To Be Seen & Not Heard

Deborah Venable



When a twenty-two year old beauty queen, (Miss America no less) has a message of abstinence for her young admirers, but is told in no uncertain terms to keep quiet about it and change it to a benign message of youth violence prevention, what message is really being sent to our young and old alike?  There is absolutely no justification for discouraging abstinence, especially as a message to dissuade violence and promote healthy values of self-preservation.  Miss America, to her credit, has said that she will not be silenced on the issue of abstinence.  Erika Harold has not had a prejudice-free life, since she is of mixed heritage, (Black and American Indian) so God bless her for sticking to her guns on this one! 


Until the educators and government representatives in this country begin to buck the tide of socialist thinking and allow moral values to be taught, the problem of violence will continue to escalate.  This should not take a rocket scientist to surmise!  Moral values are most definitely NOT being taught in a society that allows political correctness to dictate free speech.  While feminists rail about their rights, (reproductive and otherwise) and think they are winning battles to help their disillusioned sisters everywhere improve their station in life, they are actually doing more to promote ignorance of, disrespect for and violence against all women.  The pendulum of equality for the treatment of the sexes is swinging back in a dangerous direction to the detriment of both. 


Promiscuity is a precursor to developing self-loathing and disrespect for one’s self and others.  With an increase in promiscuity comes an increase in violence and crime.  Fact – not theory.  Government cannot stem the tide of this violence once it progresses beyond the wall of individual belief in moral values.  So I laugh at those who would mock human nature and claim to have answers in law for the problems of an immoral society.  They are truly dim witted.  Beyond the basics of natural law, including prosecution of murder, rape, thievery and the like, the law cannot save a society or its young from pursuing violence.  The law cannot force tolerance, and it cannot sanction irreverence for higher authority than man.  Therefore, the law cannot replace individual respect for the governor of moral right.  As soon as society realizes that, perhaps it can begin to heal the wounds inflicted by the ignorance of socialist acceptance for moral censure.


It is no secret that feminists are generally opposed to beauty pageants.  Some of their reasoning is valid, and some falls a bit short of the logic test.  However, the idea of beauty also being blessed with brains should be celebrated wherever it is found.  In the case of Erika Harold, our present Miss America, this seems more than applicable.  Where is the feminist outrage at this example of an intelligent, beautiful young woman being told that she should be seen and not heard?  Just wondering.


The Washington Times recently carried a story about Miss Harold’s first press conference.  Read it here.  I would hope she receives overwhelming support for her stance on this issue.  Perhaps we should all let her know that we think she should be seen AND heard.   



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