Double A H C A of 2009

Deborah Venable



I must wonder how many people who have seen fit to comment on the proposed health care legislation that is burning through public sentiment right now actually took the time to read it.  Believe me, you don’t have to get too far into it to have a real problem with it.  Take, for instance, the description right under the words, “A Bill” at the top of the first page.


“To provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending, and for other purposes.”


So, this is legislation to “provide” health care that is “affordable” and “quality” for all Americans while it “reduces” the “growth” in health care spending?  Then there is a comma followed by “and for other purposes.”  My first question was, what other purposes?  Good grief, if I wrote articles like these guys write legislation, folks would need a translator to understand anything I had to say!


First of all, bills do not “provide” health care.  They may only provide funding and regulation for it.  Bills also have no way of reducing growth in anything, (especially spending) except through regulation.  This regulation will be applied via policing tactics and direct funding, (spending) of government competitive insurance programs. 


Now let’s look at the actual name of this monstrosity:  “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009,” (or as I said in the title, Double A H C A.)  This brings us to the definition of “affordable” and “quality.”  These are very subjective terms, are they not?  Let’s not even get into the “choices” part yet, because the only purpose of this legislation is to take away choices – not make them available!  (That’s an opinion based on the facts contained in this bill, folks.)


If you are one of the brave ones that actually read this, this, this, (for the lack of a better term) doubletalk in the form of a bill, you may better understand John Conyers, (D-Mich.) recent joking lament about needing two days and two lawyers to understand it.  This is interesting in itself coming from Mr. Conyers, since he introduced H.R. 676 in February of 2005, which was titled; “To provide for comprehensive health insurance coverage for all United States residents, and for other purposes.”  (Hmmm, there’s that “and for other purposes” thingy again.)  There is also a 2007 copy of this bill available.  Suffice it to say that Conyers is big on the idea of single payer, government provided health care, but he doesn’t like to read much – consequently, his bill is much smaller in size.


Meanwhile, back to the doubletalk bill.  Much of what is contained in this bill has references, amendments, strikeouts, inclusions, and exclusions of material contained in other bills, acts and general legislation.  That means that in order to fully understand it, you would have to have handy copies of  the Public Health Service Act, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, the Internal revenue Code of 1986, not to mention certain other sections of that massive conglomeration known as United States Code, (U.S.C.), such as the Community Services Block Grant Act, the Social Security Act, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 – now, folks, I’m not nearly through with listing all the various “acts” and other “laws” mentioned in this thing, and that includes ALL of the various laws of individual states, which are referred to throughout the bill, but I hope you get my point!  Do you really think this thing was written with the intention of anybody ever understanding it? 


More importantly, do you think your congressman or the president and his minions understand it?  It isn’t that they do not know what is in it, for they surely DO know what is in it – government power and total control over every “choice” you may ever want to make concerning your health care and that of your loved ones.  The “other purposes” include controlling behavior and attitudes toward just about any social issue you can think of, controlling as much of your wealth as possible, and mandating decisions on everything from family planning and raising children to determining how we should die.


Democrat proponents of this House health care bill, including the president and leading lawmakers and members of the administration, have put together an interesting strategy of “fighting back” against the growing public outrage at this attempt to so radically change the health care system in this country.  That strategy includes “community organizing” efforts to make your congressmen feel positive about supporting it.  It also includes buzzwords such as fighting the “disinformation” and “misinformation” about what’s in the bill.  It’s interesting because citizens who have read this bill vastly outnumber members of congress and the administration who haven’t!  It is also interesting because every single point of contention that I have seen or heard about is legitimate!  Members of the opposing American public who have read this bill, (myself included), are NOT making this stuff up!  The only disinformation or misinformation is coming from the Obama administration and its supporters.


In summary, the language of this bill is convoluted to say the least, the references in it are confusing by design, and the intent is to lead this country to a government controlled, (nationalized) single payer health care system, which, incidentally, Obama has repeatedly stated his support for in the past – no matter what he says now.  The ultimate controls that this thing will put on individual behavior and personal choices, as well as personal wealth, are evil to a freedom loving society – plain and simple.  Evil – the opposite of good - and monstrous in its intent, this bill would break whatever humanity and wealth is left in this country in a very short time. 


If you have ever fought for anything in your life, you will know that this is the fight for everything in your life that you care about.  Dictators do not like an informed public, just as they do not like an armed one.  It is long past time we stop electing dictators while we still have the means to be somewhat informed and armed!   



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