The Difference Between Profit and Greed

Deborah Venable



Since the education system in this country obviously isn’t doing its job, we “alternate educators” must step in every now and then and clarify basic definitions.  


The fact that the profit motive drives every human being, (and no, I’m not just talking about money) defines the difference between profit and greed.  Greed certainly does not drive moral and ethical human beings.  (Still not talking just about money.)  Everyone should understand that in the America we live in, the vast majority of folks all have far more than they “need” in terms of possessions and wealth.  The simple definition of greed, then, would make us all very greedy.  However, here’s where morals and ethics get involved.  If we achieved these possessions and wealth at the sacrifice of our principles (morals and ethics), then we are truly greedy.  If we followed the natural law human mandate of profit motive, (nothing to feel guilty about), and achieved wealth beyond our wildest dreams, then we are truly blessed.


Those who would jealously wish the profit of others for themselves are far more guilty of the big G label.  This is simple stuff, but interwoven in the whole study of profit and greed, we find those peculiar folks who would demand the profit of others be redistributed to those with less.  These folks are followers, (worshipers if you will) of the philosophy of communism.  One must understand that within the philosophy/religion of communism, there are no morals or ethics.  There is only the finite “pie” of zero sum economics, but those in charge will end up with the biggest slice of the pie.


I have written about the zero sum theory many times in the past.  One such article pre-dated this website and was published and linked on various sites back in March of 2002.  This article may now be found on this site as, Zero Sum Economics.  Another early article that dealt with the subject is Economics and the Puppeteers – December of 2002.  In a more recent study, I liken the zero-sum game to governing power in an article called, Up For Grabs  - February of 2008.  The greed in evidence here is obvious. 


But if you really want to understand profit motive and how it differs from greed, please read A Profit Without Honor – by R. C. Sproul, Jr., dated November 1994.  If there was ever a better article written on the subject of profit, I haven’t read it yet.  This is an excellent explanation of the profit-driven free market.  The demonization of profit going on today, particularly within government, is certainly nothing new, but the vehemence of the argument for more and more government controls of profit has served up much of the current financial crisis.  Our inexperienced and intelligence deprived president and his minions, (including his wife), would do well to get an education on what really makes a successful economy tick instead of continually spouting the stupidity laced zero sum theory. 


If we are truly waking up, may I suggest that we wake all the way up and insist on the abolishment of the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service, along with the progressive income tax.  These things only feed the power and money greed that is the immoral and unethical inner workings of Washington D.C.  A truly profit-driven, moral, and ethical system would know this.  We, the people, are that system – whatever it is or ever becomes again.



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