I Want Insurance For Children!

Deborah Venable



Okay, guys, I’m back with a vengeance!  While the tenuously Democratic controlled congress tries to hand President Bush an overridden veto, everyone is still missing the real point.  American children are in REAL danger! 


This farce of a battle going on over the SCHIP issue is not being undertaken to save American children from anything – much less the most dangerous threat they need saving from!  (More on this shortly.)  Children in this country DO have access to the very best health care in the world when they need it.  This is provided not only by the United States Government, but by the charity of good people and resource dollars collected from many faceless heroes.  Anybody ever hear of such organizations as the Shriners?  That is just one of which I have personal knowledge.  There are many others that do fantastic work in the field of children’s medical needs.   


Let’s shelf this idea once and for all that government will ever know more about providing health care than anyone else does. 


Serious legitimate threats to American children DO exist, though, and for those threats the American people had better search earnestly for an effective insurance underwriter – a policy that will cover unacceptable risk with the best security we can offer. 


I want insurance for children that political leaders will stop espousing socialist fixes for the many social problems that threaten the future for American children.  I want the brainwashing taking place in society to stop dulling the senses and polluting the logic of individual responsibility.  I want the disease of political correctness eradicated and a reasonable program of immunization against future outbreaks of the sickness that sparked the tolerance for it put in place. 


That would be a real good start.


Many have been sounding the alarm about the incoming tide of American culture breakdown, but resistance to it seems to be diluted in the tide pools of tolerance that form around any attempt to protect the birthright of American children.  What is that birthright you might ask? 


The right to learn the true history of our melting pot culture – not the scum soaked stew that has become acceptable gruel for the inmates of America’s public education system – that is a birthright being effectively blocked by a liberal, “progressive” agenda.


Our schools are a battleground of “no tolerance” tolerance for parents and teachers trying to do the right thing.  Children are being taught NOT to defend themselves against bullies on school grounds.  If they do, they are punished as if they were guilty of a crime – whether or not they started the fight.  Is it any wonder then that they are ill-equipped to handle the real world scenario of personal responsibility for personal safety?  They are also being taught that standing up for personal values is punishable, but acceptance for others’ lifestyles is mandatory.  There is no logic to these lessons, just as there is no assurance that American culture can survive such blatant disrespect of its foundations in moral grounding. 


Therefore, I want an insurance policy that will indemnify American children against the harm of growing up in a Godless society that shuns the foundations of Christian morality upon which America has survived her tumultuous history.  A society more accepting of minority beliefs than it is defensive of its cultural roots is doomed to eventual revolution.


Have no doubt THIS is the real goal of America’s worst enemies – ALL of them. 


It serves our Islamic terrorist enemies quite well to have our Christian beliefs subjugated to their Muslim ones as we continue to push God away from our schools, courts, and all other public places while making special accommodations for Muslim traditions everywhere!  It serves the interests of our ever-growing communist enemies here and all over the world to shove morality out of the way of secular progress.  Ticking societal bombs are in place within every persecuted community and, most importantly, within the elements of our economy that will not withstand the explosion of an over-burgeoned government demanding more financial confiscation while returning greater regulation than we have ever known. 


If you bother to study events leading up to free societies falling under Islamic despotism or communist tyranny, you will find that these societies are eventually lost through revolt.  Both factions are trying to set us up for just such an event. 


I want insurance against American children ever having to pay such a high price for the ignorance of their parents and grandparents while we can still put the brakes on and stop such a future catastrophe for them.


But, alas, I don’t hear our esteemed Congress talking about such an insurance policy, do you?  Instead, they would like to give us the impression that children are their top priority by demanding we give them more power over our individual health decisions.  I haven’t heard how they are planning to insure our children against such known dangers as terrorist plans to get to us through the children at some time in the future.  For those who would like to know more about this, please take the time to read this recent article by Marc Sheppard published at the American Thinker website.  (I would like to know if this is the first time you have heard about this.  Just drop me a note.)  It seems that only a few people in the media have seen fit to run this story.  I first heard about it a couple years ago.


I want insurance for children to indemnify them from adults who are too lazy or apathetic to pay attention while there is still time to preserve their future – birthright intact!     



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