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It’s getting harder to decide what to write about these days.  That is mainly because there is too much nonsense out there to write about, and because I have already written about most of it anyway.  Too few care to hear another opinion, albeit a unique one, expressed in logical argument at this point.  As I have said before, logic is not persuasive regardless if you may think otherwise.  The disease of political correctness has stripped away most of the ability to understand a logical argument, so we are left with a confusion of more and more subject matter to discuss and far fewer ways to discuss it.


Directives from the Whitehouse tried to determine how the public officially commemorated the 10th anniversary of the 911 attacks.  This isn’t the first time we have been told how to feel or express ourselves of course, but it never gets easier for some of us who grew up in a much freer America.  It really hurts when you take stock of how much freedom has been lost in just the last 10 years.  It is a palpable anger mixed with fear for our country and what it is becoming.


It isn’t just the last 10 years of course that we have been trading more and more freedom for imagined security.  I try to look at it in past decades just since my own adulthood and am almost crushed with that same feeling of anger and fear.  The fact that it cannot be adequately communicated, and therefore understood by those who haven’t lived all that long is the most frustrating problem of all. 


If I had to whittle the whole thing down to a singular cause, I’d have to say that it mostly involves the lack of average Americans these days to understand America as a Superpower.  We are, you know – still.  America is a Superpower.  The fact that too many Americans and non-Americans are uncomfortable with that terminology is disconcerting to say the least.  Even though the term is a relatively new one, having come into our common lexicon after World War II, in simplest terms there have always been and will always be at least one Superpower on this earth.   I, for one, would rather it be a country founded in individual freedom that seeks to influence the rest of the planet (which is part of the very definition) in that direction instead of telling the rest of the world to bow and scrape to tyranny – any kind of tyranny. 


The truth is that never before in human history has the success of America been equaled.  Never before in human history have so few influenced so many in a positive direction.  Never before in human history has a system of government provided the tools necessary for individual liberty over crippling tyranny.  And finally, never before in human history has truth refused to sit down and shut up, even as would-be traitors to the freedom loving human condition try to insist on it. 


Yes, we ARE still a Superpower because we refuse to be silenced – even as a government cancer that has metastasized weakens us.  Individual liberty is still the best philosophical argument to make in the venues of political, religious, and other community meeting places, but we must remember how to define it before we can do the argument justice.  We must stop passing the factual argument through a lens of political correctness so as not to offend anyone.  Honesty needs to lead the argument.


I don’t believe we have ever had to fight so many different enemies simultaneously as we are required to do now – just to save individual liberty in this superpower.  They are invading us even as they pervade our heritage and culture – and they are doing it in many different ways and taking many forms.  From the religious angle that so many Americans refuse to acknowledge to the philosophical angle that twists around falsified history and ignores basic facts, we are compelled to “stand up” against or for ideas that too many Americans cannot even define.  It is confusion on parade as the truth slips by in shadow.


Communism ate away at us for several decades in the 20th Century until one day somebody announced (falsely) that it was dead.  Atheism sought to obscure our Judeo-Christian roots until one day somebody announced (falsely) that they were never there in the first place.  Radical Islam has been creeping into our very fabric, worrying us from the inside and attacking us from the outside, and we are being told by too many ignorant Americans that Islam isn’t a problem to be reckoned with, that we can coexist with it, even though it teaches exactly the opposite.  These three enemies take many forms, invade every social structure in this country, and they will collude with each other until they defeat the original Superpower – unless they are all defeated.


Make no mistake, none of these enemies believe in individual freedom.  They may all wrap themselves in a cloak of various brands of democracy, but democracy does not now nor has it ever defended individual freedom.  Democracy is a horribly misused word and our Founders never wanted it.  Democracy has never sustained a Superpower.  Just ask the Greeks.


Do we even teach our children the difference between a Democracy and a Constitutional Republic any more?  I don’t think so.  The difference is that the latter, (which defines the government that our Founders left us – not necessarily the one we have let it become) is dedicated to championing individual rights, while the former allows collectivism to rule.  In so many ways our government has become more and more a democracy turned upside down, yet maintaining the idea that “majority rules” is a good thing.  Don’t get me wrong, the whole idea of voting in a free election to select representatives for our republic is a very good thing, but the system has many defective parts that keep the engine of streamlined government from running smoothly.  That is precisely why it is less and less a “streamlined” government – rather it is a bloated monstrosity that threatens to destroy the very idea of individual liberty.  It will, indeed, be up to our children and grandchildren to get all the wrinkles ironed out of that one, for the rest of us have literally run out of time to do the job.


The upside down part of our so-called democracy is that at a rapidly expanding rate we see that the opinions and/or perceived “offense” of a few now determine policy in many cases.  One person can suddenly decide he is “offended” because a prayer is said in a public school, collectively organize a small minority to put pressure on the powers that be, and voila!  Prayer is banned in public school – all public schools over a comparative short period of time!


That is but one example of what I have seen happen in my adult lifetime.  Unfortunately, there are many more.


As for the “majority rules” idea, well, if the so-called majority happen to be made up of an unconscionable, ignorant, morally challenged collective, the question then becomes, why should they rule?


A true representative constitutional republic takes care of both situations.  Never before in the history of man had such things been thought out and thoroughly discussed, debated, and written into law which would trump human failings to govern a people – not until America’s founding.  That is why America was and is exceptional.  That is why America was able to grow into a Superpower status with worldwide influence.  That is what our progeny must learn about and fall back on to fix what we have allowed America to become.


If something seems to be missing from my otherwise logical argument, (even though I know I am not persuading anyone) it is the financial backbone of our Superpower status and where it all fits in.  That financial backbone is under constant attacks simply because too many Americans do not have a firm grasp of simple economics and how it has played out in history.  As long as the accumulation of individual wealth can be philosophically vilified as unjust, unequal, unfair, undemocratic, ungodly – you name it, there will remain the problem of maintaining that strong financial backbone of our Superpower.  If nothing has made sense up to now, that should certainly ring a bell.


Financial security has always played a very big part in our ability to believe in and follow the path to the American Dream.  Although, to a free individual nothing is impossible unless we decide for ourselves that it is, too often our circumstances can be artificially altered to make impossibility overrule the possible in our own minds.  The thermometer gauging that is sometimes simply the state of our national economy.  As it declines, so too does our individual ability to overcome the impossible.  Governments have always known this.  That is precisely why the most tyrannical forms of government insist on collective thought of the very poor and the rich simultaneously.  Excessive rules make that oh-so-much easier to accomplish.


Over the last few years a few dedicated individuals and organizations have dedicated themselves to the re-education of the American public about the foundation of American government.  Our schools, for the most part, have been doing a terrible job of this for generations now.  Our “watchdog” press and media have failed miserably in public oversight of policy and politicians to the point that they simply cannot be trusted to do that job for us any more.  When we have members of the press and media thinking that the public can’t handle the truth unless it has been properly sanitized, the problem speaks for itself.  It will take due diligence on an individual basis for the public to pull themselves up out of the quagmire of ignorance and take their rightful place at the helm of this Superpower.  There is no better place to start than at the forgotten history of our founding.


Reading and understanding the Constitution and the men who put it together is a first step.  I can think of no better place to start on this Constitution Day.  Can you? 



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