then do yourself a favor and buy a movie ticket this season!

The ISG Report – 12/07/06

Getting from pessimism to victory should be important – but what did we expect?

Tip-Toeing Through the Controversy – 12/06/06

Keith Ellison and canceling out the oath.

Do we grin and bear it?

A Dark Rant On Gridlock – 12/04/06

Am I the only one who sees more than a little insincerity in the warning of gridlock?

Negotiating For What? – 11/28/06

Wheeling and dealing with America’s heritage treasury will result in disaster.  And what we get for it will be anything but the peace that so many are calling for.

Thanksgiving 2006 – 11/22/06

On this most religious holiday, let us give thanks.  God Bless You one and all!

What Is A Majority Anyway? – 11/15/06

Another dive into the polluted waters of party power politics.

America’s New Direction – 11/11/06

With the mid-term elections of 2006 now over, the winners have declared their intentions to lead America in a “new direction.”  It’s a “new” old direction, and we’ve been there before. 

The Homestretch – 11/04/06

Another Ridiculous October Surprise – 10/25/06

The Essence Of Politics – 10/22/06

Threat Assessment – 10/13/06

Getting It Right – 10/13/06

Is the Party Over? – 10/05/06

The Right Stuff – 09/28/06

     Representing American Policy

Get A Grip On Reality and Religion – 09/21/06

Bully For the Bully Pulpit – 09/16/06

       By George, By God, Go for It! 

September 11, 2001 – 09/11/06

So You Want To Be An Isolationist? –09/09/06

Glenn Ford and the Old Hollywood – 09/09/06

Senate Power – Competition 2006 – 09/01/06

House Power – Competition 2006 – 09/01/06


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American Thinker – Stone Cold Leftist


Immediate Gratification – 08/27/06

            Void Of Critical Thinking

Clipped Wings – 08/18/06

Study Of Globalists – 08/12/06

America, Israel, Mel Gibson,

                                    & the Media War – 08/01/06

Sean Hannity, Deliver Us From Evil – A Book Review – 08/01/06

 Hillary In 2008? – 07/26/06

Half Way Down The Slippery Slope – 07/20/06

World War III? – 07/17/06

Democracy By Default  - 07/13/06

Fireworks and Candy Make Me IL

Defining Treason

Where Reason Ends

Ann Coulter’s “Godless” – A Book Review

The Real War Crimes

Ask The Soldier – A Poem

Damn the Torpedoes – “Eye Of the Tiger”

A Nation Of Immigrants

The Current Buzz

What’s Driving the Gas Price Issue?

A View From the Past – Currently Legitimate

Happy Tax Day – “The Way It Is”

The Brainwashing Of A Doomed Society

What Easter Is All About

Illegal Aliens – The Serious Problem

One More Attempt At Defining Abortion

Only In America

Understanding the Liberal Philosophy


Of Gods & Courts & Life - Never posted article I wrote about the Terry Schiavo case in 2005   

Special Pre-Election Prediction – 10/31/04

God, Guns and Motherhood – 10/22/04

 Independence Day 2004

Home On the Range – Deborah Venable’s tribute to Ronald Reagan – 06/11/04

Offensive Attitudes – 06/05/04

Hear No Evil, See No Evil – Just Say It! – 06/05/04

The Perfect Leader – Looking both directions. – 12/19/03

The Christmas Gift – From Deb V - 12/19/03

The Beat Goes On – Part II of the previous rant – 11/17/03

God, the Law and Chief Justice Roy Moore – Part I - 08/16/03

Tax Me More, Or Tax Me Not – How many petals are left? – 08/05/03          

Have You Forgotten? – Well, Have You? – 07/20/03

That Was The Week That Was – 06/22/03

Consistency Please! – Staged politics plus inconsistency equals one-party! – 06/08/03 

Identification & Party Politics – Expanding On Individualism vs. Collectivism – 05/25/03

Individualism vs. Collectivism – I call ‘em as I see ‘em! - 05/18/03        

One Big Happy Country – Including Slavery: Setting the Record Straight by Steve Quick – 05/04/03

Applying Logic To Politics – 04/27/03

Embracing Diversity – A dangerous plank in the Democrats’ platform – 04/19/03

Do You See The Enemy? -                                                                                                                                  

What Do We Tell Them? – The world is watching.  

From Within

Into Harm’s Way – From the heart! – 03/06/03

The Concept Of Individual Rights A lesson that needs to be learned. – 02/21/03  

Significant Emotional Event – Focus, focus, focus! – 02/14/03

The Case For War 2/09/03


The State Of America – What Americans needed to hear – 1/29/03

The Powers That Be1/18/03      

Cracking the Chocolate Covered Nut

God Given Rights – What does freedom mean?- 12/30/02    

Words Mean Things – Can you say “Freedom”?- 12/13/02

Economics and the Puppeteers – The Season Is Now 

In Thanksgiving – For who we are and where we are!  

The Cost Of Ignorance – Please take the time for this one, folks!    

Remember Veterans’ Day – My Salute!

The Reason Governments Fail – Who makes the decisions?

Getting Out The Vote – Inspiration 2002 – Special Page Archive              

The Race Card Is Hereby Dealt – A Rant and Rave

The Shadows Of Babylon – A Review      

To Be Seen & Not Heard

The Case Against Socialism and Public Education    

All Those Names A Visit To The “Moving Wall”

The Insecurity Of Social Security      

The Learning Process

They Finally Got It Right! – A Review of “We Were Soldiers”

Reparations – The March Is On!

Newsflash! It’s The Morality, Stupid!

First, Do No Harm

Not Really A Rant – Update To All

Playing God Oops!  There’s THAT Word Again!

Where Evil Starts

Lip ServiceDoes Not Answer The Abuse Of & To Military Service

Insight From The Flagpole – I Am A Symbol – Happy Birthday, America!

Just A Flag?

Under GodIs this the line in the sand?


Tolerance – Gone!

Cyber Attack

New World Order Depends On World Disorder

Remembering Dad

Power Of The Individual

The Big Picture

It Isn’t A Small World  

The U.S. And YOU ALL

Big Brothers

The Basics Of Anti-Terrorism

Remember Memorial Day

Connecting The Dots

The Second Amendment Revisited

The Psychology of Testing

The White Rose

Defining Our Obvious Enemies

Deadly Flaws

Message About Updates

Letter From Santa – Deborah Venable – 12/15/02


Zero Sum Economics – Predates this site – originally published elsewhere 03/12/02 


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