Would You Like Fries With That?

Deborah Venable



News junkies were given a double dip of that sensational crowd pleaser recently – namely, “breaking news!”  First, the out of the blue release of Barack Obama’s long awaited, long form birth certificate.  Then, the shocker of all shockers – Osama bin Laden, dead at last – with the tag line, “photos to follow!  Yummy, huh?  What vastly different flavors in those two dips!


That was just the dessert served first.


Getting down to the meat of the matter, though, we find a lot more filler than substance on both counts.  In this meal, nothing is as it seems.  The birth certificate is every bit as useless as the first internet distributed birth document released a couple years ago, and the bin Laden story has more holes in it than a piece of Swiss cheese.  Oh, don’t get me wrong – I believe he’s dead, I just wish the storytellers had hired a better scriptwriter and stuck to the final edit!  Sorry for the continued food analogy here, but it is almost like being told to eat the menu in place of the real meal!


I won’t waste a lot of time here on the release of the birth certificate except to say it is simply an elaborate distraction from the real issue.  I am a realist, though, and realize that Obama, the cart, was put before the horse, the vetting process, and the result is that we are going nowhere unless it is backwards.  (I’m still betting a lot of folks will have to wash an awful lot of egg off their faces some day.) 


The removal of Osama bin Laden from this land of oxygen breathers is a different story.  This one will keep the analysts busy for a very long time unless something else happens to sweep the story off the headlines.  The long and short of it, though, is that bin Laden’s death is a military victory – pure and simple.  Members of our excellent, unprecedented military were sent to get him and they got him!  (They planned while the president slept on it.)  Obama was backed into a corner to give the order to go get him, and so he did. 




At this point the main course starts sitting a little heavy on the stomach.  The combination of ingredients and flavor enhancements, the cooking of the whole thing in too many conflicting pots, well, the smell really – it’s just all spoiling the taste of the thing. 


It was bad enough that the burial at sea story was told with such reverence to Islamic traditions, but now the pictures of the whole thing, including the damnable dead body, are off limits to the little people?  As the intellectuals ran that one across the goal line, you can surely bet that THEY spiked the damned football!  So now what?  We observers are just supposed to settle down in the stands and order us up another hotdog or hamburger – and would you like fries with that, m’am?


Those in charge of what passes for mainstream media and journalism in this country should bow their heads in shame.  Ditto all the educators in those various fields for the last few decades because they spawned the lot of them!  Political science and historical re-write educators take your own bows on that one too.  Oh, hell!  You all know who you are, so bow your heads and try for all you are worth to clear your brains of liberal indoctrination for once!  There is no morality in the drivel that you “teach” so you have starved the youth of the substance of truth and a real education.  In that, there can be no pride.


Why the mini-rant in the middle of this otherwise “focused” article?                


Call it spontaneity.  Passion, if you will – the same thing happens whenever I try to digest the daily news.  I can be all by myself, reading a newspaper, watching a media broadcast on television or the internet, or even listening to a newsbreak on the radio, but I am in constant auditory, verbal dialog with the “journalists” almost without exception.  I happen to think that I am not alone in this.  I’ll bet most of the tea party activists would agree with me.  Some of the things I mutter out loud are, shall we say, unkind.  If we do ever achieve the Big Brother world of George Orwell, where the screen is always watching, God help me because I will be one of the first ones hauled off to the Ministry Of Wherever They Put the Enemies Of the State Run Media. 


Those poor, ignorant folks who still do not see or believe the obvious media bias need straightjackets and rubber rooms – pure and simple.  Latest  breaking news from Fox suggests billionaire, George Soros, has his fingers in a lot of media pies.  While this isn’t surprising to me, (or anyone else paying attention) most of the little people are not likely to hear about it.  I guess old socialists and communists die like everybody else – it just seems to take them longer.  Meanwhile, they have an uncanny ability to end up in far too many government education and media positions so they can keep cranking out the young ones.   


As for the bin Laden story, I’d rather see it dead and buried.  Every little detail that continues to be leaked about the whole operation just endangers the lives and families of those brave souls that pulled it off, and also weakens what little is left of our national security as well.  Show the damned pictures of his worthless body and then put this one to bed, boys and girls – Obama has had enough curtain calls on it!


In the meantime, I hope there are more than a few young conservatives who have decided that the fourth estate still has an honest job to do in this fight to regain and then retain our liberties – and I hope they are utilizing a good truth filter in their classrooms of higher learning so that they can carry the torch into the next generation.



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