Playing the Game Of Squabble

Deborah Venable



Nothing is any more absurdly infuriating, yet hysterically funny than watching our legislators and their enablers, (pundits, media, and those total illiterates that make their way to microphones and keyboards) play the game of Squabble over the tax code and other various subjects.


What is the game of “Squabble” you might ask?  Well, it is played almost exactly like that other well-known game called, “Scrabble” only there is a considerable amount of money in play on this one.  While Scrabble is a game of words, Squabble is a game of words, power, and money.  The pundits have been busy weighing in with their “educated” opinions on whether the tentative deal the Democrat and Republican heavy hitters cobbled together last week, in an attempt to stick it to the American people again, benefits or hurts the president. 


The squabble is played out in semantics and hidden definitions like “tax cuts” for the various “classes” and unholy pork spending that continues to undermine the American people.  After this sorry excuse for a bill passed, Democrats went on record virtually agreeing with conservative principles that raising taxes would harm the economy.  This after blasting those same tax rates for the past ten years!   


While the president and legislators take their turns at podiums and various other microphones to throw such words around as “cost” and “deficit” nobody gives a damn about those things.  Bill Clinton’s two cents notwithstanding, the kind of money being talked about in terms of helping or hurting the people is chump change compared to the amount that would do anything to help.  The lexicon on this so-called tax deal isn’t even written in language that anyone can understand.  The fact that the term “tax cuts” is even being used defies reason and logic.  Nobody proposed any tax cuts – merely extensions of the Bush tax cuts for two years, and a (one year only) reduction of FICA withholding.   


Since the progressives have had almost a hundred years to get this whole tax rate thing right – and still haven’t, should tell the whole tale.  The immoral income tax code is something that cannot be used in any moral human relations – especially that old favorite relation called “negotiation.”  You don’t negotiate with other people’s livelihood!  If you are a crook, you steal their money and give them no choice about it, but if you are an elected representative of them, you have no right to determine how much of the money they earn they should be able to keep.  That’s no better than being a union thug when you get right down to it, now is it?


You want to tax something for the necessities of running the government – fine, tax spending.  That puts budget considerations of private individuals directly in the hands of those individuals and nobody else – the way it should be.  Control of an individual’s hard-earned money is entirely his.  


Tax cuts do not cause a robust economy to go to hell in a hand basket.  If fact, just the opposite happens when people receive tax relief.  History proves that time and again, but progressives never admit to it.  Instead, they read the poison tea leaves and proclaim that taxes must go up to save the economy.  If they happen to run into a brick wall – like stubborn conservatives that know better and refuse to cooperate, then they simply dive into the game of Squabble built around class warfare – help the poor and middle class by extra taxation of the rich – and build as much pork into the bill as possible – essentially screwing everybody!  Then they “negotiate” away the part about raising taxes on only the rich and claim they had no choice in order to save the economy. 


The Republicans played right into their hands! 


Since the beginning of the income tax code, individual rights and control have been under assault by a much too powerful central government.  In much the same way that the federal government uses tax dollars to control individual states’ actions, taxing has been used to control individual behavior.  Progressive income tax is punishing – pure and simple, and in no way “fair” to anyone.  It has turned a pioneer spirit into a bitter, bickering, and most damaging apathetic attitude that can be more easily harnessed to do the will of the few. 


America will not recover in all her original splendor until the income tax code is abolished.


When enough people wake up to the fact that we are not served well by government representatives arguing about such silly things as ill-defined tax cuts, those who would choose to be our leaders and representatives will have to wake up to the fact that government spending cuts are the only things that matter.  This last election was a wake up call of sorts to those facts, but I fear that even now, the “good guys” are misreading those election results.  Add to that, too many people sent a weak signal of exactly what they expect, so this game of Squabble will continue with no winners.


Bottom line – there is nothing moral about government taking from anyone’s earnings to redistribute throughout government programs.  Too many government programs exist in the first place for the sole purpose of controlling the people.  We are truly ignorant if we allow it to continue. 


Asking a liberal or progressive to defend his or her opinion about taxing the rich to give to the poor is an exercise in futility.  They cannot offer reasonable explanations, either because they do not understand economics, or they are so far up the ladder of socialist or Marxist philosophy that they will not consider common sense.  There is no common sense in socialism, Marxism, communism, progressivism or any other such non self-governing theory.  They have all been tried and they have all failed – usually by taking many, many lives unnecessarily in the process.  There is absolutely nothing in the founding of this country that supports any other concept but individualism and economic freedom in capitalism.  We, as American citizens, must start insisting that our representatives fully understand and accept that.  We must stop electing people who don’t or won’t.


If we don’t begin to recover some lost moral ground, we will just be one more failed society.  Morality is simply the knowledge of right and wrong, and defending right against wrong and good against evil.  In today’s game of Squabble, our government and its mouthpieces do not even allow a simple definition of morality.  That definition has been so skewed from reality that persecution of our founding religious beliefs is upheld while acceptance of obvious human deviance is protected in legislatures and courts all over the land.  We are raising whole generations that can’t even define normal any more. 


It is no wonder that blatant thievery being played out in Washington D.C. now is being tolerated and hailed as some kind of wonderful compromise!  



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