Why Is Healthcare Legislation So Important?

Deborah Venable



Talk about beating a dead horse!  The Democrats’ insistence on shoving this legislation to fundamentally transform the American healthcare industry down the throats of American taxpayers, living and not yet conceived, is truly beyond the pale! 


Their desperation is palpable.  It is as if they think it is their right as the party in power to sell what they couldn’t sell back in the early nineties.  Why healthcare?  Why is this legislation so important?  The figures they bat around to define the “uninsured” in America are eerily close to the same ones they stated back in the “Hillarycare” days.  Anyone else notice that?


So there are supposedly some thirty to fifty-odd million uninsured Americans, who have seemingly survived their uninsured status over the last 15 plus years?  Back then there were some prominent Democrats, (such as senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, D, NY) insisting that the healthcare system was not broken, but the healthcare insurance system most assuredly was.  It should be noted that he later regretted saying it out loud.  Interesting.  But then Moynihan was always an interesting fellow.


There is no way to pin down this number of uninsured, and there has never been a way to do that.  That could account for why the estimations haven’t fluctuated out of this 20 million minimum to maximum in over fifteen years.  This is odd if you consider the influx of legal – never mind illegal – immigrants that have taken up residence here in that time period. 


The problem is that the healthcare insurance system even matters!  If America has truly become a nation of people who insist on insurance of any kind as a right, then we are doomed!  Insurance used to be a commodity for the wealthy.  Those who could afford to pass their assumed risk onto someone else – for a price, did so to protect the wealth they had already amassed.  If you have no wealth, you have nothing to “insure.” 


Here’s where the whole thing gets insidious, and where we can begin to answer the question – why is healthcare legislation so important?  Guaranteeing universal health insurance coverage is a progressive idea and it is time we realize that most progressive ideas are brewed in a Marxist teapot. 


A brief history of health insurance in the United States places the first instance of a group policy offered back in 1847 by Massachusetts Health Insurance of Boston.  The idea of health insurance didn’t really gain any ground until the Civil War, and on an individual basis until the first policies were offered around 1890.  It wasn’t until the early 20th century that the larger life insurance companies got into the health insurance act. 


The real precursor of health insurance was more commonly known as sickness insurance, which primarily provided a supplementary income, much like today’s disability insurance, and was not concerned with paying medical practitioners for their services.  Of course medicine had not become institutionalized like it is today.  Most care was provided within individual homes. 


It is interesting to note here that with the modernization of medical practice, complete with licensing of training and formalization of medical specialties, all interwoven with increasing government control, prices and treatment quality began to spiral upwards.  It is no wonder that the insurance industry was ready, willing, and able to step onto the stage of necessity literally being created for it.  Enter the real regulators, government insurance reformers.  That ever-widening void between patient and medical provider was established following carefully laid plans of a power hungry, progressive type government.


The goal of mandated universal healthcare coverage, as repugnant as it may be to liberty loving Americans, sounds so good to progressive thinkers because they have always considered themselves above the fray of the little people’s struggle to survive.  The poor, the underprivileged, the minorities in our “unfair” free capitalist system need the protection of the ever-vigilant, liberal, progressive “free thinkers” to protect them from the evil, conservative rich. 


Just how far reaching are the controls on healthcare and healthcare insurance?  It just about touches every facet of the individual’s ability to protect his own sovereignty. 


For years healthcare coverage has played an all too important role in employer/employee relationships.  Decisions to accept and/or keep a job one might detest often rests on the “value” of the employment package, and health insurance coverage can figure at the top of that consideration.  Business decisions, which should be the sole responsibility of those owning and running the business, must pass the liability test many times determined by what kind of “package” the business must offer potential employees.  In times of fixed or capped salaries, the benefits package may be the only way for an employer to attract valuable employees.  The quality of the health coverage in that package is always hard to define in real terms – and it fluctuates between times of open enrollment.       


The bottom line in the insurance business – insurance of any kind – is that nobody wants to pay.  Customers are simply coerced by circumstance to pay premiums they feel are too high for a product that severely limits their choices.  The insurance companies will grab at any straw or loophole to avoid paying a claim.  Meanwhile the provider and receiver of such services as medical care seldom meet each other over an open checkbook.  The massive healthcare insurance business has not alleviated the one thing that would drastically reduce medical costs – in fact it has perpetuated the disabling threat of tort lawsuits that every medical provider must be wary of.  Worse still, it also feeds at the ever-widening trough of providing additional coverage to the healthcare providers so they can stay in business.


Insurance is one big conflict of interest industry, and it should not enjoy the place at the table of individual sovereignty that it does.  However, sprinkle the salt of crushing government control over all facets of the healthcare industry, and you have a poisoned public – unable and unwilling to make the most personal of decisions for themselves.


Listen to this 1961 audio of Ronald Reagan speaking out against socialized medicine.  This was before Reagan was even governor of California, but the push was on even then for mandated universal healthcare coverage.  For a good understanding of the timeline for the Hillary healthcare debate, this page is valuable research. 


The American public has been carefully indoctrinated and groomed to expect government to assume all their risk.  If we ever quit fighting against it, our fate will surely be sealed.  That’s why it is so important.  That’s why there is always an urgency for those who wish to seal that fate to pass something, anything, that is a foot in the door.  Individual American sovereignty is at stake – just as it always has been. 



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