Another High Profile Shooting

Deborah Venable



Everyone needs to comment on it.  News agencies need to dispatch a hoard of reporters and call in a plethora of analysts to give wall-to-wall coverage of the event.  The victims, of course, get lost in the shuffle. 


One individual has the power to direct programming, hurry up changes, to news formats already set.  One individual has the power to cause a delay in Congressional voting.  One individual has the power to decide what the country will be talking about for a few days at least, and who knows how long at worst?  One individual has the power to cause the president to dispatch the head of the FBI to a state locality to “be his eyes and ears” on what’s being done in the investigation into the incident.  One individual took the power of life and death and destruction into his hand in the form of a 9mm weapon, and discharged it at will at a peaceful assembly of concerned citizens.  One individual has the power to set the political commentary of ordinary citizens at odds with those perceived to be on the “opposing” side of their views. 


Who is this individual?


Well, since I never fancied myself as a journalist or reporter, I refuse to even name that individual in this piece of commentary.  That is obviously what he wanted – to make a name for himself.  He is a pitiful excuse for a human being.  His parents should be hiding in shame.  His friends should be seriously questioning their judgment for ever interacting with him on anything akin to a friendly basis.  His teachers should start wondering where they screwed up.  He should be dead.


The high profile folks who are in a feeding frenzy of getting their two cents worth in should also seriously question their own judgment.  Those who are condemning America as a land of violence and “hateful vitriol” should look around to lands where much worse is more commonplace.  Just ask the soldiers we send to defend our way of life in God forsaken places where death and destruction is their way of life.


You want somebody to blame for the recent high profile shooting in Tucson, Arizona on Saturday, January 8, 2011?  Blame the ignorance that spawned the shooter.  Blame the “deer in the headlights” attitude of those around him when he first pulled the trigger.  Blame the politically correct attitude that has disarmed too large a portion of the American public, so that he could literally keep on pulling the trigger without a bullet in his own brain stopping him.


Whatever sells.  That’s what we will hear from the media.  High profile shootings sell. 


In a country that we constantly hear professes the number one problem to be one of concern about our economics, I would expect we would be glad that something is selling!


Our number one problem has nothing to do with economics.  Our number one problem is a deteriorating morality.  That deteriorating morality will fuel a fire in this country to give that little twerp the notoriety he sought, even as it disrupts important discourse over an interminable time.  Is anyone going to be concentrating on the calls for revolution by those who refuse to let a crisis go to waste?  Or will more media time be spent discussing how “hate speech” must be wiped out once and for all, so that this never happens again?  How much will that cost?


To the victims of this high profile shooting – my heart goes out to you, your families, and the families of those who did not survive.  None of you deserved this.  One individual has the power to pray that you will find comfort in a future that has been changed forever.  One individual has the power to believe that good must come from evil, and to truly hope that peace will prevail in your lives.  One individual has the power to learn from this experience and be more aware of those around her that could be heading in this destructive direction – and to stop them before such damage is wrought again.  This individual promises to do these things.



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