Threat Assessment

Deborah Venable



Whether or not America will be able to stave off complete annihilation of the world as we know it for another century should be the topic of most concern with our government as well as our people.  The water has gotten so muddied that we can’t seem to see the sharks coming for us – but they are there. 


When we think of potential threats to America, what goes through most Americans’ minds any more? 


Back in the decades immediately following World War II, the era of my own youth, the threats and thoughts about threats all centered around nuclear holocaust – the atomic bomb.  We had used it to end the war, which saved millions of lives and stopped the bloodletting of a warring world in total turmoil.  Not a single American, who was honest with himself, was proud of the awful destruction caused by our dropping “the bomb” on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but we were not in that war for the reasons that our enemies were. 


When the tyrants began their unrelenting march on multiple continents for the purpose of annihilating whole cultures of people and taking everything they had as spoils of war, America did not offer herself up to personally defend the underdogs, the innocents, and the ill equipped.  Yes, we spent much of our vast wealth to help supply our allies with tools and even volunteer personnel to fight the aggressors, but we expected nothing in return.  Those we ended up conquering so completely deliberately pulled us into that war when they purposely attacked us, literally as we slept. 


American blood was liberally spilled in that fight to stop tyranny in its tracks.  Because we acted as we did in that war, our future enemies would know that we, the American people, were a force to be reckoned with if ever we were deliberately attacked on our own soil again. 


From that point we also realized that strong alliances with other nations who were not receptive to the spread of tyranny should be forged if the weaker ones were to have any hope to fight off the lurking menace of communist aggression. 


But America made a regrettable error when we aligned our military might and dollars with organizations that sought to control our actions.  Our actions didn’t need to be controlled because we were not then, nor are we now imperialist in our hegemonic efforts.  We wish only to spread freedom and a respect for human rights throughout as much of the world as wants to receive it.  We should only look to our own unique heritage for answers to questions dealing with rules of engagement, but we find ourselves immersed in a world government of “entangling alliances” that have negated much of what we know works to win against evil.


In the Cold War that ensued after World War II, our survival depended on that message we had sent.  The American people were a force to be reckoned with if ever we were deliberately attacked on our own soil.  MAD worked with Soviet Russia because they knew they would suffer a loss they could not recover from if they used the terrible weapons in their arsenal against us, but they still tested us at times.  With the current mindset in this country, I sometimes wonder if we would pass those tests today.


And then came 911.  That was more than a test.  Every day that passes seems to add more failing grades to our report card.  As we falter in our resolve, we are sending a new message and our enemies are reading it loud and clear.            


I realize that it is extremely hard for most Americans to give more than a passing notice to world events or local concerns, but we should be a lot more savvy to the way things are than any other nation on earth.  Everything I see convinces me that we are not.  We have a public education system, a mainstream media, and a self-serving political system that has all but crippled our assessment skills and our abilities to protect ourselves from eventual ruin.


Even those of us who try to keep ourselves well informed are easily lead astray by the bombardment of absurdity in any given week.  While attention is focused on the absurd, knowledge of the obvious is all too often forgotten, therefore, solutions to major problems are ignored.  A bit of humor on my website comes to mind as an excellent illustration of what I am talking about here:


During a visit to a hospital for the mentally infirm, a visitor asked the Director what the criterion was that defined whether or not a patient should be institutionalized.

"Well," said the Director, "we fill up a bathtub; then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to the patient and ask him or her to empty the bathtub. "

"Oh, I understand," said the visitor. "A normal person would use the bucket because it's bigger than the spoon or the teacup."

"No," said the Director, "a normal person would pull the plug. Do you want a bed by the wall or near the window?"


Now while there are some who would not have to be offered the bed in the institution, I fear that percentage of “plug pullers” would not come anywhere close to outnumbering the bailers.  The choice of the obviously inferior implements is so absurd that it masks the solution to the real problem.


Getting back to our abilities at threat assessment, then, we can see why a broken education system, misleading media, and a corrupt political system could mask the obvious solution to keeping America secure and strong far into the future.  Reagan had it right when he said, “trust but verify.”  There are good, workable components in every one of the three aforementioned “implements” we have to work with, but the only thing we can trust is our own assessment – verified by our own hard work. 


So, as we are bombarded by more and more absurdity in the coming weeks leading up to the election, we must be able to look beyond those things meant to keep us off our guard and seek the real solutions to the problems we will face now and into the future.  Our assessments must be as accurate as possible, so we must question the obvious and trust ourselves to make the right choices, while understanding what the results of those choices could lead to.


