Immediate Gratification – Void Of Critical Thinking

Deborah Venable



Where was everybody else when we were told that the war on terror would be a long and arduous task?  I certainly heard it.  Now we have Democrats and Republicans alike making stupid statements that the American people were not adequately prepared for a long and drawn out conflict in the Middle East and that is why so many are wanting to turn tail and run.  I know I live in a society that worships immediate gratification, but this is ridiculous! 


On September 11, 2001, America was dealt a hand to play for the future of liberty in human existence.  It should have been a winning hand, but too many tossed it in and sat around waiting for the next deal.  Not content with the fact that a few decided to play their hands, so the game was going to drag on, these folks are now screaming “misdeal” and trying to convince those determined to win the game that the dealer is bogus.  The chips are already down and the game will be won or lost depending on how the game is played.  Changing the rules in the middle of the game is not an option.  Tossing in the hand is not an option.  We can bluff, but the dealer isn’t about to cave in, so playing it like we’ve got it is the only thing left. 


If you want to believe that things are not going so well in our theaters of war in the Middle East at the present time, blame yourselves and those others who haphazardly throw barbs of self-hatred at America’s efforts to root out the bad and give hope to the good.  Damn the message of loss of confidence in the honorable intentions of the decision makers in the real conflict.  Shout down the antipathy laden comments of those who should know better telling the American public that their country is no better than any other and especially as dangerous as the terror supporting nations of the world.  This war will not be lost by the soldiers who fight it or the generals who strategically command it, but it could be lost by the very people who have the most to gain when America is victorious.  Those who demand freedom to disagree but refuse to stand firm in defending the country that most fosters those liberties are directly responsible for putting both liberty and lives in the greatest danger.


We think that we are an increasingly more highly educated society while the exact opposite is true.  Graduating from our government schools and our over-priced, degreed institutions of learning does not guarantee a useful or useable education in today’s America.  Too many of these degrees are not worth the paper they are written on when it comes to gauging one’s literacy, intelligence, or critical thinking abilities.  This has been true since campuses were overrun by socialist agenda behavior modifiers instead of dedicated human educators.  And it’s been true since our “fourth branch” of self-government capitulated to the whims of that socialist agenda that gave it license to operate our schools of journalism.


Those who argue with the contention of a “liberal leaning media” are quick to point out that media is being conglomerated under big business corporations run and supported by conservatives.  It sounds so convincing in light of all the sell-outs and take-overs of various media production mills and distribution points.  One has to do a double take to realize that this is merely an attempt to enforce an unfair Fairness Doctrine to an imaginary “balance” of some sort.  Or worse still, to create a totally government controlled, (answerable to the “people” after all) press – a PBS nightmare that would rival Orwellian prediction.  So far, liberals have not been able to “fairly” balance the effects of conservative dominated talk radio and Internet publication networks that sprang up to truly balance the liberal media, so the natural response by the typical liberal is to cry, “foul.” 


I’m not believing that liberals do not know how to manipulate the free market as well as conservatives – many of the most wealthy in this country most definitely fall into the liberal column, so the liberal mantra of fighting big business and corporation take-over of the media comes off sounding either ignorant or fictitious at best.


So what are we, the people, to believe?


The left and the right tell us we certainly can’t believe the mainstream media.  The left tells us we can’t believe the alternative, (conservative or “balanced”) media, and more and more people of all stripes are demanding the PBS nightmare alternative that we all have to pay for in more ways than one.  Meanwhile, the socialist education mills keep turning out so-called journalists that have no moral base or understanding of traditional rooting in the purpose of their fourth branch.  Is it any wonder that Americans can’t make an educated choice in political candidates, important domestic issues, or foreign policy actions?  Unless, that is, they take it upon themselves to do the hard work of rooting out the truth for themselves and fertilizing the fourth branch of government with their own efforts.


In this year of those oh, so important mid-term elections we must do the hard work.  Our politicians all have their fingers in the air to test the winds of public opinion before they spout their intentions.  The media – all limbs of that “branch” are concerned with protecting their own leaves and shading different areas of that public opinion.  Our enemies are rejoicing in all the domestic subversion that puts them in a better light.  And the voting American public has tired of the game and merely wants it to end – honorably or not.  No one seems to care enough to have a finger on the pulse of good old-fashioned American tradition – that which supports good over bad and victory over defeat.  We sell our votes and our freedoms to the highest bidder with no thought except immediate gratification for our efforts.  We’ll believe what is most convenient to believe about wars and ramifications – just as long as we are not called on the carpet to defend those beliefs, for that would be unfair in a world that has rendered critical thinking all but obsolete. 



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