Waking On the Shores

Deborah Venable



While proof exists that Thomas Jefferson certainly did not trust banking institutions – especially a “central bank” – contrary to the belief of a lot of conservative patriots, no proof exists that he ever uttered or wrote the following quote:


I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.  If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property - until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.


Whether or not Jefferson ever said it, we should be able to grasp the meaning of the “quote” as applicable to our modern America.  The fact that some would rather get all entangled in the “lie” of the origin of the quote rather than its substance is a sad indictment of modern American intellect and/or education.


What we should be thinking about is the substance of the statement.


Private banking institutions certainly do control the issue of our currency, but perhaps even worse they control the usage of our currency, and worse than that, they do so under almost complete control of and at the pleasure of the federal government.  Depriving us of our property has become the number one duty and purpose of these private and government entities.  The ironic and ridiculous fact in all this is that we pay out the nose for these “services.”


More and more of our ancestors’ children are now waking on the shores of the continent about to be drug out with the ebbing tide.  Those still asleep will surely drown.


Here comes another one of that crazy lady’s conspiracy theories again, eh? 


Pop Quiz:


1.      What do you own?




            Nothing  - not really - that is not constantly in jeopardy.


You think you own land?  Try skipping a tax payment on it and see how long the deed is yours.  You have money in the bank?  Your accounts may be seized, frozen or income into them garnished at any time by the IRS or any number of other agencies of the governmental collection process.  Ditto for anything else of value in your possession.  You surely own your credit and your good name, though, huh?  That too may be stolen or besmirched on a whim.  Even any children you may have can be taken from you at the drop of a hat on the mere insinuation of accusation. 


Raise your hand if you think I am full of it now.


These are isolated, rarely occurring incidences, you might say.  It certainly isn’t the norm. 

You certainly have a right to your personal privacy, the practice of your personal beliefs, and to protect what is yours, you might think.  In a nation of laws protecting individual freedom, that would be true. 


Not so much in a nation that has traded the idea of our republic for that oh-so-nice sounding term, “democracy” in a government that we expect to be able to “tap” for anything we want and have it supplied.  Not so much in a nation that had rather legally kill unborn babies, support immoral choices, and ridicule the backbone of our once moral society – God abiding families.  Not so much in a nation where my utterances are seen as “extreme” and “outrageous” instead of merely informative and truthful.


And really, not so much in a society of coddled ignorance and active indoctrination to progressive, liberal thought.  Not so much in the world of ideologues, like Michael Moore and Barack Obama, who think government should determine how the wealth of “rich” individuals should be spent.  Not so much in a country that has allowed the United States Constitution to be overruled time after time on a daily basis. 


So did private banks do all this through controlling our currency via inflation and deflation?  I suppose a case could be made for it, considering that the monster that has replaced the vision of our founders had to be fed to become so powerful.  Let’s face it - even the small private banks are a far cry from what they used to be.  Now, all of them have to answer to the monster, first and foremost, and we all just keep on giving them our money.  The “corporations” that have “grown up around” them are all too numerous and all too depriving of our property.  Remember from this article, if you read it and checked out the links, every government entity in this country ARE corporations.


Alas, what are we to do as we strive to overcome the monster and understand what we have done to ourselves and what has been done to us?              


Accepting a few facts must be the first thing we do.  The number one damning fact is that more bad laws are legislated, adjudicated, and “ordered” every year now than good ones.  Living by bad law certainly does not constitute living in freedom.  The second fact is that fewer people can tell the difference between good and bad law.  Let’s just start with those two facts.


As for Thomas Jefferson’s true and accepted contributions to our history, I don’t think there is any doubt that his hand penned this document, so perhaps it would be prudent for each and every person reading this to carefully read that one again and pay special attention to the list of grievances.  You may be surprised to find that in many ways we have come full circle in 234 years – back to a different tyrant.     



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