South Of What Border?

Deborah Venable



Is there anyone who hasn’t sounded off on Arizona’s attempt to enforce federal immigration laws by codifying them in state law?  Every faction of society seems to have had its say – from Hollywood to other “foreign” governments, and the media is still having a field day with it.


We, who support Arizona’s legislative actions, are nothing but a bunch of racist, profiling Nazi’s, and those slamming Arizona right now are just peaceful patriot protestors, wrapping themselves in the previously shredded Constitution for which they usually have very little use – or they are politically motivated to gain amnesty for as many potential Democrat voters as possible before Democrats start to lose their grip on the reins of power.  Bottom line – if you support Arizona’s actions, you are still in charge of your common sense genes.  If you don’t, well, just what border are you south of?


Before anyone can say, “But what about all the well known conservatives who have come out against the law – rising Republican stars like Marco Rubio, or even the former “architect,” Karl Rove, or the Libertarian Judge, Andrew Napolitano?”  


Rubio:  From what I have read in news reports, I do have concerns about this legislation.”


Rove:  "At the end of the day ... I think there are better tools."


Napolitano:  “Her [Governor Brewer] budget will be paying the legal bills of the lawyers who sue on behalf of those that were stopped.”


While these guys usually stick up for the Constitution, for some reason they are choosing to read something into it that isn’t there in this case.  (Sorry, Judge, respectfully, even you can be wrong.)


Yes, they all mention the unconstitutionality of the law I’m afraid.  It’s that whole profiling business you see.  But where were they the last time I tried to enter a federal building, but couldn’t without showing “my papers”?  Where were they when I went to buy a gun and, again, couldn’t until I produced “papers” to prove who I was?  Do I look like a thief or murderer?  Don’t even get me started on boarding an airplane! 


It is absolutely ridiculous for law enforcement personnel to ignore obvious indications of immigration status (illegal) because of a fear of profiling, while those same folks can stop me and fine me for not wearing a seat belt!


“Click it or ticket – it’s the law!”


Isn’t that what they say?  Well, it’s also the law that you may not enter or remain in this country illegally!  But these people have “sanctuary cities” (hello San Fran) – so just where the heck is MY sanctuary city where I can choose whether or not to abide by the law without fear of punishment?  Hmmmm?


This is but one, albeit, ridiculous comparison of the rule of law, (I won’t be deported if I am caught driving without a seatbelt) but is a fair illumination on the one and only thing that matters in this whole controversy.  The federal government has grown quite complacent with manipulating state law via awarding and withholding of federal revenues to the various states.  We have seen this time and time again – from the federal mandates affecting education, labor, business, firearms regulation, and, yes, even traffic laws.  The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution has been shredded over and over again in so many ways I cannot count – but let one state, in this case, Arizona, attempt to uphold federal law for the explicit purpose of protecting state citizens against unlawful invasion from foreign citizens, and we have an uprising!  They shouldn’t have needed to further codify this law, but because the federal government has refused to tend to one of its few, true duties, Arizona got it done!


Before y’all go out and march in the street waving your upside-down American flags beneath Mexican flags, perhaps you’d better check your stupidity at the door and remember just what country you are in!  We have an awful lot of problems in this country, but trampling on foreign illegal citizen “rights” is not one of them.  Truth is that most of them flooding across the border have no love in their hearts for this country or in preserving “human rights” at all.  They only have a love of the almighty dollar and what this country can do for them.  Period.  Those who love this country have immigrated here legally because they know that America is the world’s last best hope on earth, and they are willing to defend her with their lives if necessary. 


You idiot American citizens, who had the good fortune to be born here, but not the good sense to know the most valuable thing you possess is YOUR American citizenship, will be the ruin of the whole country for the rest of us!  You misguided, but otherwise conservative compatriots need to take a good, long look from the border you are currently north of, and look to the south for a view of where you could end up!


Note:  The author of this little rant is a past citizen of the state of Arizona, having lived and worked there, (in adulthood) for a period of more than sixteen years.  Three of my children were born there.  I had the privilege and opportunity to explore every corner of that big, beautiful state, and can say unequivocally that God blessed that special piece of real estate in fabulous ways.  I left there over twenty-one years ago to explore other places because that’s just the way I am.  I think in order to love America, you have to SEE America, and how you see it may just be the most important goal you can ever set for yourself. 


God Bless America – and all my friends in Arizona! 



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