Every problem we face that could eventually bring about destruction to our way of life hinges on one thing.  Controlling that one thing is the key to finding the “plug in the bathtub.”  I know you must be thinking that it is time to fix up my room by the window or the wall, but it really is that simple.  You must know it too.


Taking control of the financing – that is the only way to fix the problems caused by irresponsibility, apathy, and self-serving ignorance.  If we have problems with the choices our government representatives make for us, it is because we unquestionably fund them.  If you want more control of your own life, you must have more control of your own money.  It is just that simple.


The Democrats have made it clear that they WILL take more of that control away from you if they are elected into a majority situation in Congress.  That is their ONLY agenda.  This is verifiable. 


Let’s not give all Republicans a free pass here either.  The largest complaint among Republican constituency is the way they have deviated from their Contract With America pledge as they came to Congressional power back in the nineties.  This probably happened because too many of them tested the water and found that some Republicans were just giving lip service to the call for leaner government when it came to government programs that they might personally benefit from.  The self-serving political system extends into the governed as well as the governing, folks – it always has.


We cannot successfully hitch up our belts while taking advantage of those yummy desserts. 


The Democrat mantra of “tax cuts for the rich” has continued to mask the positive results of tax cuts.  Absurd.  The only meaningful tax cuts are for the rich because they are the ones that pay the most.  An honest look at the economy will show that given more of their own money to control the rich chose to pour that money into investments, which fueled the growing economy.  The truly rich rarely hide their money in mattresses any more - they choose to put it to work for their futures. 


Everyone, especially the poor, benefit – unless they only wish to sit on their butts and collect a government check for doing it.  Those are the only people who should be duped by the idea that the government needs more of our money.


I have heard some extremely intelligent people, (some even very rich) say that as long as we have a deficit, we taxpayers should gladly pay more – our “fair share” they call it. 


No we shouldn’t!        


We have a deficit for the same reason that most Americans are in debt up to their eyebrows right now.  We are spending far more than we are earning.  What usually happens when we earn more is that we just spend more.  It is a trap of our modern ignorance.  We have been programmed to fall right into it and thus keep feeding the monster that created it in the first place – too much government glut!


If Republicans had been smart, they would have made another Contract With America before this election cycle was ever kicked off.  They could have promised to do one of two things – either double the previous tax cuts in the next Congressional session or better still eliminate the IRS altogether by finally voting in the Fair Tax program.  I realize things have to happen incrementally – that is why I give them a choice here.  The first choice would have done no harm and little good unless they also stated and stuck to a tighter budget on government spending, but the second would have cinched their ability to maintain control of governmental power for years to come.  Remember, even the pittance of tax cuts they usually come up with results in a windfall increase in government coffers, so the Fair Tax would virtually wipe out any possibility of a deficit. 


Are there potential problems with this proposal?  Yes, of course.  It certainly is not perfect, but I believe it has more merit than anything else out there right now.  The potential problems would be under the control of the voters without nearly as much of a possibility for corruption as exists under the income tax system now.  The biggest challenge would come in the weaning process for average citizens who pay very little or no tax right now.  That is the only reason for the built-in problems with the Fair Tax proposal – the safety net for the poor.  The maintenance of the safety net part will still require too much bureaucratic tracking, but not nearly as much intrusion as exists now.


The price of doing business in America will see an immediate relief with the institution of this replacement for hidden corporate taxes that now exists.  No more claims of government subsidies through tax breaks to corporate bullies, no more government imposed ground leveling for honest competition in the markets, and no more government penalizing of fair and necessary profit taking  - all these things result in a stronger economy, a more satisfied work force, and a much more moral business environment to pursue the American Dream.  Effort will result in a straight percentage of success without passing through a filter of bureaucratic allowances.  We, the people, will supply the only filter to business success or failure – the way it should be in a free capitalist society.


When American business can do well in America, international markets will not hold such an attraction to those looking for loopholes.  Invasion of foreign individuals and markets will not find such an open door policy as exists now.  We will be more inclined to keep our eyes open to those who would wish us harm and see them coming through the clear waters of trust with verification for our own safety. 


As it stands now, our greatest enemies depend on our continuing to fund their activities against us.  We have handed them our eventual demise on a silver platter, and most cannot even see it because of government bickering over who needs to control our monetary choices. 


