The Victimhood Of the GOP

Deborah Venable



I haven’t looked forward to this election season because, truthfully, I never do.  Campaigns are ugly, expensive displays of the worst in human activity and interaction.  More selfishness and moral depravity is displayed during election seasons than at any other time – and the “victims” come out in droves.  Victimhood is worn like a badge of honor. 


This presidential campaign, however, just like the last one, is featuring a “victim” that is so dishonest and so damaging to the country as a whole that I must point it out with as much disdain as I can.  The “old guard” Republican Party establishment is trying to pass itself off as a victim.  These folks are so desperate to matter that they are willing to sabotage the welfare of the whole country to remain at the helm of their perceived power.  These are career politicians, advisors, and political pundits I am referring to.  They wouldn’t know how to survive without their current status intact, so they must stay aloof from reality and kowtow to a depraved liberal mainstream media.    


The establishment exercised all their muscle during the primary season to ensure that the Republican candidate would be their candidate of choice, Mitt Romney, just as they did in 2008 to guarantee us the much less than conservative, John McCain.  We all (conservatives) saw it happening then and now, but were powerless to stop it due to several factors, (fodder for another article.)  We were told Romney was the only one who had a chance to win against Obama in November – and that was that. 


So, well-informed, intelligent conservatives sucked it up once again and began to get our arms around “our” guy in the most genuine fashion we could.  After all, most of us would have put an X next to a well-known cartoon character to keep from having Obama, the Marxist, reelected!  To our very pleasant surprise, we have found that while we still can’t support all of Romney’s policies and past actions, we can take pride in the man’s basic character.  He is NOT an ignorant scumbag politician with an oversized closet full of embarrassing skeletons.  He obviously represents the best of conservative values in the way he conducts his private life, and he is a very successful capitalist with a certain positive approach to foreign policy – namely publicly condemn the guilty and support our allies. 


This is in stark contrast to the current administration’s appeasement at all cost policy.


So how has the establishment responded to every conservative characteristic that Romney has displayed in the general election campaign?  By condemning his “handling” of everything from releasing his tax returns to speaking out honestly against the administration’s debacle that is burning up the Middle East, with a little mock horror at the “secret tape” disclosures of Romney speaking yet more truth about the 47% of Americans that don’t pay taxes – I tell you, Romney’s biggest enemy is the Republican establishment!


I asked myself, why is this so?  He was THEIR guy, and now all they can do is make a voodoo doll out of him and fill him with needles!  Only one reason comes to mind.  They want to revel in a victim status when he loses.  They figure that it worked well back in 2008 when they sunk the McCain campaign by torpedoing Sarah Palin, (precisely what they did) so it should work this time too.  Think!  In the last four years these people have not been hurt – in fact, they have in some cases seen their perceived power within the party increase.  They, after all, could play the victim card at every turn.  Those dastardly Democrats held all the power for 2 years after Obama was elected, and they just couldn’t get anything done.  Obama helped them along of course, blaming them with a hyped up accusation of obstructionists.  Nobody expected any responsibility from these guys, and the pundits were free to rail about their victimhood.  All along they only helped to make many of our problems much worse – especially economically!


They could have stopped the rise of the debt ceiling, but did they?  They could have surely done a better job at coming out against the monstrosity of Obamacare, or fending off the ultra liberal Supreme Court confirmations early on, but they were all too busy just going along to get along. 


The most egregious, unforgivable and shameful action of all in the Republican Party establishment – both within the government and within the so-called conservative media, was the deliberate trivializing of the concerns of millions of American citizens about who this “out of nowhere” newly elected president really was.  They refused to vet him before he was elected and they helped to obstruct any vetting of him afterward.  Millions of Americans know that Obama was never Constitutionally eligible to be on the presidential ballot – much less get elected!  Anyone who dared broach the subject of this ineligibility was scoffed at and ridiculed, and it is still that way today.  It is criminal!


I don’t care where he was born, if we are to believe the pitiful excuses he has posted called “certificates of birth,” then his father’s nationality made him ineligible.  Period.  The Founders’ intent is beyond question with the Constitutional demand of Natural Born Citizenship.  Let me make this real easy for those in perpetual denial – that intent was to prohibit split loyalties.  Simple, and oh so important!  His mother and her family had known Communist ties, so still no apple pie American in his background.  As a little aside to all this, I have written off ever wanting to visit the state of Hawaii, because officials there have acted criminally in covering for this guy!


The only way that such deception could have been perpetrated on the millions of American citizens that still care about the Constitution is if the Republican Party establishment played along – so THAT is where I lay the blame. 


Getting back to the current situation.  I still don’t know how much of a chance Mitt Romney has to win this election.  I refuse to state even an opinion - one way or the other.  But I will say this – if he can shake the umbilical of the Republican establishment and denounce his treatment by them and their cover up of his opponent, he would instantly empower millions of American citizens who have been wandering the desert of disbelief in where we are headed due to things I’ve outlined here.  Add to that, the millions of otherwise duped Americans who are only concerned that this imposter’s Marxist policies have brought America to an economical, social, and National security precipice, and you have a landslide victory for Mitt Romney!


As a final note, if there are enough concerned Republicans left, I would expect to see some honest effort to bring legal justice to the aforementioned disenfranchised millions of us who have seen this president and his administration for what it truly is – unlawful.  Heads need to roll, and I am not talking about hiring some willing Islamic radicals to do the job – I’m saying use the laws of OUR land to put some of these folks in prison where they belong instead of sending them off to cushy retirements at taxpayer expense.  If I’ve got to pay for them anyway, let me have a hand in choosing their accommodations!


Now, call me stupid.



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