Fallacies Of Modern America

Deborah Venable



For all citizens who can read, I ask you to digest this text with your eyes wide open.  I also ask that you share it with the shameful growing numbers of people who cannot read. 


This brings me to Fallacy Number 1.


Literacy is at an all time high in this country.


That is a statement of pure fiction!  Fewer and fewer citizens of voting age have a literacy that comes close to that of just a mere half century ago, even though we spend more dollars than ever before to “educate” (under mandate) all citizens from a younger and younger age.


Fallacy Number 2


Americans have more choices now than ever before.


We do?  In my lifetime, I have been stripped of choices I was born with, forced to pay for privileges that used to be considered rights, and mandated to abide by laws that infringe on everything I believe in.  The very word, “choice” has been abortionized!  (Yes, I know that really isn’t a word, but it fits so well, don’t you think?)  Kind of like the word, “option” has been convoluted to mean “choice” when it really means the exact opposite! 


Fallacy Number 3


Real power in America has always come from our ability to organize individuals into groups.


Are you kidding me?  Groupthink has never been the power behind seeking or sustaining freedom in this country, and it surely gets in the way of liberty more than anything else ever could!  The fallacy is that the “power in numbers” folks have a clue about what is required to maintain liberty or strip it from the jaws of tyranny.


Let’s get away from fallacy for now and explore truth and reality, shall we? 


I’ve watched and read pieces of the Sarah Palin interviews recently, and I noticed one recurring theme every time she speaks.  That theme is “common sense solutions.”  I don’t know if she realizes how many times she uses the phrase or if she does it deliberately, (I would probably vote for the latter) but it is kind of like that pinch you give yourself to see if you are awake or dreaming.  With so much diabolical insanity surrounding the current governance of America right now that has NOTHING to do with common sense in proposed solutions, I think it is a good measure of whether or not something fits into reality or the factious hallucinations of our so-called leaders.  None of them are appealing to anyone’s common sense because they don’t think we have any left! 


They are asking us to believe that America was born and has been existing in a matrix environment that never was real.  That may work for the younger set – brainwashed for a lifetime by diligent “educators” to believe that America has always been a flawed nation of patriarchic theory and false religious mandates.  But I’m an old woman.  I loved my father and valued my family and lessons learned from hard-work, sacrifice, and answered as well as unanswered prayers!


I watch now as my country literally goes to hell in a hand basket that is already on fire! 


All these stupid little upstarts and doddering old fools running this government into the ground cannot even connect to the concept of common sense. 


Common sense tells us that there is a moral authority from which all law should be drawn, and that the laws constituting this land were based on the Judeo-Christian value teachings – NOT some progressive edifications of subversive radicalization of right and wrong. 


It is either right or wrong to kill babies in the womb, steal from one group for the benefit of another, lie and cheat within the context of governance, education, public policy and the media, accept aberrant sexual behavior as normal to the destruction of decency and a solid grounding for families, and allow each individual to protect himself from the threat of being overpowered by any other individual (or especially government) with any means at his disposal. 


Tell me this government cares anything about writing or enforcing laws that take any of those things into consideration on the side of right. 


Common sense also tells us that harnessing the productive capability of people for the sole purpose of feeding a government bureaucracy is never in the best interest of prosperity – for individuals or the country in which they reside.  Such reigns of power are always short-lived at best or impossible to achieve at worst. 


That’s why America has always worked – precisely because we rejected the idea that individual prosperity should be dealt out like a hand of cards by an all-powerful government.  I think too many people have forgotten that, and in the process, all they can think about is the covetous notion of economic equality. 


Common sense also tells us, (if we are willing to listen) that this beautiful world was conceived from a blueprint – NOT slung upon a canvas by the fickle finger of evolutionary fate.  The Author of that blueprint required so very little from the beneficiaries of His creation, but the small-mindedness of those who consider themselves far too progressive to be guided by His simple laws would now see to it that His laws are subverted to theirs. 


They want to be worshipped as the saviors of mankind.  They want to build and worship false images of themselves, (code word, “legacies”) while throwing away everything they cannot stuff in their pockets and take with them as they proceed toward that “fundamental change” they believe we all want.


A knight in shining armor would stand up against these people and simply say, “Unhand my nation!”  With his sword of righteousness raised high against the prevaricators of truth, the battle would be swift. 


Don’t look around for that knight.  Look in the mirror!         


The last and final fallacy of modern America is that we will not fight to the death to defend her.  Look into the eyes of your children and grandchildren and tell me that this is not a fight worth winning!


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