Why the Birther Story Is Important

Deborah Venable



What if I told you that the fate of America rests on the outcome of the controversy over Obama’s eligibility? 


Would you still tell me to take off my tin foil hat and get real?


What if I told you that in spite of our best conservative efforts, we would still be faced with nationalized health care by the end of this year?


Would you tell me that I had no credibility because I believe Obama’s presidency is illegitimate?


What if I told you that even if no further legislation is passed that infringes on basic American freedoms, enough has been done in the last seven months to render the Constitution null and void forever?


Would you still say that Obama’s eligibility is a moot point?


What if I told you that careers have been threatened, lives have been threatened, and the whole idea of transparency in government and protection of American citizens via courts and the Fourth Estate has been made a mockery of by the cover up of Obama’s ineligibility?


Would you stop reading this article and permanently cross me off as a kook?


What if I told you that it really doesn’t matter if Obama was born in Hawaii or Timbuktu, unless he has lied about who his father and mother were, he is still ineligible to be president of the United States?


Would you send out the guys in the white coats to scoop me up and drive me off to the loony bin?


Sometimes one just has to take the bull by the horns and tell it like it is no matter what!


This story is just as important now as it ever was – maybe even more so.  It is the ultimate test of the American people to stand up for right over wrong, freedom over tyranny, and good over evil. 


It is astounding to me that a country that prosecuted the Watergate break-in fully in the court of public opinion, (causing that president to resign in shame), conducted endless hearings on the Iran Contra affair, - arms for hostages, (causing that president incredible damage at the height of the Cold War), followed through with impeaching a president for lying under oath to a grand jury, even though a conviction wasn’t won, (but that president was personally disgraced anyway) – it is astounding to me that the current president is given a free ride to impugn this country in so many ways, putting us all at grave risk, and his ineligibility to the office is blatantly covered up!  Astounding!


That Barrack Obama has not been properly vetted is not even up for discussion.  It IS a fact.  The American people have every right to dig into his background, and should have done so a long, long time ago. 


The fact that Hillary Clinton was a virtual shoe-in for the Democrat Presidential nominee until about a year ago, and was defeated by someone without the slightest credible political footprint is only conceivable if one accepts the almost certainty of a political payoff. 


The fact that the Republicans went out of their way to pick the least likely successful candidate out of the plethora of those running to go up against this newcomer is not lost on the curious and skeptical among us. 


The fact that Sara Palin was catapulted onto the national political stage at the last minute by McCain, and probably would have pulled his candidacy from the jaws of defeat if not for her own party deliberately shooting her in the foot at the outset, can only mean a sickening complicity on the part of the Republican leaders to place Obama in office. 


As a follow-up for that fact, Bush did everything in his power to so tarnish the Republican Party to its base in the last months of his presidency, that too many of that base refused to support the very deficient party nominee, (the lesser of the evils theory blown out of the water.)  Bush is responsible for setting up the bail-out phenomenon that single handedly sunk the American economy overnight, and McCain jumped in with both feet when he should have sought the high ground of the free enterprise, capitalist system instead.


Last but not least, the fact that the media rolled over and played dead for liberty-seeking American heritage, and chose to embrace a new socialist regime sealed the fate of what was to be and now is.


If the “sleeping giant” has in actuality finally been awakened, I must ask why did it take the health care issue to do it?  The worse damage has already been done.  That is why I have little doubt that some sort of undesirable health care reform WILL happen. 


The sleeping giant has some catching up to do for his eyes are still blurred with sleep and his voice is a raspy whisper.  If this country does not regain its Constitutional rights, bolstered by a moral fiber that has been rotting for far too long, it won’t matter who squats at the White House in the future.  The current occupant has affixed his signature to things unholy, unnatural, unhealthy, and unsafe, and will continue to do that as long as he is allowed. 


If that signature is invalid, the giant has some work to do, don’t you think?


That is why the “birther” story is all-important right now.  I’m really tired of being told otherwise by his regime as well as the whisper from that sleepy voice.    


This story is so big that it defies the most logical of arguments to marginalize it. 


The legislators, instead of responding with perfectly sensible congressional hearings, have instead offered up bills to require the vetting (they should have done this time) prior to the next presidential election, or amend the Constitution to do away with the “natural born citizen” requirement for the presidency.  They didn’t have any problem with fully investigating McCain, but this same process was not followed for Obama.  Why?  


Courts all across the land, (including the Supreme Court), have refused to give proper hearing to the many cases which seek to force full disclosure of the documents that would illuminate the shadowy background of the man in the oval office.  The cases are dismissed based on, (of all things) “lack of standing” by the citizens that bring them.  If an American citizen has “no standing” to question the background of the leader of this government, just who does?  Have we abandoned the “of the people, by the people, for the people principle of American government? 


Media wonks from both sides of the political spectrum have done nothing but ridicule the questioning of Obama’s credentials as some kind of wacko conspiracy theory, as they point to the same tired, meaningless drivel, (his birth certificate is posted on the internet, and birth announcements appeared in a couple of newspapers), even though the newspaper announcements are a direct result of the questionable and incomplete information on the “posted” COLB.  I would never state with as much certainty as these folks do that I know all the facts – because obviously no one does, do they?  Those facts are being closely guarded and covered up by over a million dollars worth of lawyering after all.


People on the right, conservatives that I usually respect, have actually said that it would do more harm to the country than good and cause an unprecedented Constitutional crisis if we pursue this story to its end and Obama is found to be ineligible to the presidency.  If we have really slid that far away from our Constitutional Republic as to figure that a usurper, (who has already signed his name to untold damage to this country) will not continue to do even more damage over the course of the next three and a half years, uh, I’ve got some tin foil hats to sell you guys!  There will be no Constitutional crisis as long as we simply follow it!  It is in crisis if we don’t!


Our enemies are in ecstasy watching this guy blow up America, and many who look to America as a safe haven are now questioning where they will go when we fall into the abyss of tyranny.


I have nothing but contempt for the cover-up of this story – and especially for the defamation of those who want it pursued.


If the health care reform debacle is what finally woke everybody up, that’s good, and I say, about damn time!  Now what do we have to do to stay awake and get to work on time before this creeping fascism is cast in concrete and chained around all our necks, and we take that last long plunge into the great murky cesspool that is inescapable tyranny? 


You think I’m a kook?  Prove it!  



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