Where’s the Birth Certificate?

Deborah Venable



Okay, I’ve danced around the subject long enough.  I just want to see Barack Obama’s REAL birth certificate and all the other “personal” records that would support (or fail to support) the proof that he is Constitutionally qualified to hold the office of POTUS.  I’m tired of being laughed at for bringing it up, I’m tired of hearing the tired old mantra from the Obama camp that to question the man’s eligibility to hold office is “garbage,” and I’m really tired of the deafening silence from, not only the mainstream, left leaning media, but especially from leading conservative voices in media and print!  Shame on the whole lot of you!!


Rush Limbaugh – I love ya man, but where do you stand on this subject?  Huh?


Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck – You guys get before powerful radio microphones AND television cameras every day for hours, and not a peep out of either of you on this subject!!


Ann Coulter – Come on Ann, why should you shut up and shut out the questions that beg answers?


All you others – writers, and conservative members of the Fourth Estate, has the cat really got your tongues on this one?


Web site publishers – You ask for funding for your “valuable” services, employ pop ups and pop unders, and have ads plastered throughout all your articles that make it very difficult on those of us just wishing to stay informed without being hacked every time we sign onto your sites, but you refuse to run stories to inform the public about the greatest assault on the Constitution since my home state was shot up in the Civil War!  You guys make me sick!  I am inundated with ads that come into my email box via all you guys that are out there “printing the truth” but you have the audacity to avoid the simple truth about the qualifications of this nation’s current president!


All EXCEPT Joseph Farah’s WorldNetDaily website, that is!  The Full Story


Here’s a hat tip to you, Joseph.  I have been linked to your website for over seven years and I visit it just about every day.  I’ve linked to many articles published by you and your fine staff of writers, and I’ve signed your petitions, bought your Whistleblower, and given you kudos at every turn.  I don’t always agree with you, but I do respect you a lot more than some others I could and have named!


Just so everyone will know, I intend to send this article to Mr. Farah and other editors and site publishers as soon as I finish it.  They can do with it what they will, but I will publish it myself and it will be in my archives as long as my website stands.  Let me reiterate that this site receives NO funding of any kind – commercial or otherwise – and will remain totally independent.  I am solely (and soulfully) responsible for everything I publish here. 


Okay, intermission over – let’s get back to the subject.  Next year the Constitutionally mandated census will take place in this country again.  I vividly remember the last one.  At that time I was living in Livermore, California and I refused to answer most of the questions on that census, which came in the mail.  Of course, I received a visit from a census taker in person to inquire about the “sketchy” answers, whereupon I proceeded to inform her that I was within my Constitutional rights to refuse to answer invasive, stupid questions.  I pointed her out the door and toward the research to support this declaration.  She returned a short while later to tell me that after our conversation, she had done the research, and as a result, she had tendered her resignation with the census takers.  Oh, and she also thanked me for educating her.


I say all that to preface this – that census was tame compared to what this one will be!  The American people are about to be asked to complete questionnaires that will fall just short (I think) of wanting to know how many squares of toilet paper you use each bathroom trip!  Yet, we, the people, are expected to accept Obama’s refusal to produce proof that he is Constitutionally qualified to be our president?  Excuse me, THAT is a Constitutionally sanctioned question – the invasive data collection of modern census takers is NOT! 


I ask you to think about the growing infringement of government on the American people, and the growing public debt we are asked – no, required to shoulder.  A birth certificate is necessary to acquire everything from kindergarten enrollment to a driver’s license, with the driver’s license then becoming one form of I.D. to obtain everything else from government and private “officials” subsequently.  Law-abiding citizens are taxed to the hilt, regulated into oblivion, and restrained more and more from pursuing that which makes them happiest – true liberty!


Courts have continued to dismiss cases brought by private citizens for Obama to prove his eligibility on such ridiculous grounds as “no standing” – meaning the citizen had suffered no damages from this lack of proof.  I beg to differ!  We, as citizens, have already sustained more damage from this POTUS ambiguity, (to put it mildly) than any other American public in history.  While Obama maniacs worry about our “standing” in the world, THEY are doing more to diminish it than any other group of Americans EVER have. 


Laugh it off if you will, Mr. Gibbs, and others like you.  Ignore it, conservative giants, if you must to maintain your credibility, however that twisted logic works out for you.  But know this, we, the people, will someday find out what we want to know.  Sooner is better than later, but the egg on your faces will be just as hard to scrub off no matter when it happens. 


It is just one simple little question – where is the birth certificate?  Answer it, please!



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