The Case Against Socialism and Public Education

Deborah Venable



The case against public education was made almost 120 years ago with data over 200 years old at that time.  Painstaking research had been compiled that supplied undeniable proof of the damage to our society being caused by mandated public education.  Those who tried to bring this material to public attention were maligned and discredited and even persecuted.  Think about this: the proof of the total ineffectiveness and even detriment of spending more and more money on public education had been collected, verified, brought to the attention of the government, and subsequently tossed aside as even more public money was coerced from the American people as control of their children was taken from them and placed in the Godless, greedy hands of public educators – almost one hundred and twenty years ago!  Download this book and read it.    


This system is so very corrupt that if we do not totally dismantle it and take our children and our liberties back from it, American liberties in any form will not survive.  I believe this with every fiber of my being.  It is not enough to sit around ringing our hands and talking about the mess that the education system is in.  It certainly is not enough to think that it can ever be fixed with money, and it is not enough to think that many more generations of Americans, predominately educated in the public system, will ever be able to compete in the world, much less survive as leaders toward honorable human advances. 


We hear concerns that our borders are being overrun, our culture is being diluted and our language is becoming less important to our identity as a nation.  All of this is true, and all made possible by the subversive efforts of mandated, standardized education and the mutilated definitions of our re-written language.  Not only has our history been bastardized, but also the very conduit to understanding our heritage – the words that define it.  The dialect of despotic, ungodly rule over the basics of our humanity has left us without the comfort of timeworn meaning in the very language we speak.  The daily bickering in our once revered courts and on the floors of our legislatures, where learned citizens are suppose to wisely decide our fates, is a testament to our supposed greater numbers of literacy.  This imagined literacy that allows family values to be replaced with imagined public benefit has produced very real chaos and a manifestation of the worst in human behavior to rule a morally bankrupt citizenry no longer concerned with defining our borders, embracing our own culture or speaking one nationally understood language.  Yes, we are ripe for ruin.


The socialism of Karl Marx and company was officially imported to our shores with the overabundant flow of immigrants that came to fill the demand for workers to support the industrial explosion in America after the Civil War.  Production was up, wages were down, profits were high and slavery was replaced with the low-income masses’ struggle to survive and carve a piece of the American pie.  Socialism was mistakenly interchanged with compassion in a country already doubting the validity of religious teachings.  Instead of relying on individual abilities to advance in a philosophy that valued freedom above collective power, these new thinkers promoted an idea that collective power equaled compassion for those without hope and the only avenue to achieve social fairness in self government.  Previous ideas of spiritual charity flourishing in a free society were tossed aside in a feverish attempt to rein in the most available wealth for the economically challenged. 


Socialists insist that all things be ordered, as impossible as that may be, and will do whatever it takes to control people with people using whatever tools are at hand.  If religion lends itself to use, even it is embraced until such time it can be replaced by political governance.  Socialism simply relies on the organization of groups to achieve an outcome.  Assimilation of the various groups into the mainstream is accomplished over time and often without leaving a clue to the original intent of any one group.  The original intent of educating the masses to achieve intelligent self-rule was an honorable one.  That it was foisted on the public expense account, mandated, standardized, and placed above parental rights and family values, as it continues to be today, is an unforgivable socialist infringement.  Organized, public education failed the American people in every respect, and has rotted the fabric that was carefully woven to represent everything America once stood for.  The cancer of socialism has consumed the healthy tissue of individual free will to the extent that far too many accept the disease as normal.  Defining freedom is a difficult task for those who never really experienced it, so demanding it, as our forefathers did, will be met with opposition from this standardized “literacy” of socialism. 


Though socialism itself tends to breed discontent, it demands conformity to the will of the masses that is truly ironic.  Truth cannot be told, therefore valuable knowledge obtained, through the filter of mandated public education, even as it claims its own necessity through an insistence of overcoming ignorance.  It does not overcome ignorance, or even illiteracy, but merely confounds the natural human ability to yearn for freedom through real knowledge.  Socialism will never lead its followers to peace and will never succeed in educating any citizenry to achieve or accept it.  Human beings are far better than any socialist philosophy will allow them to be and far worse than can ever be controlled by it. 


If all the money currently being collected and spent for the purpose of public education and socialist programs like it was allowed to remain within the pockets of those from whom it has been confiscated, and choice for spending that money was given back to the original earner of it, education and public well being would not cease to be in this country.  If the system of schools and universities now in existence that depends on public money for survival had to make its case to a free society that could choose to support it or not, the system would be “fixed” in short order.  If parents could and would take responsibility for their children’s literacy, as well as their own, illiteracy and ignorance in this country would receive an arrow in its destructive heart.  If we could assemble a group of representatives concerned more with preserving American liberties for future generations than they are about power, prestige, and wealth in their own pockets, they could cure the ills of apathy and tolerance for socialism in a single session of the legislature.  That is the power we have that is now being squandered.  This defines the ignorance that we are allowing to prevail and the corruption that we are bequeathing to our progeny.  Make no mistake – we have all been educated to accept it.


That is the case.  Should we ever choose to prosecute it, the true defenders of freedom must bear witness always against the defendants of socialism and public education.       



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