A Lame Duck Is Still Just a Quack

Deborah Venable



Deliverance from this incompetent, grossly arrogant, criminally ignorant administration cannot come soon enough.  Their “lame duck” leader is proving just what a total quack he is every day.  Now he is urging immediate senate ratification of the arms treaty with Russia so that we can monitor their arms reductions!  Calling it a “national security imperative,” he is ignoring the call for serious study of this treaty in much the same way that we were told we could find out what was in the health care bill only after it was passed.  (“We’ll know if this elixir works only after you drink it and get well,” said the quack doctor to the stupid patient.)  “We will know if the Russians are serious about reducing their nuclear arsenals only after we ratify the treaty and destroy our own,” said the quack to the stupid lame duck congress.


In this article, Showdown Over Nuke Treaty, Obama is quoted:


"This is not a matter that can be delayed," Obama said. "Every month that goes by without a treaty means that we are not able to verify what's going on on the ground in Russia. And if we delay indefinitely, American leadership on nonproliferation and America's national security will be weakened."


Does this mean that all of our expensive security (abc type) agencies as well as our military no longer monitor past and present enemies?  We have no way to “verify” what’s going on without capitulation?  Is that what this is all about?  I have to think that Reagan, to whom Obama referred, would have a bit of a problem with this definition of “verify.”


This article goes on to say that two-thirds of the American people believe the treaty should be ratified.  That is scarier than the “duck’s” take on it!  (Of course one would have to believe that is the case, accurately portrayed, to be truly scared.)  With the media’s ability to define what most people think these days, we can only assume that the truth is out there – somewhere.   


Defining moral strength as the other guy’s (US) willingness to capitulate has always been the foremost goal of communists, just as defining safety from terrorism as the willingness for Americans to give up personal liberties is now the goal of Islamic terrorists – and communists alike.  This stuff is not rocket science or brain surgery – it is called common sense!


Don’t expect any common sense to come from the mouths or actions of this administration.


As far as listening to the people and what they want, well, we already know what to expect from that one.  This administration picks and chooses whom to listen to just as they carefully pick and choose whom to demonize.  While they lecture about the benefits of bipartisan cooperation in order to find solutions for all our problems, they strive only for capitulation to their agenda.  When they can’t get that, they simply play the trump card.  Power.  The big gavel, executive order, the big sis – all these tools of their trade employed to force their elixir down our throats – no matter how bad it tastes or even if it will be effective. 


Elections have consequences.  This last one produced the lame duck, but failed to eliminate the quack.



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