Thirty-seven Years Of Arrogance and Audacity

Deborah Venable



For thirty-seven years now we have lived with the effects of the Supreme Court decision known as Roe v Wade.  During that time over fifty-two million babies have been legally aborted.  This is undoubtedly the most heinous example of man-made law trumping natural law that we have ever seen.  Far too many people display a discomfort at discussing natural law because of an indoctrinated revulsion for any religious influence on man-made laws. 


One’s eyes could glaze over during an in-depth study of how man has tried to explain, discount, ignore, defend, or understand the meaning of natural law.  Believe me – it’s been done to death!  Here is an inescapable fact, however.  Natural law is at the foundation of all morals and ethics in human behavior and interaction.  The other fact is that natural law is not some Silly Putty™ substance that can be stretched and molded to fit whatever is convenient for the evil that lurks in men’s souls.  It is very straightforward and needs very little human interpretation.


Legalizing the destruction of innocent human life is not in the lexicon of morality or ethics, but by golly the arrogance that is man’s evil nature has surely done it, huh?  Arrogance and audacity are two A-words that progressives like to aim at conservative Christians like deadly poison arrows designed to shut them up.  Judgment is the quiver that holds them.  Ignorance is the bow that shoots them.  Political correctness is the poison that coats their tips.  Death of innocents is the collateral damage of this immoral attack.


Is it arrogant or audacious to point out that humans do not have the moral authority to deliberately destroy a human life just because it hasn’t been born yet?  Forget trying to cloak this issue in the transparent cloth of choice or privacy.  It is what it is – murder in the eyes of natural law.


I say that ignorance is at play here because there are examples of previously “pro-choice” individuals who have changed their minds after viewing the reality of abortion through the use of modern technology, or because medical personnel performing the abortion slipped up and referred to the “lump of tissue” as a baby.  (Yes, don’t laugh – just do the research.)  Ignorance is the only thing that could allow such rationalizations of the real truth.   


Judgment, as long as it is dressed in long, black, man-made robes, wins out over morality and ethics every time religion is painted as a false witness.  Who could find favor with a faith in human spirit when man’s superior secular judgment holds all the cards?  One is not allowed to interject anything smacking of religious justice to prove a legal point – not in the court of political correctness.


So we continue to do the dance after thirty-seven years.  Politicians and pundits alike, dance around the issue of abortion, shooting and taking their arrows, without the benefit of morals and ethics to play the real music.  Abortion is a crime against humanity, against creation, against evolution, and against good.  Evil continues to call the shots as long as man’s arrogance and audacity rules over truth.


Nothing in the world is more brutal, unjust, or physically and emotionally repulsive as abortion.  Not war, not vicious crime, not terrorism.  Nothing.  Yet we still cannot construct and enforce a simple man-made law against it.  We cannot find enough judges, lawmakers or educators willing to stand up for the unvarnished truth that would put an end to the legality of this barbarity.  Until we do, no other laws man decides to write will matter.  No other freedoms will be worth defending.  This country and its citizens will not be worth saving. 


Until we do, we are all just waiting for man’s arrogance and audacity to measure our own worth and find it lacking.  


If you have never watched The Silent Scream Video perhaps now would be a good time.  This is just one, produced some time ago now, but there are others if you have the stomach to do the investigating.  It is obvious to me after the latest brouhaha over the “language” in the proposed healthcare legislation that most people have no idea they are already funding abortions, but no matter what the politicians tell you, everyone funds them in one way or another.  As long as government is involved in funding any kind of healthcare, you are funding abortion.  As long as the public school system exists, you are also funding the ignorance that has allowed the most bloody thirty-seven years in this nation’s history to slip under the radar of truth.   



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