The Gun Free Zone

Deborah Venable



It is almost eerie how this subject presented itself on December 14, 2012 as I was preparing a new parenting article that is so closely related to the real problem that so many are missing in this event.  The event?  Another nut job took guns into an elementary school and deliberately targeted innocent, beautiful children and the brave adults who tried to protect them.  This happened in the heart of a so-called “gun free zone,” in a northeastern state and progressive stronghold – Connecticut.  It is eerie because I am trying to draw attention to a problem that is at the very heart of evil in this country right now – an over-medicated America. 


I must first ask a pertinent question.  Who believes that the Newtown shooter was just a normal gun enthusiast who decided to go out for a little target practice that fateful Friday morning?  Mom might have tried to stop him by saying something absurd like, “Don’t take the guns to town, son,” (reminiscent of the old Johnny Cash song, don’t you know), so he blew her away first.  If we can all agree that the kid had a problem, then THAT is where we MUST start in our search to find any kind of solution to his horrible deed.  Nobody puts four rounds in his mother’s face and then heads down to the elementary school to do more damage unless he is sick.  This was one very sick dude, friends and neighbors!


What new gun control law could have stopped him?  He probably headed for the closest gun free zone he could have found, hell bent on more pure evil.  You don’t stop folks like that with new legislation.  That kind of thinking is absurd on the face of it and will end up getting far more people killed in the future!  But as one source put it, those poor little bodies were still warm when the nation’s idiots and politicians started signaling their intent to pursue ever stricter gun control and further erode the Constitution – in other words, to exploit a horrible tragedy for political purposes.  So, I ask again, what new gun control law could have stopped him?


The kid had a problem – a mental problem.  We don’t know enough facts (and we may never know) about this particular case for any of us to assume that we could have done anything to stop what happened – not in a free society anyway.  If you don’t like living with the risks that you may be directly or indirectly affected by someone with a mental problem committing a heinous crime, then you shouldn’t live in a free society.  Does that sound harsh?  It is simply the real world in which we live.


If we are to remain a free society, we must begin to roll back the “there ought to be a law” mentality that exists in far too many progressively educated minds.  There IS a law – the law of the land in the form of the United States Constitution.  It has been ignored to the point that many of our individual rights are infringed, and law-abiding citizens are straight-jacketed into a life that ignores life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  We cannot continue to legislate away the very basis of what made this country great in hopes of securing some utopia that can never be. 


Looking for the easy fixes in preventing violent crimes is like looking for the pill to solve every health problem – both at someone else’s expense I might add.  Stripping the rights of individuals to take personal responsibility for their own self-defense and their own health problems is certainly not in the interest of any free society.  Our government has done both, so I must assume that this government is not interested in maintaining a free society. 


As the high minded progressive liberals and moderate conservatives wring their hands and play up the most recent shooting tragedies with all the compassion they can muster, I honestly don’t know how straight thinking true conservatives can let them get away with such mock horror.  These same people think the deliberate murder of babies in the womb should be legally protected at all costs to our society!  Really?  You are shocked that a nut job can get his hands on a gun you know little to nothing about and shoot innocent people in a gun free zone, but you see nothing wrong with women and the doctors that encourage them having their unborn babies’ lives snuffed out before they have a chance?  You have the audacity to think YOU have the moral high ground in all this?


As I have pointed out many times before, logic is lost on ignorance.  Right now politicians and lobbyists are busy discussing how they can continue to pare down the Constitution’s Second Amend rights even further so that babies won’t ever again end up victims in their school’s gun free zones.  Never mind that next month they will celebrate the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that led to the deliberate legal carnage of two generations of American babies!  Multi-millions of babies murdered by the irresponsibility of society, politicians, and medical professionals never had a chance in the face of such evil ignorance.  So, don’t bother trying to justify to me the need to jump through even more hoops to obtain and keep any damned gun I choose!  I live in a society of nut jobs that might require me to protect myself or my family some day – and it IS my Constitutional right to do so!


That brings us to the NRA.  If this is the best we can do to protect individual rights in this country, then we are truly sunk.  I’ve watched these folks for decades as they danced around the main issue, made their back room deals with politicians, came out in support of more gun restrictions than you can shake a stick at, and then have the audacity to suggest hiring armed government agents to place in every school in America just so our babies will be safe at school.  Excuse me?  This IS still America, isn’t it??  I realize the NRA isn’t all bad, it just isn’t all good, and that’s a problem.  NRA lobbyists play the game of politics regarding the Second Amendment in much the same way as the liberal media plays the game of politics regarding the First Amendment.  Need I say more? 


These are rights that should not need the blessing of political lobbyists to uphold in a truly free society.  People who believe these rights need any infringement should never be elected to office, but it happens all the time, doesn’t it?  All the other rights are under constant assault too, but these are the most high profile – probably because they are number 1 and number 2.


As long as we have publicly supported “gun free zones” in this country, we will continue to have nut jobs using them for their own private shooting galleries.  As long as we have a mainstream media that strangles the truth from every news story they report, we will continue to have a government run by incompetent ignoramuses that strip more and more of our rights away.  As long as we continue to hang all our hopes for justice on well-paid lobbyists and politicians instead of our own good sense and God-given rights, we will continue to lose the battle for a free society.


God bless the innocent victims of ignorance. 



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