The Ultimate Sacrifice

Deborah Venable

© Memorial Day 2009


They asked not what their country could do for them, instead,

They raised their hands and took an oath, and this is what they said:

The path ahead for me may lie in harmís way, but I know

Your future will be safer if I simply choose to go.


They went away from loved ones to serve in God knows where,

Deprived of sleep and comfort, immersed in manís despair.

They saw the stuff of nightmares, which try the bravest souls,

And coming home, for them, would be the ultimate of goals.


None went to die, but hoped to live and bask in lasting peace,

But many paid the price in blood to give us that new lease

On liberty and way of life to do the things we choose,

Until the call comes once again to fight instead of lose.


We have to set aside a day to honor those we should,

And teach our children what they did was brave and right and good.

We should be very well aware our freedom had a price,

The highest paid by those who made the Ultimate Sacrifice.


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