Defining the Birther Issue

Deborah Venable



With all the frustrations this present administration has caused the American people (and other global citizens) we hear the question asked all the time, “Why is this ‘birther’ issue so important?”  Indeed, when we consider the actions of this president and his minions just since he has been president, it is a legitimate question.  We have undeniable proof, (to use anti-birther terminology) that Obama and those surrounding him are dangerous socialist, communist radicals – with a little too much radical Islamic sympathy mixed in.  That, my dear friends, is reason enough to be a truly frustrated American today.


I suppose I could spend some time and track back to the original source of the term, “birther” as defining anyone who would dare question Obama’s background, but I really don’t care where the term came from.  I do know that people of all political stripes see the term in a negative light – and that bothers me.  We would expect everyone to shun a label like, Nazi, or brutal dictator, but how did we get to the point of ridiculing people who simply ask for verification of what they have been told – or better yet, a little proof of what they have not been allowed to know – about the so-called leader of the free world?  Especially since such qualifications are mandated by the “law of the land.”


But, no – if you question Obama’s background in any way, you are either a racist or a conspiracy theorist.  Here’s one for you – if you don’t, you are a hopeless fool or an idiot citizen!  There, how do like them apples?  Labels work both ways.


Now, he has told us that he is seeking another term when this one is over, and he is expecting to spend a record amount of money to get it.  He is already spending slightly more time campaigning than he does golfing – and that’s saying something!


All this in the face of the “undeniable proof” that this man obviously has, and isn’t afraid to display, a split allegiance to this country – and I have no right to question his background without being ridiculed? 


I would expect his political supporters to make sport of conservatives who seek proof of his identity, (even though, the whole issue was started by those in his own party during his last primary season), but I am truly appalled at his obvious political opponents, conservatives, many of whom I otherwise admire, who jump on the bandwagon of ridicule so forcefully.  My God, why did it have to take a man like Donald Trump to bring this issue back in the forefront of political commentary again?  This man has been on every conceivable political side there is!  Surely he can’t think that he has a chance of winning an election against Obama – but then, in a world where Obama could ever be elected – why not?


So here, ladies and gentlemen, is the encapsulated version of my attempt to define this “birther” issue once and for all:


The Constitution Of the United States Of America states eligibility requirements for president, including the necessity of being a “natural born citizen.”  Too many people equate that as having been born on American soil, but the truth is that this definition has been proven insufficient to describe the term, “natural born” to the satisfaction of the founders’ original intent.  All it takes is a small amount of research into the many cases that have come up in courts throughout the existence of our country.  The most stringent definition of “natural born” is an offspring of two American citizens with no split allegiance to this country – even if the birth occurs on foreign soil!  This definition was most recently upheld by the Congress of the United States during the very political campaign of Barack Obama, when not his citizenship was questioned, but that of his opponent, John McCain. 


My question has always been, why was McCain’s natural born citizenship questioned when Obama’s was given a pass?  We were always told that Obama’s father was NOT EVER an American citizen. 


Poo-pooers of the birther issue would say that it didn’t matter because Obama’s mother WAS an American citizen, and therefore so was her son – especially if he was also “anchored” on American soil.  Excuse me!  Obama’s mother was only 18-years-old when he was born.  At that time in our history, she could not even VOTE, folks.  Nowadays, she could not legally purchase or drink alcohol or use tobacco products either.  The only thing she could not have been accused of being was “jail bait.”  Oh, and she could still be claimed as a (student) dependent on her parents’ IRS form and now, health insurance, thanks to Obamacare.  Levity aside, if you look at the court cases, you will find that she was, indeed, NOT old enough to bestow citizenship on her son for other very specific reasons.  Why has a blind eye been turned to all of this?


I sincerely believe that the whole “birther” issue got lost in the quest for a long form birth certificate, (which I also believe we still do not have an accurate representation of) but that is neither here nor there at this point.


We had ample evidence that the man, Barack Obama, had obvious split allegiance to this country long before he was allowed on the ballot and hailed as the “duly” elected president.  The evidence to support that has literally piled up since that election. 


Shame on my own generation for allowing such an obvious socialist/communist follower the keys to executive power in this country!  But shame on all Americans who continue to support such an obvious fraud – especially the elitists who groomed him and the media apologists who continue to cover for him!  Also, shame on any American who continues to make light of this issue for any reason – even to point out that it is a “losing” issue in a sea of “much more important” ones.  That is simply a symptom of incrementalism that has been allowed to continue for a very long time. 


If we discount any part of the Constitution, the rest is weakened.  The first and second amendments have been so infringed, incrementally, for so long that we have daily battles to try to support the original intent of the framers – and we are slowly losing on both fronts!  We won’t even discuss what has happened over the last year concerning the fourth amendment.  Airports are unsafe places for serious Constitutionalists at this point.  In many cases, so are the confines of your own home or property.  Unlawful search and seizure happens all the time!


I have always discussed the birther issue from the standpoint of split allegiance because that is so obvious to me in the founders’ original intent for stipulating that only the president must be “natural born.”  While I am sure we could find numerous examples of natural born Americans having acquired an attitude of split allegiance, as well as many foreign immigrants with allegiance only to America, it was this standard that the founders employed at the time to establish requirements for the presidency.  Until that is constitutionally changed, it cannot just be ignored so openly – or the whole document might just as well be put through the shredder now.  (I’m sure Obama and many others would applaud that action.)    


I am truly tired of being told what is important and what isn’t important to consider in a politician.  I don’t need “sideshow barkers” nor self-important commentators and analysts to point out what I should be concerned about!  That completely ignores the fact that I am an individual capable of my own though processes and prioritizing!  Between the two, though, I would think that the sideshow barkers could be more effective at drawing the attention of the otherwise apathetic serfs to an issue like Constitutional eligibility. 


So, go ahead and enjoy all the birth certificate jokes, faux conspiracy ramblings, and lectures on identifying losing issues.  Nobody paid attention the first time personal liberties were attacked and a whole bunch of my Constitutional rights were infringed either.  Now I live in a country I hardly recognize after just a few decades!  If you want a clear definition of the “birther” issue, examine the definition of good character, and stop kicking the Constitution under the bus!  All the other “so much more important” issues are certainly not well served by a lousy character with split allegiance! 



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