After the Facts

Deborah Venable



Commenting on politics really takes a toll sometimes.  You have to lean back, prop your feet up and take a breath – a deep one.  I admire anyone that can do it day in and day out, but the truth is that nobody can.  Everyone needs those breaks, and they damned sure need to take in a little extra oxygen to clear the cobwebs and flush out the pollutants.  This past week has been a perfect illustration of folks tripping over their tongues and/or keyboards as they stumbled right past the facts to illustrate their own ignorance. 


First there was Weinergate.  That one was handled the same way that all liberal faux pas oopsies get handled, (at least he isn’t hypocritically moral – so get over it!)  I hear it was no big deal, but then I haven’t seen the crotch pics, have you?  I have better things to do with my time than confirming the immorality of an idiotic liberal – especially the exhibitionist variety!


Let’s sum this one all up nice and simple, shall we?  A depraved human being should not and does not represent the majority of freedom loving Americans in their government, so as long as he is there, he makes a mockery of that government.  If the media and both major political parties allow him to stay there, after the facts, well, I guess that sums up the government, huh?


Now, on to number two:  The continuing saga of Sarah Palin, and her right to simply exist!  Again, the media and far too many imbeciles on both sides of the political aisle have decided that Sarah needs aborting, (along with Israel I guess) so they are doing everything in their power to make that happen.  Oh, you don’t like my choice of language?  Too bad – that’s how I see it.  I have made no bones about my support of this woman from the get-go.  Look up my archives and that will be obvious.


The ultra elite in our society, whether they be media, liberals, or “super intelligent” conservative operatives or commentators have decided not to share their oxygen with Sarah Palin.  That’s their problem – not hers!  She brings her own everywhere she goes with her breath of fresh air attitude and passion about the goodness in this country.  They will always show their ignorance when they call her dumb or lacking in experience or my personal favorite, lacking polish. 


People that say these things about Sarah Palin are saying them about the vast majority of Americans who love this country!


Thank you!  We’ll take that as a compliment!


She can’t even take a bus tour of historical sites with her family without being hounded by an unrelenting, antagonistic media blaming her for their inability to keep up!  That includes their ignorance of American history, which Sarah Palin has a much better grasp of than they do!  After the facts, they lose but are too stupid to admit it!  (As late as the evening of June 8th, that academic heavyweight, Bill O, was pushing that empty cart!)


Now, I’m not providing any more links in this article, so if you don’t understand anything – look it up – it may do you some good!


My main point with this article is this:  those of us (regular Americans) who do our dead-level best to stay informed enough to comment and educate on all the things going on right now get tired of seeing important stuff missed, and stupid stuff covered to the hilt in garbage that never gets washed off!  Let me just point out a few things not being adequately covered:


No matter how you cut it, the man in the Whitehouse is illegitimate.  If truth mattered any more and the press and other media did their job, he would have already been gone!  The damage he has already done to this country, and will continue to do until he is stopped will take years to fix.


The United States military is engaged in non-sanctioned wars in the Middle East, and is being currently undermined in the sanctioned ones to the point that they probably will not and cannot win any of them!  All of this is siphoning off American blood and wealth that we cannot afford.


Not only have the actions of this illegitimate president single handedly placed in jeopardy the economy of the entire free world, but also the security and credibility of the last bastion of peace and hope mankind may ever know.  There is nothing waiting to take America’s place at the helm of the good ship, freedom!


But the elitists continue their planning for America’s undoing – helped and encouraged by all her enemies.  Good policies and good friends are exchanged for bad ones – regulations stifle any hope for a better future – evil is accepted and history forgotten – ignorance is embraced in the name of progress – and that is how civilizations are lost.


Meanwhile, y’all get a load of those crotch pictures and that dummy woman, who dares to point out a lot of this stuff!  Ha!  Now THAT is REAL news! 


Epilog:  By the way, anybody read any good emails from Alaska lately?  Seems that is today’s most important news of the day.  God help us if we can’t get some grownups into good media jobs soon!



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