Words Mean Things

Deborah Venable



The Trent Lott so-called faux pas has turned far too many heads and eaten up an exorbitant amount of commentary time in the last few days.  JJ Johnson, editor of Sierra Times on the Internet, wrote the most valuable commentary on the whole thing, and ended by saying that there are, after all, much more important things to discuss than this ridiculous media bait thrown out by a few ignorant black and white troublemakers.  He’s absolutely right.  Before we get past this, however, we should perhaps question why such an innocent and otherwise positive remark should have attracted such negative attention. 


            At the event, Lott said: "I want to say this about my state: When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We're proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years either." 


The fact that Stom Thurmond ran for president in 1948 on a segregationist platform is only the tip of the iceberg.  The real zinger that has been missed here is that there was even a place in the politics of post WWII America for a “segregationist” philosophy at all.  There would not have been, you see, if there had not been such a strong-arm move afoot for forced integration!  It is that word, “forced” that carries the key to the whole discussion.  


Let me make myself crystal clear here: forced integration was wrong then and it is wrong now.  Anyone who opposed it then had a great insight to a multitude of probable social problems it would cause, and anyone who opposes it today is merely being consistent with logic and loyal to the founding principles of this country.  I am sick and tired of hearing the nauseating back peddling comments of politicians who happen to step in one of the race baited traps of a hysterical, politically correct weak and immoral society!   The ignorant ravings of a misguided segment of the black race are at least sincere to their ignorance – but the timid, insincere, whining tone of white apologists is truly sickening!


Mr. Lott, is your thirst for power so great that you would see yourself stripped of anything akin to intelligence just so that you will not be wrongly labeled a racist?  And Mr. Bush, have you no shame at all?  You, who would have the American people believe that you are the great integrator of the races and the political party philosophies, are you such a scoundrel that you would lie in the mirror of your own heritage if you thought it would keep the same racist label from your own identity?  You men are both unworthy leaders and emasculated before all your followers if you cannot even maintain a consistency in your actions.  On the one hand, you both claim to be conservative in your thoughts and defenders of the U.S. Constitution, while on the other, you would readily join the liberal mindset and throw said document into the shredder before honoring the tenets of freedom it represents.


Freedom – yes, ladies and gentlemen, words do mean things.  Freedom means that the government has NO right to ever FORCE a policy of affiliation and association between philosophies, religions or, yes, even races!  That is why this whole “melting pot” idea worked so very well in the beginning.  It was based on the concept that anyone could come here and be an American first, no matter what his origin.  Being an American first means placing human freedom at the top of your priorities.  It does not mean supporting a government that would incrementally erode others’ freedom for its own convenience! 


Human free will takes over and deciphers right from wrong, good from evil, and justice from cruelty in the heart and soul of each individual if it is left alone to seek its own level.  When force is exerted on that free will, it is met with a natural resistance.  That resistance can cause a disturbance that will never find a just solution, and that is precisely what we have seen in the racial issues that are still very much at the forefront of our social problems.  There are no guarantees against being offended – there never have been!  Being offended is a personal issue that each individual must work out for himself.  It is not up to government – especially one founded in human freedom – to legally attempt to prevent personal offence.  Individuals are judged on individual worth by any human being worth the air he breathes.  It is not something that can be legislated!  Free human beings are the only guarantee that tyranny cannot rule.


Words mean things, folks.  Can you say, “justice” with a straight face and continue to allow the injustice of political correctness?  Until this scourge of modern government is dead, there will be no freedom for anyone.




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