Rattling In the Closet

Deborah Venable



The more I hear (or more correctly, DON’T hear) about the September 11, 2012 attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, the more furious I am with all arms of the government and especially the media.  While the rattling of the skeletons in the closet of this disaster grows more deafening, information on this incident is more obviously and deliberately sequestered (let’s use THAT popular word in a proper context here) from public scrutiny.  No wonder anyone with a thinking brain refuses to trust any government official or anyone in the media on this subject.


In the first place, this incident and how it was handled should have stopped the current administration’s push for re-election dead in its tracks, but it surely didn’t seem to matter at all.  One of the ONLY things the federal government, and especially the executive branch of it, is definitely responsible for is our foreign policy and protection of its representatives on foreign soil, but failure of that is the Obama Administration’s only claim to fame in this debacle.  Just how badly they failed, we will probably never know. 


So, why re-elect more of the same?


Answer:  because the media fell down on the job of investigating the facts of this story – that’s why.  Welcome to four more years of bungling incompetence and blatantly dangerous foreign policy.


These congressional committees that are tasked with the responsibility to “get to the bottom” of the Benghazi affair are (so far) failing to cast any more light on the subject.  The hearings are infuriating in and of themselves.  Hillary’s response of, “what difference does it make now?” was extremely insulting to ALL Americans – whether or not they have the sense to realize it!  I guess that is just the way she has to live her life though.  (I mean, what difference does it make if Bill DID diddle Monica in the Oval Office?) eh Hillary?  


Not a damned bit of difference to the brain dead American people evidently!


But let me go on record here – it DID offend the hell out of me, just as your handling of the Department of State has!  If God will continue to bless America, we will never have to suffer you as our president, and you and your husband and your former boss will fade into the annals of American History, (as so many of your progressive predecessors have) as just a bad dream!


Oh, and Mr. Panetta – we all know the military is not like civilian law enforcement with a “responsibility” to answer a 911 call.  How grossly insulting!  Yes, folks, that’s what he had to say when asked why the military wasn’t sent to “respond” to the attack.  911 call?  Requests for better security there and other locations had been coming in for months, and the ambassador had literally begged for help.  Instead, he was answered with cuts to his security!  Also, spare us the lies that nothing could have been done or that the Pentagon did all they could do.  And another thing – how stupid do we have to be to believe that the military could have done more harm than good?  Yep, he said that too.  (Just like the cops do more harm than good when a 911 call DOES go out, eh, Leon?)


While the administration is busy cleaning house of Clinton and Panetta, their replacements are laughable and horrifying at the same time!  They had to dig long and hard to find somebody who would be a more deplorable Secretary of State than Hillary, but God help us, they did it!  John Kerry?  Are you kidding me??  Then there’s Chuck Hagel to replace Panetta – oh great!  I have never seen a more deliberate attempt to make American foreign policy a laughing stock than these two replacements with Obama at the helm of a second term.  Believe me, our enemies (and there are so many more now) think we are idiots!  (Let’s not forget “no jihad” John Brennan to head the CIA too.  Yeah, that’ll help – our enemies anyway!) 


Back to the skeletons of Benghazi, though.  That attack (on American soil I might add) happened five months ago, folks!  Four Americans lost their lives, but some people did survive.  Where are they now?  Why doesn’t the American public have access to THEIR story?  So, Hillary spoke to one of them – okay fine.  That’s all good then?  Inquiring minds DON’T want to know I guess.  Where is the outrage? 


How long do we have to listen to the Rattling of all these Benghazi skeletons before someone opens the closet door and tells the real truth?  We know more about the recent Algerian attack, after only a few weeks than we were ever told about Benghazi.  Well?  Does anybody have any satisfying answers?



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