The Sex Trap

Deborah Venable



I thought that would get your attention. 


Okay, I don’t know about anybody else, but my head is spinning.  The Petraeus affair seems to have set off a firestorm of media interest in something they had been trying to avoid, huh?  Namely, the Benghazi affair.  Wouldn’t that have made for an interesting October surprise if it had come out in a timely fashion?  But, no, why would it?  The Obama regime has a firm grip on what gets reported widely, and this had to be kept firmly under wraps.  Don’t worry – it will soon be gone and out of the headlines anyway.  Some seem to think that the truth will come out, but my glass is half empty at this point. 


I have lived with the threat of communism taking over this country all my life, and now I have lived long enough to see it actually succeeding. 


Anyone reading this that isn’t up to date on the specifics of the Petaeus affair and various components, I am not going to do your homework for you.  I’ll just give you a spoiler, (it’s all about SEX!)  Sex between the general, err CIA Director, and his biographer, his friend and her other general and the FBI operative who blew the cover off the whole thing, and the American people’s appetite for salacious behavior – that’s the ticket for covering up what really happened in Benghazi.  Those four DEAD Americans are excess baggage to the REAL story, don’t you know?


I have lived with the threat of communism taking over this country all my life, and now I have lived long enough to see it actually succeeding!


Elsewhere on my site, several years ago, I posted this, which contains 45 communist goals first brought to light over 50 years ago.  Take a good long look at number 35 on that list.  I have said before that this one always puzzled me somewhat.  Why the FBI?  I think at the time it had more to do with just who was running the FBI.  Some might be surprised to learn that the concept of this premier law enforcement agency has its roots solidly in progressivism.  Can you say, Teddy Roosevelt?  Okay, I would strongly suggest that you take a few minutes and read over this brief history of the FBI. 


It is no secret that J. Edgar Hoover, the first and longest tenured Director of the FBI, was the American Communists’ worst nightmare, so that probably explains the inclusion of goal number 35.  Truth be told, there were probably at least three other organizations that communists would desire to see discredited and dismantled – the CIA, Secret Service, and of course the United States Military.  Well, as they say, patience merits reward.  Can anyone argue that these organizations are losing a lot of their stellar credibility right before our very eyes?  They all have fallen into the Sex Trap that can dominate media headlines like no other subject.  In case you think this just started happening, a good look at real history would set you straight, (even on good old J. Edgar.) 


Here is the funny thing to ponder, though – in the current cultural atmosphere of demand for more tolerance in all things sexual, why now are we seeing these organizations come undone by the Sex Trap?  When I was a kid, these things were either efficiently covered up, or they brought immediate ruin to everyone they touched.  Nowadays, a sex scandal in your background can actually be (as Rush Limbaugh likes to call it) a “résumé enhancement.”  So what if the guys in the Secret Service advance teams get caught with their pants down (literally) or stalkers in the FBI are “just doing their jobs” or deployed, married, highly decorated military men are commonly referred to as “geographic bachelors” – is it “tolerant” to highlight them in the media these days?


I’ll answer my own question by referring back to the list of communist goals.  Let’s just say that the Sex Trap was anticipated and planned for a long time ago, and so was today’s media.


God bless all those Americans putting their lives on the line each and every day for a country and a culture that values sex over all else.  May we soon begin to right that wrong.      



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