The Race Against Time

Deborah Venable



I am saddened today because I feel pity for many American citizens of all races who are finding themselves confronted with an unfair label - namely “racist” for perhaps the first time in their lives, thanks to the great unifier and that pillar of anti-racism, the Democrat Party. 


It is not a new label for me.  Growing up in that “evil racist state” in the deep south, Alabama, I learned at the tender age of sixteen that I was a racist – simply because I was white!  Now, mind you, I had no idea of this before.  I certainly was not raised by racist parents in a racist home, and I had always been taught to choose my friends according to their character, (long before MLK’s fame) not the color of their skin.  When I was sixteen, my high school was forcibly integrated, though, and I learned first hand that the color of my skin was the only thing that mattered in the whole question of whether I was a racist or not. 


After having befriended the two black students, who were forced to integrate my school, (I ate lunch with them every day, even though one was older and one was younger than I was) I learned that they were miserable about being there.  Their parents were paid to send them there, and they had shadow guards that did not allow them to associate with any of us after school hours.  That’s how it was in the forced integration of the schools down south, folks. 


I quit school at the end of that year because I realized that I was not learning anything valuable any more.


Up until that time, I was a better than average student pursuing the fast track to scholastic excellence.  I had intentions of going to college and had been preparing to do so through the college prep course of study.  In other words, I was not just biding my time to make it out of high school with a diploma via “cripp-courses.”  I was not your typical high school dropout. 


So, I went out into the real world to earn a living with two new chips on my shoulder – labels, if you will, “racist dropout.”


I grew up fast and got out of that small community I saw falling apart around me due to a liberal, racial, sexual, feminist, anti-war, anti-God attack on everything I knew.  Thank God I had found my partner for life early, and we moved around a lot at the military’s bidding.  Hard work bought everything good in life I ever had, and that is the way it is supposed to be.  Is that even a lesson still being taught and learned by most people today?


After that “revolution of the sixties” everybody likes to talk about, I saw change – an awful lot of it negative change.  It is no wonder to me that so many black Americans today still view their circumstances with disdain and a bent toward racial outrage.  Every “advancement” blacks achieved was forced, coerced, legislated through equality mandating that they be considered equal in every way – judged solely on the color of their skin to obtain anything they thought they deserved.  The oldest civil rights organization signified exactly what they wanted, namely “advancement.”  They were told they had a right to be advanced simply because they were “colored people” and white people owed it to them.  (At this point, a little research into the beginnings of this organization might be enlightening.  Founded in the first decade of the 1900s, it did not have a black leader until 1975!)


It is very telling to me that the First Lady, Michelle Obama, would go before this organization, (NAACP) yesterday, July 12, 2010, and make this statement:


“So I know that I stand here today, and I know that my husband stands where he does today because of this organization.”


She went on to employ the usual language of “struggle” and “sacrifice” as if all their good fortune had just been obtained recently and at any minute it could be snatched away by those evil people in the tea party movement.


The race against time, folks – that’s the way it has always been.  Those who are just waking up to the fact that they are racists simply because of the fact that they are white and do not support the idea that they owe everyone who is not white “advancement” beyond themselves must be truly confused – some even shocked or angry.  Welcome to the race against time.  There is no justice, fairness, or logic to it. 


Successful human beings in the HUMAN race either make it or they don’t on their own merit.  Period.  People who make their living on the backs of the so-called downtrodden by doling out scraps of perceived human dignity through forced mandate are despicable human beings.  If the Obamas truly feel that they owe their present circumstances to the efforts of an organization of people who do that, it is no wonder that they have been ineffective in getting us beyond race, uniting us, or filling us with hope.


I found it interesting that in her speech, Michelle Obama referred to the “inequities” of blacks, whether it be in talking about the criminal element (“a black child is far more likely to go to prison than a white child . . .”) or health issues (“stubborn inequalities still exist in education, in health, in income and wealth . . .”) and (“African American children are significantly more likely to be obese than our white children.”) 


What do you think she expects the NAACP to do about such things?  Out of one side of her mouth she tells them that they should not consider their advancement as entitlements, while her message is lost in the declaration that they dare not rest on their laurels.  What does she want them to do?  How can you racially advance an idea of equality in the prison population?  Well, one way would be to turn a blind eye to someone committing a crime if he or she happens to be black – is that what she means?  Should we start judging criminals not on their guilt or innocence, but by the color of their skin?  Are we supposed to withhold obesity causing food from black children and encourage more white children to eat up?  Does she believe like that King-what’s-his-name-Shabazz that crackers and their babies should be killed?  That would help even the score, huh?


One thing I haven’t heard from the bulk of the black community or the White House for that matter, is any kind of repudiation against such obvious racism as spouted by the Shabazz character.  After all, the color of his skin entitles him to such feelings – it’s all part of his advancement, is it not? 


I also have great pity for those intelligent black folks – the “American first” citizens of this country who happen to be black, but who do not share this entitlement sickness of advancement.  They are out there too, and many times are judged even more harshly than their white counterparts with epithets such as, “Uncle Tom.” 


The race against time continues to drag us all, kicking and screaming, into a perceived utopia of equality, but that utopia will never exist.  Race baiters will see to that!  They don’t want any part of it.  They thrive on perceived bigotry, even as they manufacture it in great quantity through their own actions. 


Assuming that concerned and engaged American patriots, who only wish the best for their country and their progeny, can regain lost control of a moral and truly free America, I do not think it would be very long before a conservative black American could attain the presidency and show all Americans the path toward a much more racially unified country than we have ever known.  I can guarantee that he or she would not have the backing of the NAACP.  More likely, individualist, liberty loving Americans, like the majority of those who fill the ranks of the present day tea parties, would willingly catapult such an individual into the highest office of the land, and support his or her success with respect – not the adulation that the current occupant expects.


Chew on that one for awhile as you try to figure out how the hell we can escape this race against time!



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