Connecting the . . .

Deborah Venable



It just keeps getting better all the time!  Or as my kids like to say, “The Hits Just Keep On Comin’!” 


A scant two weeks after the panty bomber attempted to blow himself and a bunch of “infidels” to kingdom come over the skies of Detroit, the president, his minions, and every talking head from here to that kingdom come have decided it’s time that we start “connecting the dots!”  In a dizzying account of what went wrong, (well it does make you dizzy to try and follow Obama’s side to side head movements as he follows the teleprompter) he essentially said, “the buck stops with me.” 


That’s nothing new.  He wants every “buck” to end up right in his pocket! 


So, he also said that nobody’s getting fired over all this inefficiency in the intelligence community that let the “Fruit Of Kaboomer” (thanks, Rush) almost succeed in his plan.  Well, that’s a no-brainer!  If anybody got fired, shouldn’t the guy with the buck be the first one out the door?


I wrote another article almost eight years ago called, “Connecting the Dots.”  I could have written it (verbatim) today and it would still fit!  The only difference is that we have come a long way down that slippery slope I mentioned, and we haven’t put the brakes on yet!


Everybody from John Kerry to Ron Paul, (wow what a stretch) has publicly decried the Bush administration’s decision to unseat the other Hussein from power in Iraq as a huge mistake that ended up making those poor mastermind terrorists even more mad at us.  That particular dot has been connected to everything from madhouse to mayhem that’s gone wrong in the whole world in the last few years. 


If we had just let Hussein keep on stockpiling his weapons and killing his own people, why the world would be a much safer place, don’t you know? 


Another dot that has been far and away overused is that the intelligence agencies just can’t seem to do their jobs right.  In answer to this, splinter agencies have been added, studies have been conducted, (at great cost to the American taxpayer I might add) and more stringent rules have been enforced to make sure that America doesn’t overstep her moral obligations to the world.  Gotta protect those “alleged” terrorists at all costs.  They deserve our court system and our guys deserve to be court marshaled and made examples of. 


Then there’s the dot of us would-be terrorists – those of us who believe that the government has no business in our personal lives, would rather keep our shoes on at the airport, carry our shampoo and mouthwash with us when we travel, (not to mention baby formula if we take our babies) don’t want our bodies (naked or otherwise) scrutinized and manhandled just so we can get on an airplane (that we paid too much to ride on in the first place) and STILL take a risk on being blown to smithereens because “Ahab the Arab” was allowed to board the plane ahead of us without said scrutiny. 


Might I suggest a few dots that NEVER seem to make it into connection mode?


Dot 1. American citizens need to get on the same page and realize that modern terrorism is the tool of radical theologies and philosophies that are in no way tolerant of anything America has ever stood for.    


Dot 2. Terrorists are NOT brave souls, freedom fighters, or victims of terrible poverty who need to be understood, coddled, and pandered to.  They are instead, vicious, ignorant, bungling cowards who are for the most part not only sexually frustrated, but also soulless worshipers of the most evil power that any man or any god has ever conceived of.


Dot 3. If we are truly fighting terror we need to fight the purveyors of terror and not amongst ourselves for what we should and shouldn’t tolerate to keep ourselves feeling safe.


Dot 4. If we are going to send our young men and women to foreign battlefields to fight our battle with terror, then we should not hogtie them with political correctness and ridiculous rules for engaging that enemy.  The other side has no such rules!


Dot 5. Our politicians need to put up or shut up when it comes to dealing with the foreign powers that sponsor terrorists.  We know who they are and negotiation with them is not an effective tool.  If their leaders (and ours) cannot control terror mongering within their (our) own ranks, then it’s time for a lot of “regime changes.”


Dot 6. I don’t expect government actions to turn me into a “guilty until proven innocent” victim in order to “protect” me from terror or anything else.  That system has obviously failed a few times.  Let me assess the risks of my actions and act accordingly.


Dot 7. Try as they may, the current administration cannot erase the FACT that the actions of the last administration resulted in more dead terrorists than innocent American citizens since 911.  The selfless sacrifices of our military and intelligence civilians have abated far more disasters than this bunch even admit to. 


Dot 8. Let’s call this the final dot.  By the time you get to this one the PROOF will be in that this unbelievably stupid decision to treat terrorists like American citizens with rights in our justice system will have resulted in experienced terrorists beating the rap and being let loose on innocent victims of their next (possibly successful) attempt at “criminal” behavior (which in actuality are/were terrorist acts in a time of war against terror


This just in example:  Fruit of kaboomer just entered a not guilty plea in the courtroom. 


When the judge asked if he had taken any drugs or alcohol in past 24 hours, he answered, "some pain pills."


Yeah, those crotch burns from trying to set off that panty bomb hurt like a sonofagun, huh?  But everybody knows he’s probably innocent. 


Gee, do you think Al Qaeda would give any of our boys or girls pain pills before lopping off their heads? 


Okay, I’m all out of dots now.



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