The Race War

Deborah Venable



Okay, I know I’m supposed to base all my opinions on everything that happens around me, in my country, to my country, or effecting my children’s future on the single issue of race, but I dare take my leave of that folly and proclaim that bad things happen because of bad character – not race!  So, please kindly dispense with calling me racist.  You may say that I discriminate, but I do that because it is my right to discriminate based on what I see as bad character and affiliations.  Discrimination is NOT a term owned by the race baiters in our society, so kindly put a sock in it!


Barack Obama is a bad president because he is of bad character.  He is of questionable origin, his ideals and principles were cultivated in an environment of socialist and communist influence, so his governmental policies go against everything that made this country great – and many of his supporters do not have the good sense to see that.  His spiritual influences are so far removed from those that guided this country’s founding and successful ascension to greatness, yet he falsely tries to cloak himself in beliefs he doesn’t even understand. 


I cannot take any great comfort in the fact that Americans must finally be waking up to the mistake they made in electing Barack Obama president, along with liberal Democrat majorities in both houses of congress, because I truly don’t believe that enough are or ever will, for that matter.  (Wake up I mean.)  I don’t think the vast majority of Americans hold the views that built this country or made it great.  Oh, I know the polls say that the majority of Americans consider themselves conservative in their political leanings, but most couldn’t define real conservatism if they tried.  And what is far worse is that most are not dedicated to the conservation of a moral spirit above all else. 


Since this piece was inspired by the renewed energy in condemning all who oppose Obama on the grounds of racism, I will explain in this way.  One only needs to look at the minority base, specifically black Americans, who supported Obama’s presidency in unprecedented majorities.  They did so based solely on the fact that in their eyes it was time for America to elect the “first black president.”  Many had no idea who his running mate was, much less what his policies were.  Many had never taken an interest in voting before.  Few questioned his background at all.  Many thought that they would finally be taken care of, and that was all they needed to know.  They never questioned how or why.  They barely understood the undertones in Obama’s rhetoric as he promised to climb with them to the top of the mountain of false hope.  Black Americans finally had their (albeit half) black president, and that was all they cared about.


Little did they know that while his skin tone was a pleasing chocolate color, his heart and soul were pure red!


Little did these poor souls realize that Obama wasn’t “climbing” anywhere with them.  He was already at the top of his mountain – placed there by invisible hands with limitless resources – and he was looking down on all of them!  He still is today.  His very tone is a never-ending drone of condescension and ridicule against their abilities to “make it on their own.”  He doesn’t hold out true hope or lofty promise of the American Dream.  Indeed, he only wishes to snatch it from the grasp of anyone who would reach for it, and take its rewards from all who have achieved it.


Now to the accomplices – those pitiful supporters not vested in the racial struggle via their minority race.  Some are guilt-ridden whites who have no idea how to base decisions on content of character instead of color of skin.  They have no idea what it means to be truly racially colorblind, because they, of all people, surely are not.  But most of the white supporters of Obama do it for a far more sinister reason than ignorance.  They do it because they fully understand and share his “redness.”  They hate the spiritual, philosophical, cultural, and political underpinnings of America.  They always have.  Obama represents the ends to their means of changing the entire structure of America, and dismantling once and for all the republic bequeathed to us with the admonishment that we not lose it.  They are a totally Godless and immoral lot.


Note to drive-by, fringe, liberal, (previously known as mainstream) media:  Look in the mirror, guys and gals, so you can properly fit yourself into one of the groups I have outlined above.  You are no longer deserving of the title, journalist, and your seat in the people’s house of the fourth estate has just been revoked!


If we are able to survive this latest assault on our republic, it will be for the same reason that it was built in the first place.  It will be because God has chosen to once again smile on a strong minority in this country and bless us all, in this one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. 


This race war must be abolished – just a surely as was its predecessor, slavery.   



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