America’s “Natural” Born Disaster

Deborah Venable



On the Friday before the Memorial Day weekend, the Whitehouse decided to send out its “official” spin on the most recent scandal involving “Sestakgate” or whatever other colorful descriptive you’d like to use to describe the latest (known) illegal act in Washington that couldn’t squeak past most of the media.  Lo and behold, enter stage left, Bill Clinton!  I’m not even going to take the time to provide links here.  If you’d like to read about the whole sordid mess, go for it.  Be especially aware of how liberals are reacting via the feedback to articles written on the Sestak bribe, uh, offer.   


Look, I can’t get all that worked up over this particular mess, because I’ve seen it too often in the past from BOTH parties.  If you haven’t been living under a rock all your life, then you know that Washington D.C. is a hotbed of deal making, spinning, wheeling and dealing, and downright unfathomable corruption!  Human nature at its worst – that’s what you’ll find there.  That’s what has got tea party folks all in an uproar!  That’s what has rekindled a new appreciation for real patriotism. 


My conservative counterparts are literally jumping up and down at the thought that maybe we can push forward with an impeachable offense against this administration, because, (gasp!) laws were broken!


We can pretend that there are more important things going on in the world and bury our heads in the sand ever deeper while this faux president and his sham of an administration continue their destructive agenda on past, present, and future generations of Americans.  That is the path that most conservative commentators, legislators, and judges are following.  It is certainly the path that ignorant Americans are following.  Why?  Is it simply because no one knows what to do about it?  Or has too much power already been transferred from the people to an elitist, rich ruling class that prefer to remain out of prison?


Are we men and women or are we mice?  Are we free flying eagles, or are we shackled oxen?  Are we independent thinkers, or are we collectivist brain mush?


Barack Obama, (or whatever his name is), never was eligible to be president of the United States Of America!  That is no conspiracy theory – that is Constitutional FACT!


It doesn’t matter if he was born on the moon or underneath the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – he was born with an obvious split allegiance!  Therefore, he is not and never was a “natural born citizen.”  But because the original intent of the Founders has been so diabolically buried and/or misrepresented, far too many of the people who would have stopped him in his tracks before he could have ever sought, much less acquired, the office of the presidency, are ignorant or, indeed, complacent accomplices to the greatest fraud in American history, we are faced with America’s natural born disaster.


The Founders were careful to require the necessity of “natural born” for the eligibility of the chief executive for a good reason.  They were well aware of the issue of “split allegiance” because they were dealing with it on a daily basis.  They had all been subjects of “the crown” and had decided to revolt.  They would rather their revolution had been a peaceful one, but they knew that it would not.  So the best that they could do was to insure that if their revolution were successful, future generations of Americans would not be faced with the same nightmare with which they were dealing.        


I thought that the Constitution is the law of the land, yet every day I have to watch it being broken over and over again.  Nightmare?  You bet!  I’m living in one, and my children and grandchildren will be faced with an even more frightening one!  All because the law of the land has been subjugated to U.S. Code this and U.S. Code that, and Supreme Court precedent this and Supreme Court precedent that, and ungodly law this and ungodly law that  - all passed in that aforementioned hotbed of corruption that too many idiots look to for their every need!


Natural born disaster – the present state of American government!    


Bottom Line On Natural Born by J.B. Williams.


Where we are heading with a proposed government run media – WND article.


How Did We Get There? – A question posed in an American Thinker article by Dana Ferrell.


The public outcry, so evident during the healthcare battle, seems to be diminishing.  The public approval vs. disapproval of Obama seems to be shifting once again in his favor!  Is this true or is it the result of well-oiled media hype once again?  The same hype that turned a blind eye to the eligibility issue during the campaign greatly endangers the continuing education of the American public, and therefore the “awakening” of true American patriotism. 


Don’t think for one minute that progressives and liberal Democrats in this country are afraid of conservatives or freedom loving American citizens.  I don’t believe that they are!  Why?  Because they are either too ignorant to be, or worse, they are myopic in their push toward an imaginary utopia they think they are helping to build.


The disaster has happened.  How will we react?


In the meantime, if you think of nothing else on this Memorial Day, remember that you are allowed to think and voice your opinions at all due to the blood shed on your behalf by all those who have made the Ultimate Sacrifice, some of whom never came home at all. 



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