The History and Science Of Presidential Elections

Deborah Venable



Having lived through the Jimmy Carter era, which followed the “pick up the pieces” presidency of Gerald Ford subbing for a disgraced Nixon, (oh my God!  He spied on his potential enemies!) I thought I’d seen it all.  I mean, Johnson’s presidency had been a joke, and then he bequeathed the Great Society to us and left us in the lurch in Vietnam with that famous quote, “I will not seek nor will I accept blah, blah, blah. . .”   The back and forth elections of opposite party candidates for president during those years was wild, wasn’t it? 


Then came Reagan in a landslide.


Reagan’s popularity alone booted his Vice President into the job after his two terms were up and stopped the back and forth in its tracks.  America was finally a winner again!  Then old “read my lips” had to go and blow a good thing, so we ended up with two terms of the Rhodes scholar with the loose zipper because the Repubs had decided not to run serious candidates for awhile.  Then Gore tried to repeat what Bush I had done, (the old ride the coattails thing) and darned near made it, but Bush II won the hanging chad war, (otherwise known as, do Americans really know how to punch a voting card?) and voila!  Someone without the baggage of secular, socialist ideology became president. 


Liberals were beside themselves for eight years!  The character they used to try and break that eight year cycle into four was almost as ridiculous as expecting Wil E. Coyote to guard the henhouse!  Let’s face it; Johnny Ketchup just could not be taken seriously! 


In his defense, I always considered George W. Bush to be the lesser of the evils – both times I personally voted for him.  Were there others who would have done a better job?  Very possibly – but we’ll never know.


Enter the election cycle of 2008.  It was inevitable that we would be back to the bouncy, bouncy philosophy of elections.  The Dems could have run Mickey Mouse and he would have won!  Oh, wait a minute, they did, and he did! 


I refuse to elaborate on the fact that McCain was not my first choice for president – just the lesser of the evils, AGAIN!


What the Repubs refused to get, and STILL do, is that elections have consequences. 


Experienced electors get that, but the bought and paid for masses do not!  (Kahuna likes to refer to these folks as, “those with their hands in the inverted position.”)  How appropriate, huh?


Here’s the deal; all those who voted for Obama expected something from the president, and God help us, from the government he is supposed to represent.  Period.  They didn’t care that they would have to throw away all moral grounding, individual responsibility, and their children’s very future – they just wanted a piece of the government pie, and that is what they were promised by this master of the teleprompter!


Who knew the pie would leave such a rotten taste in everyone’s mouth? 


Well, many of us did, but the Repubs had again chosen the worst possible rival for such a slight of hand act as the Dems had backed. 


I saw a magic show in a dinner theatre once, and this election brought to mind a possible scenario that involved the magician’s pigeons flying around the dining room pooping in everyone’s dinner plate.  By the time the “show” was over, the entertainment and the meal was bought and paid for, but few were laughing and nobody could finish their meal!


Meanwhile, the magician kept playing to a new audience every night.


Hey, an unleashed mind is a terrible thing to waste!


Getting back to reality, (not such a stretch, is it?) I just love how the expert analyzers of opinion polls express the outcome of some of those polls, don’t you?  Like the one that says, only 58% of respondents even think Obama was born in America.  Only 58%?  That’s a pretty good majority if you ask me.  And why does anyone even have to think about it this long after the guy moved into the Whitehouse?  


Answer:  Because all those in charge of vetting the guy refused to do their job, that’s why!  Both parties failed miserably, and the Dems weren’t about to let the pendulum swing the other way by not certifying their candidate after the fact.  Consequently, we still don’t know who this guy really is.  We know more about what he believes than where he comes from, and what he believes is wrecking the country!


This drama gets even more ridiculous as it continues to unfold, and we are going to run out of eggs to supply all the faces that will need plastered before it’s all over.  The biggest scam, sham, call it what you will, in American history is ongoing – and the best we can do is discuss whether Obama plays too much golf??????


A comedy of errors has taken place, ladies and gentlemen, and more Americans than not have proven that they are incapable of self-governance and undeserving of past sacrifices made for the freedoms they still enjoy!  I hope everybody is still laughing when the goose that lays the golden eggs is finally led off to slaughter, and those inverted hands come up empty! 


The history and science of presidential elections is imperfect at best and comical at worse.  The best we can do in this case is wait for the curtain call – and hope there isn’t one!        


Here’s a pretty recent article From Canada Free Press – by J.B. Williams, June 20, 2010.  He doesn’t see the whole thing as laughable either.



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