Over the Cliff and Through the Woods

Deborah Venable



Ah, there’s nothing better than grabbing a big kettle of popcorn and settling down to watch the drama (in real time) of a bunch of fools dancing around on the edge of the cliff to nowhere and daring someone to knock them off.  The campaigner in chief is still trying to sell his bill of rotten goods (Mr. “we won” himself) to anyone stupid enough to gather and cheer for him, and he makes almost as good of a fool as he does a villain, doesn’t he?  Comic relief right there before our very eyes – thank goodness for this tasty, buttery popcorn!


I wish they still taught real math in school.  Hell, it would be nice if they still taught real history or just a smattering of real economics too!  But, alas, we are left in a world populated by a majority of people who do not know any of these things. 


Nothing will truly change for the better in this government until we take the destructive tool of the tax code out of the hands of our rulers.  That is such a simple truth, I can’t believe more folks aren’t demanding it.  As long as the people, willingly or unwillingly, give power to their government to decide how much of their own property they get to keep, the country they live in will slip ever steadily into an abyss of tyranny.  Currently we may be talking about the federal government, but that truth extends to all government, local and state as well. 


So how should we pay for government, you might ask.  However we damned well please, I would answer.  The government should have to come to us and lay out their case, and then we could either choose to fund its needs and desires or not.  Wow!  What a concept, huh?


I am sick and tired of generations of Americans continuing to believe that government exists as a salvation for human failings.  People will voluntarily pool their resources, (including their money) to get things done that need doing.  We should not be coerced into a collective mandate to meet the needs of Big Brother.  As most of my long time readers know, I have occasionally advocated for the Fair Tax, but even that isn’t good enough any more.  It appealed to me mainly because it calls for abolishing the IRS.  Proponents of the Fair Tax are very proud of the fact that it was going to remain “revenue neutral” and I realize that was the main selling point to government types, but that is certainly NOT in the people’s best interest.  A tax rate on anything, income or consumption, that requires the federal government to take as much from the economy as current and projected tax rates allow is revolting, immoral, and downright dangerous to a freedom loving society!  The government is too damned big!


I don’t want the government guaranteeing me anything except that it stay out of my personal life and project a strong and honorable symbol to the rest of the world.  I realize that requires a military presence, and I have always been a strong supporter of our military, but it must not be treated as the progressive political football that it has become.  It is manipulated in much the same way that individual states are with the purse strings of federal government.  This causes damage and corruption that must be rooted out for individual liberty to flourish.


The very idea that any government should be allowed to operate without a budget that does not allow deficit spending flies in the face of common sense.  The very idea that a government official, much less the president, can proclaim that he will only sign legislation if it contains a tax increase is ludicrous, but that has happened in state and federal government administrations for years!  The very idea that individual citizens would ever willingly vote for an increase in the size and scope of government via higher taxes on anybody is idiotic and dangerous to individual liberty.  So why are we constantly plagued with these very ideas?


The only answer is total ignorance of a brain-damaged society that likes to think of itself as smarter than everybody else on the planet.  A couple of generations of parents not doing their jobs, and government mandating political brainwashing to such an extent that ignorance has prevailed in a majority of citizens has brought us to this “cliff.”  Meanwhile, the drama of the cliff is just a distraction from the real problems.


Those who like to label themselves as liberal progressive thinkers are not thinkers at all!  They are just tyrannical little bullies that could not fend for themselves if their lives depended on it.  Their individualities are lost in groupthink, and they won’t be happy until all individual liberty is wiped from the face of the earth.  They are far too stupid (a.k.a. ignorant) to know that this will never happen.  People have to really work at being this stupid, and sooner or later that work will get too hard for the poor little bullies. 


If you think anyone is going to be “saved” from the fiscal cliff, no matter what kind of deal gets hammered out in the eleventh hour, you are a liberal progressive idiot at best, or you constantly indulge in lying to yourself.  Once off the cliff, we have to then proceed through the woods, and that will be an “every man for himself” journey that will truly weed out the group thinkers from the individuals.                



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