Let’s Reform Healthcare

Deborah Venable



The only healthcare reform that will make our system better is less – not more government intervention.  Government intervention in so many ways has depreciated the care that patients can expect from the medical profession.  Medicine is not and should not ever be a controlling mechanism in how we live our lives, but that is exactly how government, and those who would support more government imposition on the rest of us

wish to have it. 


“Big Pharma” and the most lecherous of the big health insurance industry, (especially including government health insurance) grew directly out of increased government regulation on everything medical.  The further we strayed from letting the free market control such things as who would be successful in the whole field of medicine, insisting instead that government “protect” us from the “bad” providers of medical care, equipment, and drugs, the more we invited corruption and decline in the overall quality of medical care in this country.  An added liability to government control of the industry is the shocking increase of the price tag to the average consumer of products and services.  Corruption, after all, is a very expensive commodity.


It is truly sad at a time when attention needs to be paid to so many other things of much greater importance, we conservative voices must continually draw attention to the life and death struggle we are in because of this one issue.  If we lose this one, it will just be the beginning of a losing streak from which we may never recover. 


I thought I’d seen the worst that a corrupt government could dish out to a self-governing populace in a supposedly free republic, but nothing could have prepared me for what I have witnessed in the last year.  


The cry to “reform healthcare” has been an ongoing beating drum in the “progressive” march to socialism, communism, and tyranny.  Why?  Because it is the one area of societal existence that should be completely off limits to the collective view, and the collectivists know it!  Healthcare is extremely personal.  It is an individual responsibility and should be governed by individual choice. 


Think about this.  If you need a new set of tires for your vehicle, or you need to have some engine work done on it, you can shop around for price, convenience, and quality, then purchase the products and services that you decide is best for you at the time.  You are either pleased or not pleased with your choice, and you will probably either recommend (or not) the provider of the products and services, and use them again at a later date, or not.


If you are the one who needs “some engine work done” however, your shopping is probably extremely limited, unless you have an endless supply of money and no health insurance.  Even then, you will have to be inconvenienced with reams of paperwork before a physician will even see you.  Some of the questions you will have to answer may be relative to your needs, but most of them will not have any relevance – and you will have to answer the same questions over and over again.  God help you if yours is a recurring condition that you have any idea about what you need from the physician. 


The medical profession has been trained to look at every patient academically and objectively – never subjectively.  This has evolved over a period of time specifically because of this progressive march toward collectivism.  If the people are to have healthcare as a right, then there must be a collective set of rules to govern it.  Individual healthcare should be like a simple math problem with the specifics acquired from the individual being treated.  Collective healthcare, like the universal form we are headed towards, is the equivalent of a mathematical theorem, where the variables are supplied by sets of quantitative elimination.  If a equals this and b equals this, then c must equal what’s left after we add a plus b plus c and subtract a and b.  HUH?  Who can do that?  Why, government can of course!  Government knows what the total should equal, therefore, the rest is easy!


I apologize if your brain is hurting.  This is the point.  If you expect your healthcare to be paid for by government, (read that other people), then you should be happy as a lark about the way things are going.  BUT, if you’d rather pay your own way, make your own health decisions, and take responsibility for your actions, then you should insist on healthcare reform – the kind of reform that will take away regulation, strip the necessity for health insurance, and allow doctors to treat patients one-on-one without having to please anyone but the patients he or she is treating. 


Why are we allowing politicians to decide for us when, what, where, how, and why we can or will receive medical care if we ever need it?  This is only the beginning of the decisions we will eventually turn over to them if we let them succeed in making us all slaves to their will and our well-being.



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