Obama Has Yet To Have To Prove He’s a Citizen

Deborah Venable



God bless Rush Limbaugh!  I was very hard on him in a previous article, and I wasn’t as thrilled as some “birthers” with the fact that he’d cracked the popular joke about God and Obama both not having a birth certificate, but finally he actually said the words, “Obama has yet to have to prove he’s a citizen.”


Rush was talking about the harassment he has to endure each year, carried out via audits from tax authorities, to prove each and every point on his tax returns when the above quote came out. 


The fact is that the left in this country, the liberals who were instrumental in electing Barack Obama and support his plans to rip the very heart out of America, cannot justify Obama’s eligibility to serve as president – because it isn’t there!  I am convinced of this.  He cannot prove his eligibility.  He will never be able to.  All he and his supporters can do is to trash the sincerity and the credibility of Americans who are asking for the proof. 

I know that is a heavy statement, folks, but if the proof was there, we would have already seen it.  What is so hard to understand about that?


The fact that so many on the right, conservatives, have refused to acknowledge that a big unconstitutional mistake was made when this man was not properly vetted, even before he became a United States Senator, has been a major frustration to many good people - people on both sides of the aisle, I might add.  I absolutely refuse to be shamed or preached to by people who do not know what they are talking about.  I refuse to be referred to as a conspiracy theorist on this issue.  These accusations do not prove anything.  The only “theory” that exists is that Obama is in any way qualified for his job as leader of a free and sovereign country – especially America!


He is proving every single day that he does not appreciate or value freedom, America, American people, the Constitution, the founders, the rule of law, God or common decency.  That is fact – not theory!


Obama was raised, not with the traditions of American greatness, but with the traditions of Marxism combined with admiration for Islamic rulers and with the idealism of atheism thrown in for good measure.  This cannot be credibly denied.  But the man and his followers are very accomplished liars.  I will give them that.  Let’s not lose sight of the fact that Obama has been installed in his position of power.  He was pre-ordained to have the job by the elites – both foreign and domestic – who pull the strings of politics ever tighter every single election cycle.  The only thing that will ever break those strings is the effort of non-ignorant American people who truly see what is going on.


We are getting the bum’s rush in this country at every turn on our way to all this hope and change we were promised.  In the first place, hope is not something that can be supplied by someone else.  We either have it or we don’t, and that is totally up to each and every individual.  The only change that I want is to see the so-called “ruling class” in this country turned upside-down, wrong-side out, and shaken to thoroughly dislodge the soil within.  I don’t want the free enterprise system changed to a socialist or fascist system, but congress and Obama are pushing for it at break-neck speed.  I don’t want theories to replace factual history about what causes success, but Obama is trying his best to implement such flawed theory as law of this land.


Theories are being shoved down our throat while moral decency, common sense, and proven history are downplayed or ignored.  Obama has yet to have to prove he is a citizen, much less anything but a megalomaniacal, self-centered, racist.  That’s right – I said racist, for that description fits much better for him than for so many others accused of it on a daily basis.  The theories that capitalism is evil, that the poor are owed anything on the backs of the rich, that man is more powerful than God in deciding the fate of our environment, and that people who hold such theories care more about people than we who don’t are all blatant lies.  Let’s tell it exactly like it is, shall we?   



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