Deadly Echoes From Bengahzi

Deborah Venable



I didn’t need this week’s trickle of “breaking news” about last month’s terrorist attack on U.S. interests at the Bengahzi, Libya “embassy/consulate/mission” (it has been referred to as all three by all the main players) to know that an impeachable offense had taken place.  This incident cried out from the first reports on it as just that – an inexplicable, traitorous act against citizens of the United States.  The treachery has been going on for some time now, at least since our government decided to arm Islamic radicals with the means to do us great harm.  How stupid are we supposed to be to believe anything else?


Anyone who believes that our Commander-in chief or anyone directly under him concerned with foreign affairs is not to blame needs to volunteer (along with the aforementioned) for the front lines in our ongoing war on terror.  (Yes, Virginia and liberals everywhere, we are under constant attack by Islamic terrorists!)  We have no real way of knowing just how many attacks have been thwarted by Herculean efforts of those behind the scenes that DO take this war seriously, but the few we know about should make everyone sit up and take notice. 


The fact that if it were not for conservative radio, websites, and Fox News no one would know anything about what happened on September 11, 2012 in Bengahzi goes to show just how “in the tank” most so-called journalists are for the liberal cause and their Boy Wonder president.  In truth, it should have completely derailed any reelection aspirations the democrats had for everything from president to dogcatcher.  But, of course, it didn’t.


The last of the presidential debates, the so-called “foreign policy” debate turned out to be pretty much a dud as well.  I wasn’t necessarily upset that Romney chose not to act like the “war mongering ass” he has been portrayed as, but some well chosen words could have brought the subject to the world stage in a way nothing else could – anything but completely ignoring the subject of Bengahzi altogether.  To his credit, Shieffer served it up on a silver platter and Romney promptly blew it off.  It may have served his purpose, but it reminded some of us of the McCain strategy in the last presidential election against this Obama character.  We saw how well that worked out.


The coming weeks, months, and years will prove whether or not America still takes the act of treason seriously, whether or not courage will ever be employed by Congress to impeach anyone who deserves it, and whether or not the Constitution remains the law of the land or we fall into despotism.  The echoes from Bengahzi are just that deadly. 



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