Into Harm’s Way

Deborah Venable



As the inevitable day draws closer when America will once again send her military forces into harm’s way on foreign soil, I am appalled at the attitudes of so many of my fellow countrymen.  The sheer numbers of American citizens who bow to the whim of the United Nations as to whether or not our sons and daughters should fight a war is telling of the ignorance of the American public.  I would be far less likely to trust a decision from that communist organization than I would a decision made by President Donald Duck, if that is who the American people had elected.  We are not supposed to wait for the United Nations to declare war for us – that is what we have a United States Congress for, ladies and gentlemen.  The fact that the hallowed halls of Congress are now and have been for many years occupied by a bunch of self-serving wimps incapable of doing their sworn duty should give us reason to place the blame for indecision and public divisiveness and even bad governmental judgment at their door, and ours for having elected them to represent us. 


Many of my fellow conservatives repeatedly site the “no declaration of war” reason for opposing military action against Iraq.  They will then go on to castigate President Bush for vowing to prosecute this war – with or without U.N. or allies’ blessing.  Think.  The oath taken by the president is basically the same one taken by each of our so-called representatives in Congress.  Seems real funny to me that so many had rather believe that this one man is untrustworthy to keep the oath he took, when the other five hundred and thirty five individuals and the oaths they took are given a pass.  Say what you will, but the president has consistently steered this country in the direction of defense.  He, like Americans in general these days, is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, but he seems to convey a genuine interest in protecting this country – and so far he is winning.  I would like to see Congress stick its collective neck out and make a declaration as the Constitution outlines, but they seem only willing to pass the buck to the U.N. and answer the call to duty with rhetoric.  We haven’t learned a damned thing from America’s other undeclared wars – you remember, those wars where American troops didn’t drop the ball, but the decision makers in Washington sent them to their senseless deaths or allowed them to come home in shame. 


Politics, folks, does not win wars!  They are won by the fighting determination of American troops to preserve the American ideal, and a courageous American citizenry that stands behind them and backs them to the hilt!  The only ones who care about our political reasons for war ARE OUR ENEMIES!  They care so much that they are heartened to see so many American public figures making foolish statements that they have not bothered to research as to their dangerous implications – those that may lead our enemies to believe that THEY really do speak for all Americans!  Let me just go on the record that these folks DO NOT speak for me.  Because the American public buys tickets to see these people perform in their chosen professions, does not mean that we think they are the most intelligent or astute among us.  It simply means we think that they are good entertainers.  Period.  If they wish to be politicians, perhaps they should change their professions and see if they can get voted into office on their liberal rhetoric.  Many do get voted into office on just that.


I have been very outspoken on what I consider to be the major problems in this country.  If I had to pin them all down with one sentence, it would be this:  We, the people, have allowed our representative republic to become a shadow tyranny.  Notice where I lay the blame.  I believe it is high time for each and every American individual to do his or her duty to seek truth, define purpose, and analyze the possible consequences of actions as well as inactions.  When a nation is on the brink of war, the only consequences of a divided public opinion is the endangerment of soldiers sent to fight that war. 


If the United Nations did not exist, we would be on our own to take the fall for bad decisions in foreign policy.  The United Nations DOES NOT EXIST in the interest of or for the good of American citizens.  It will not ever take responsibility for any of its bad decisions.  Its purpose runs counter to the American ideal of individual rights and freedom.  President Bush was right to challenge the credibility of this organization and he is right to follow his conscience in the prosecution of this action against a KNOWN TERRORIST.  The American people have been fed an overabundance of rhetoric from a frustrated liberal agenda.  An oversensitive, overtaxed, awakening conservative view is questioning over a hundred years of government abuse and assigning all the resulting ills from that abuse to the current administration.  I fully understand that tendency to question government motives, but there is a time and a place to do it.  Now is NOT that time, my fellow conservatives.  You are playing into the hands of the liberal agendas you hate and the enemies that would see us all destroyed.  This will only strengthen the New World Order, communist and socialist philosophies all over the world. 


I hear domestic and foreign minds, “learned individuals”, crying out in protest of America’s imperialism.  This has been going on for generations.  It is not something new!  Each and every time the accusation has been made, the American people proved it wrong.  So we can again.  There will always be wars – it is part of the human condition - but peace will be more prevalent in a world that respects strength and honors commitment.  America, having been a shining beacon of hope for freedom and prosperity for over two centuries, is and should be the strongest and the most committed to wiping out terror, tyranny and tribulation.  We have reached out to the world in friendship and courageously died on foreign battlefields to lift the pall of hopeless cruelty.  We have rebuilt what we’ve had to destroy and extended untold wealth in material goods and steady commerce.  We have yet to claim an empire on foreign turf.  Every place we have deserted too early has fallen again into brutal hands, yet we have taken the abusive, angry laments of “Yankee go home” in every place we have helped.  As I said, the resounding cry of “Imperialist” has followed us everywhere, but has yet to be proven.  As long as the American people can accurately define the term and never loose all sight of the American ideal, it will never be so.


Do we have a shadow tyranny brewing in this country, driving us toward an unholy world order and internal chaos?  Yes.  We cannot fight that by turning a blind eye to everything good about America and attempting to dismantle her resolve to destroy obvious threats.  That we need a government that once again rules from the bottom up instead from the top down is not in question.  Most true conservatives certainly understand that.  The system may be in very bad shape, but it is still by far the best one going – even with all its ills.  The American people are a breed unto themselves, and that is precisely the reason that this is still the best place on earth to be.  Unlike other nations we are held together by a strong commitment to our ideals, even as some are lead off course by interfering philosophies that weaken resolve.  This president is not solely responsible for the shadow tyranny – that is a fact!  With the backing of the American people, he can do the job that needs to be done to send a powerful message to any terrorist that would claim another life on our soil.  Iraq is merely the starting point – we should all know that.  If the world does not perceive us a united people of strength, honor and commitment, we may as well get the duck ready for the presidency.



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