Logical Conclusions

Deborah Venable



I smoke for the same reason I drink beer, shoot guns, read books, write articles, plant gardens, have animals, listen to good music, and communicate with good friends – I ENJOY all these things. 


I don’t take drugs, (legal or otherwise) eat mutton, ride roller coasters, look at pornography, accept speaking engagements, ride motorcycles, keep snakes as pets, listen to noise called music, or pick fights with neighbors because I do NOT enjoy any of these things.


The logical conclusion for each and every individual is to decide for himself what he enjoys doing.  Some things actually require “trying out” to make that decision.  For instance, I actually ate mutton and lamb and even goat several different times before I came to the conclusion that I would probably never enjoy the flavor. 


I’ve had good friends and neighbors that kept snakes and rode motorcycles, and after having to visit most of the motor cycle riders in the hospital, not to mention seeing the mayhem of rounding up the snakes when they inevitably escape into the neighborhood, I decided these things were not something I was ever likely to enjoy.


I took my share of roller coaster rides in youth and was never “thrilled” enough by that experience either to decide that I enjoyed it.


I have been exposed to all genres of music over three decades of child rearing, so that one was easy to make a decision on what I would enjoy.


I never felt any compulsion to “do” illegal drugs, and the few times I’ve had to take extremely potent legal ones convinced me that I would never have a “drug” problem because I could never enjoy the feeling of drug influenced behavior.  I’ll take the pain instead whenever I can.


I took a speech class in college, which convinced me I would never enjoy speaking or lecturing, even though I did somewhat enjoy feedback sessions to small groups when that was my livelihood.


Oh, and the pornography and picking fights thing just isn’t something that sane folks enjoy anyway.  Judgmental?  You bet!  That is what making decisions is all about.


I am judged every day for smoking and drinking beer, and I am sure my sanity is questioned for doing one or both.  The problem comes when the government enforces judgment on such legal choices, while turning a blind eye to much more dangerous legal choices that others may make. 


It has become so politically incorrect to smoke legal cigarettes in this country that an entire industry of providers of the product is regulated and forced to comply with an ever-growing absurd packaging requirement in an attempt to convince people NOT to buy their product.  Meanwhile, the governing agencies continue to soak the users of the product with exorbitant “taxes” which non-users rely on for untold goodies. 


THAT, my dear friends, is NOT a logical conclusion.


It is also NOT a logical conclusion that otherwise conservative individualists would join with the politically correct rabble-rousers in thinking all the non-smoking regulation is a good thing.  But many do.


Meanwhile, as the number of smokers decline, the number of drug users, (legal and otherwise) and the rate of mental illness, and obesity go up.  (Lung cancer doesn’t seem to be declining all that much either.)  I’m just sayin . . . 


I’m an old person now and have never cost the government or anyone else one single dime in healthcare.  I have smoked and drank beer all my life though.  I have probably paid enough in taxes on both to more than pay for ANY catastrophic illness I may ever suffer if it came to that.  But for the most part, those taxes have been used to promote political correctness against my choices and allow society to keep on making much WORSE and more destructive choices.  Also not a very logical conclusion to the further insistence on this unfair judgment of me, is it? 


About the time that tobacco products were banned from television advertising, a plethora of legal drug advertising started showing up – many designed to fight so-called clinical depression.  If you listen to the possible side effects from these drugs, it makes you wonder why horrible consequence pictures are not required on every prescription bottle!


While the government has intervened in the choice of employers to be “judgmental” in deciding whom they want to hire based on certain other life choice illnesses, (HIV disorders and/or mental illness being “treated,” or even just being gay) it encourages the harshest judgment AGAINST hiring smokers. 


While I still had kids in public schools I wasn’t allowed to know if they may at any time be exposed to the deadly AIDS virus via an infected child’s bloody nose or you name it, but my kids were encouraged to harp on me as a vice-ridden person for being a smoker – and THAT “education” was paid for via my cigarette taxes.   


Such examples as these do NOT illustrate logical conclusions to societal or especially governmental actions!  I could put forth a much more logical conclusion.  Perhaps as we become a more regulated and controlled society, our health issues, CAUSED by such controls as more prolific use of drugs, God knows what additives to our food and water supply, sanctioned yet unreal medical “care” demands, and absence of responsibility for our own choices, whatever they may be, will weaken us beyond the ability to fight anything. 


The healthcare issue has already become the stake through America’s heart – and it was all done in the name of socialist power and control.  It started long before Obamacare.  We already had to be “gasping for our last breath” before THAT little piece of legislation could be wrought on us.       


If my fate down the road is to die gasping for breath, because I CHOSE to smoke for enjoyment, why is that any worse than any of the other ways I could die?  I don’t choose to be obese or drug addled, or even prescription drug dependent.  I haven’t even sought medical treatment for anything in almost ten years.  The thought of doing that scares me far more than just dying from whatever befalls me at this point.  I’m sure I’ll enjoy that last smoke and that last beer, though, just as I always have.


One thing you can never argue with is that death is a logical conclusion to living a full life.     



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