The Truth Not Told

Deborah Venable



Ignorance is certainly frustrating, but willful ignorance is appalling.  Apathy is unconscionable, but feigning apathy is deplorable.  I guess what I’m saying is that the destruction of the American culture has come about not just because of simple ignorance and apathy, but, more accurately, due to an activist agenda dead set on American destruction. 


            “There are none so blind as they who will not see.”


            “The worst lie is the truth not told.”


People can remain ignorant on many subjects and lead happy, productive lives, but ignoring self-evident truths is the one human failing that must be fostered by a fierce determination to destroy the best in the human spirit – self-determination.


As we all go through our lives, we generally pick our own fights weighing the importance of our struggles accordingly.  We seek to understand just enough about the world around us to insure that we are right and everyone else is either wrong or uninformed.  It is this understanding that leads us to invest in life itself – to put our time and energies where it matters most to us.  It is that investment that either pays off or gets lost in the struggle. 


The payoff is happiness.


Happy people do not invest in the destruction of everyone else’s happiness, so as a culture – any culture – is destroyed, happiness is exchanged for the lie – the truth not told.  Within that lie resides the worst of human misery. 


Live and let live is a wonderful philosophy, but one must be truly “living” to follow it.  Some years back Garth Brooks recorded a great song called, "The River" which illustrates my point beautifully.  The lyrics liken a dream, (which in this case is symbolic of life itself) to a river.  The “dreamer” is the vessel on the river.  The challenge for the dreamer, the individual living his life, is to “stay between the shores” and “sail his vessel until the river runs dry.”  So, that’s what living is all about – you follow where life goes, “trying to learn from what’s behind you, but never knowing what’s in store.”      


            “Too many times we stand aside and let the waters slip away.”


“So don’t you put upon the shoreline and say you’re satisfied – choose to chance the rapids and dare to dance the tides.”


If one is truly living, then, not standing on the shore and “watching the river run by” live and let live is the ultimate philosophy for happiness.  Throwing stones from the shore is not the way to achieve happiness.  Sailing your own vessel and seeing all there is to see, learning from the past and daring to see life through to the end – this is the productive human experience. 


Those standing on the shore are the ones who will not see and who will accept the lie of the truth not told.  They will destroy the very shore they stand on, denying the culture that bred them and the truth that bore them.  Such people are the legislators of equality through force.  They throw the stones of hate – hate for freedom of thought and religion – hate for self-determination. 


Let’s look at just one subject, one issue if you will.  The issue of homosexual activism is so very destructive to our culture, our happiness, and our future.  That is the truth.  Accepting the homosexual “lifestyle” as normal is simply impossible.  Equating it to traditional families is willful ignorance.  Refusing to see the detriment in raising children to believe these things is accepting the truth not told – the worst lie.  It causes children to question their own sexuality long before they should even be aware of that component in their humanity.  It refracts their ability to see relationships clearly into a kaleidoscope of confused images of “normal.” 


This insistence upon “educating” children to reject truth as prejudice does not create a world without it – it creates a world with more and more people standing on the shore, confused by the current of life as it passes them by, and with the unrealistic desire to throw stones and destroy any chance for normal happiness. 


Whether you believe that humans evolved from primordial ooze, traveled to earth from the great unknown, or were created in God’s image, you will never be able to prove it to those who do not share your faith in these beliefs.  That is the great design of human existence and all you can do is discuss your beliefs.  You have a right to determine what those beliefs are for yourself and you do not have a right to legislate your own views on others.  Live and let live. 


Self-evident truths are normal, and normal, likewise, cannot and should not be legislated away.  A man and woman create a child.  Normal.  They and they alone are responsible for that child.  Normal.  If they give up that responsibility, that is not normal.  If they are coerced to give up that responsibility, that is still not normal.  If they decide to introduce a very small child to “normalcy” via multi-sexuality education, it is their call just as it is their call to introduce that same child to their interpretation of religious truth.  It is not my business, it is not your business to legislate how they choose to educate their child.  Why are we, then, allowing the shore standing, stone throwers to decide how everyone’s children should be educated?


I decided to educate my children the way I believe.  I told them that homosexuality was not normal.  I told them that “if the Good Lord was the captain” of their vessel, they could face whatever life threw at them.  That didn’t warp any of them.  They are fine young people and they all live and let live.  They have good friends, some normal, some not.  They didn’t choose to withhold their friendship from those folks that are homosexuals, and they didn’t question their own self-evident truths.  If I had chosen, instead, to teach them that homosexuality was normal and that people who have a strong belief in God are wrong, I don’t believe they could have “stayed between the shores” as long as they have.  I don’t believe they would be happily sailing down the river of life chancing the rapids and dancing the tides as they all do.  No.  I think they would be stone throwers on the shore. 


Since when do stone throwers get to make laws in this, the best and freest country on earth? 


Hate crimes?  The worst of those are the hate America crimes.  Those are the ones that will get us long before that river runs dry, folks. 


            “There are none so blind as they who will not see.”


            “The worst lie is the truth not told.”



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