China is a determined enemy and by far our greatest threat.  It is also our greatest economic competitor.  Our country is overstocked with a glut of Chinese imports simply because there is such a financial advantage for American business to utilize that market right now.  American industry has all but dried up in the wake of trying to compete with this communist monster, yet the immediate profitability of using the Chinese market is about as economically sensible as accepting the value of using the labor of illegal aliens from Mexico in place of the “more expensive” and “unwilling” labor of Americans.  (Obviously the true economic sense of those two things cannot be trusted because they cannot be verified.)  But both practices are being utilized as ultimately “most profitable.”


The troublesome gnats that are the jihad terrorists will continue to plague us for decades if we allow it.  If we continue to give ground to the war they started instead of fighting it as a war and getting it over with, they will succeed at weakening our resolve to fight for anything else – including our own continuing freedom.  Americans must get on the same page with this war on terrorism – which DEFINITELY includes the war in Iraq. 


The bad guys are intent on killing us – starting with our soldiers in Iraq and all the good Iraqi people who are fighting so valiantly for their own freedom – but certainly not ending there.  When are the American people going to get that fact through their thick heads?  If people are so ignorant that they still think we should have never engaged the Hussein Killing Regime three and a half years ago and removed that strategically located danger to us and the rest of the world, then they should start picking out their rooms by the windows or the walls!  Yet every day in this country those who wish only to obtain more financial power in American government are using a politicization of the Iraq war as their absurd distraction to achieve that power.  They back away from their own assessments of Iraq made months and years before we engaged in the war.  They play right into the enemy’s hands by calling our president stupid and insisting on exactly what the enemy wants – the American people to doubt their own wisdom in fighting the terrorists on their own ground.     


The Korean threat is another annoying gnat buzzing around in America’s face.  So is Iran.  These two nations are intent on joining the nuclear club and have made no bones about their eventual goals when it comes to how far they will go to prove that they ARE very real nuclear threats.  Let’s get one thing perfectly clear – they will only remain threats if they can get away with it. 


Today I am hearing more and more people say such things as, “why shouldn’t other nations have nuclear weapons if we have them?”  They insist on equating America’s nuclear power with that of despicable rulers like North Korea’s Kim Jong-il and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Other nations DO have nukes.  Eight others to be exact.  Among them, our old nemesis, Russia and of course China. 


I am sick and tired of America being seen with the same moral equivalency as these dangerous enemies and potential enemies.  And I am tired of the ignorance that refuses to recognize the necessity of America to defend against evil intent.  Evil intent is out there in every jealous, tyrannical extremist seeking only to unseat America as the world leader in freedom and human rights, in economic growth and civilized human advancement, and finally in the proliferation of peaceful human relations.  Those things are the representative hope that America has always offered the world.  We have NOT done it through domination, imperialism or evil rule.  We do not force other nations to set aside their religion, their royalty, or their customs in order to join our ideals for human advancement.  We instead encourage individual advancement, independent security, and self-rule – even after we have prevailed in war.  Does anybody really think any other nation on earth, if they achieved the power that we have, would be willing to live and let live to the same extent that we do?  Ask Germany, Italy, and especially Japan how they would have handled victory in World War II.


Too many Americans have failed to give America enough credit as the unique and amazing success in human advancement that it is.  They concentrate on the imperfections that have occurred from trying to be all things to all people to the detriment of our own culture.  Evil still lurks and cannot be satiated with good intent.  The fact that we are hated is not our fault – it is to our credit, because that hatred is spawned from evil and ignorance.


We have many absurd distractions plaguing our efforts to sort out real solutions to our biggest problems at the present.  Political wrangling for power over how best to spend our money, how best to control our every action, and how best to deceive us in pursuing our best interests will dominate over the next few weeks.


We hold the purse strings that control it all - and it ALL does come down to money – our money.  We must move heaven and earth to gain back control of that money so that our decisions will be just that – OUR decisions, and not those of self-serving representatives.  We CAN pull the plug on the tub of government spending before we all drown in wasteful spending and dangerous apathy.


So what do YOU wish to buy with your money?  Security and freedom, or a ticket to sit on your butt and let someone else take care of your every need for the rest of your life, (by the window or the wall, Sir, Madam)?  Letting someone else call the shots for you requires that you relinquish any control that you think you have right now.  Is that what made America great?  Or do you think that the world would truly be better off without American influence? 


Make your choices wisely in November, and then hold their feet to the fire until they start acting a lot more responsibly than they have in the past.  It may be the last chance we have to make the right choice.


Let’s get the threat assessment straight in our minds and stop allowing absurd choices to hide the obvious.        



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